Water Collector

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Water Collector
Water Collector
Added in
Building Type
Food and water
Collects and stores rain water
Can be used as an invulnerable wall
Doesn't always fill up when it rains
Days with rain can be few and far between
Other Effects
Collects water when it rains
Buildable on
Most surfaces & all boats
Invulnerable to enemies

The Water collector is a building that collects clean drinking rain water which can be drank from, or collected using the old pot or waterskin. It was added in update v0.14 of The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The water collector consists of sticks and a turtle shell. During rain, it will collect fresh water that can be used as a drinking source with no risk of damage or infection, making it the best way to combat dehydration. You can also fill a water skin or old pot from the water collector. Depending on how long it has rained and how often it is used, the collector stores between 1-5 drinks of water.

During dry periods, water evaporates from the collector at a rate of about one level per day. Although it typically rains often enough that this isn't a problem, keeping several collectors is advisable to make sure that there is enough water to be sustainable, especially in multiplayer. Three collectors is more than enough for one player with a water skin.

Note: It's better to fill a vessel (such as the water skin) with water from the collector than it is to drink directly. These items provide multiple portions of water, but filling them uses the same amount of water as a single drink from the collector. As such, filling an item is vastly more efficient, providing as much as triple the hydration per serving.

Building[edit | edit source]

Stick Turtle

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed water level from water collector not decreasing if drinking not thirsty
v0.72b Fixed water collector’s water not visible
v0.72 Water collector now uses newest shell model/textures
v0.67 (DS) Fixed water collector not working
v0.51 Changed default distance from player for ghost rabbit cage, water collector, weapon rack, stick marker, bench
v0.46 (Multiplayer) Fixed arrow basket, bone basket, ceiling skull light, drying rack, rabbit skin, snack holder, meds cabinet, skull light, trophy, wall plant pot, explosive holder, catapult and water collector not following supporting dynamic structure for clients
v0.40 Water collector’s water visual now scales with amount of water and visibly fills when it rains

Fixed water collector not working after being repaired and water collector giving infinite clean water if damaged whilst full

v0.29 It is no longer possible to drink from water collector when water isn’t visible (amount < 1) and balanced amount of water available to compensate
v0.24 (Audio) Updated drinking sound for drinking from water sources such as ponds and water collectors, sound now timed to pond drinking animation.
v0.23 (multiplayer) Fixed Water level in water collectors not in sync between server/client
v0.21 (multiplayer) Fixed an edge case issue where water in water collectors would differ between servers and clients
v0.17 Fixed water & drink icon not visible in water collector
v0.15 (multiplayer) Water Collector now works for clients in MP games
v0.14 Water Collector added to the game

New buildable item: Rain Water collector. Requires 4 sticks, 1 turtle shell.

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