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Also known as
Added in
Item type
Left Hand Item
Obtained through
Start with it
Other Effects
Allows communication
with other players

The Walkie-Talkie is an item and tool that the player will always have both in single player and multiplayer. The player will always spawn with one and it allows the player to speak to any other player using their voice.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

By default the player can press Q, which will select the Walkie Talkie in the players left hand. Players with a working microphone or headset can use the walkie talkie to verbally communicate while it is equipped. To hear communications, you do not need to have it out.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Similar to hold a lighter, flashlight, cassette player, and left hand-held items
  • It is possible that it slows the players swing speed while holding it, so it's advised that if the player is chopping wood to put it away while chopping.
  • The noise of the Walkie-Talkie static may create sound the cannibals can hear (untested).
  • You can find the Walkie-Talkie in your inventory with the "Talky Walky" name.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed error log spam when using walkie talkies in mp

Tweaked camcorder, map and walkie icons position

Fixed walkie talkies not working correctly on dedicated servers

v0.72 Walky Talky is now hidden from inventory in single player

Added a slider in options to tweak volume you hear other players talking through the walky talky

v0.65 Fixed walky talky not equipping when out of plastic torch battery charge
v0.39 (Multiplayer) Fixed walky talky not working after loading a game that was saved in SP
v0.39 Replaced deprecated input action name “useDistration” by actual semantics “WalkyTalky”
v0.23 (multiplayer) Increased volume of walky talky
v0.21 Fixed Walky Talky disappearing when added to the crafting mat
v0.13 (multiplayer) New voice chat system! Using microphones/walkie talkies will no longer cause memory allocation and framerate stutters as memory is attempted to be cleaned out.
v0.12 WalkyTalky locking feature removed (can now equip another utility item without stashing it first)
v0.10 Walkie Talkie added to the game

(multiplayer)Walkie talkies added! Press Q to communicate in multiplayer games.

v0.09 (multiplayer)Chat box – Press enter to type messages to each other – This is temp and may be buggy!!, Voice chat is coming soon! (we’re modeling walkie-talkies)