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The Forest is an open world survival horror game that is being developed by Endnight Games.


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Next Update
Update v0.72 releases in:
Days, hours, minutes, seconds.
Current Version
Alpha v0.71 (update)
(released December 15, 2017) (update)
Last Major Update
Alpha v0.71 (update)
(released December 14, 2017) (update)

v0.71 Major Changes
New crafting item: Electrical Tape
New arrow type: Modern Arrow
New craftable weapon: Slingshot
Almost total re-work of the strength and stats system
Calories system visible, now shown on every food item
Small rocks are now called Throwable Rocks, they are now stored in the inventory
You can store 10 Throwable Rocks, with a Throwable Rock Bag you can carry 25



PS4 & PC release 2018
Endnight Games have announced that The Forest will release in the 2nd quarter of 2018 for Playstation 4 and PC (Leaving Alpha). A trailer and an interview with the developers has been released, the videos can be seen here.

Interview with developers + Gameplay Demo

Previous News

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3
Trailer 4

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