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A selection of weapons and tools in the player's inventory.

Weapons in The Forest are anything that have the ability to kill, excluding Traps.

Weapons are primarily used to defend yourself against enemies encountered all over the Island, but some of them are also valuable tools used to gather ressources and hunt animals. For example, axes can be used to chop down trees to gather logs, spears can be used for fishing, bow can be used for hunting and the Flare Gun could be a possible last-resort light source.

Most weapons can receive upgrades, increasing their damage, speed or adding burning damage.

Many others inventory items that can be held by the player can be used as a weapon, like skulls, meats, bones or even body limbs such as legs, heads and arms.

List of weapons[edit | edit source]

Axes[edit | edit source]

Melee[edit | edit source]

Ranged[edit | edit source]

Projectiles[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]