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Currently obtainable in Single player or Multiplayer.

Vegan is a standard achievement in the The Forest, which is unlocked by playing through the entire game without killing or eating animals.

Guide[edit | edit source]

The easiest way to complete this achievement is to start a new normal game in single player or multiplayer and speed rush through the game. Other end-game achievements can be completed at the same time. Keep in mind that if done in multiplayer, all players on the server must be at the end to press the last button together to complete the game.

Be careful when cutting down bushes for sticks and leaves to not hit nearby fauna. It is possible that even killing a bird while defending oneself against cannibals will fail this achievement (needs confirmation). Animals dying while running through a campfire may also counts as a kill. You only require the rebreather, climbing axe, and keycard to complete the game. Obtain those items as quickly as possible and make your way to the Sahara Laboratory. Once there, there is ample food and drink to make your way to the end of the game comfortably.

You have to save Timmy ending to get achievement, pressing the other button on the floor doesn't work.

Console Command Method[edit | edit source]

This achievement is one of the most difficult to obtain. Using console commands can be a less frustrating and MUCH quicker method. To enable console commands, in the main menu, type developermodeon, press F1 to see if it is working, this is where you type commands. Now perform the following:

  1. start game
  2. additem 210 keycard
  3. goto 174 -407 1286 (on the way to laboratory doors)
  4. Open doors (endgame loads once you open them, weaker PC won't load full endgame tho)
  5. goto -445 707 -1760 (you teleport in front on the last machine, everything is black but if you didn't turn around after opening doors you just need to hold E and it will activate)
  6. The achievement will unlock when the credits appear.

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.69 Fixed Vegan achievement not obtainable if creative mode is already available