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VR was introduced into The Forest in the VR Beta update which was released on May 22nd, 2018.

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
VR Beta 2 Fixed VR gameplay option darkening not working correctly and setting reversed values
VR Beta 2 Fixed in game options screen breaking on lower quality settings due to a layer distance issue
VR Beta 2 Fixed issue with being unable to save game on lower quality settings
VR Beta 2 Fixed repair hammer not repairing structures
VR Beta 2 Switched drop from press downwards to trigger button when holding a body or log
VR Beta 2 VR - setting VR snap option to 0% now enabled free rotation using X sensitivity instead of snap
VR Fix 1 Fixed game outputting at a lower resolution than it was rendering at
VR Fix 1 Added VR laser pointer to interact with menus
VR Fix 1 New movement option added, controller-based direction (direction is controlled by the position of left hand) - off by default, can be set in vr option menu
VR Fix 1 Added physical crouching option - off by default, can be set in VR option menu
VR Fix 1 Added visuals for controllers in the options menu and title scene
VR Fix 1 Hold to take items such as eating food now have a visual to give a clearer idea how long you need to press (same as the 2d version)
VR Fix 1 Can now drop animal heads the same way as dropping bodies and logs, with trigger
VR Fix 1 Blocked opening inventory while holding log sled
VR Fix 1 Improved feel of nocking arrows
VR Fix 1 You can now light fires by moving your held lighter to them
VR Fix 1 Fire arrows can now be lit from fire stands
VR Fix 1 Replaced keybindings window in VR with a VR options menu
VR Fix 1 Fixed entire napkin not selecting the item when there’s only one on it making it easier to take items off mat (same as 2d version)
VR Fix 1 Added new option for autorun
VR Fix 1 Right-hand trigger press now clicks the currently targeted UI element in menus
VR Fix 1 Tweaked axe swinging, you now need to swing further to damage structures
VR Fix 1 Now using left trigger to press buttons in book
VR Fix 1 Fixed adding resources to structures input sometimes not responding
VR Fix 1 Improved readability of options menu in game
VR Beta VR added to The Forest
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