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A painted plane axe with applied glass shards and feathers

Upgrades were added in v0.08, and can be used to increase speed and damage of various weapons and tools.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The upgrade process as seen in the inventory

This video outlines everything you need to know about upgrades, it covers what is here and much more:

There are currently three types of permanent upgrades in The Forest.

  • Feathers + Sap will upgrade speed, which raises the pure attack speed of that weapon whilst decreasing the damage.
  • Teeth + Sap will upgrade damage, which raises the damage output of that weapon whilst decreasing the speed.
  • Booze + Sap will converted to Glass shards. It will significantly upgrade damage, which raises the damage output even higher than teeth, though it will decrease the speed of the weapon even more than teeth.

The temporary fire upgrade can make the upgraded item serve as a light source, heat source to prevent cold damage and for setting enemies on fire.

The status of the currently selected upgrades is shown as a bar filled in the stats' colors beneath the crafting mat: blue indicates speed upgrades, whereas damage upgrades are displayed as a yellow portion of the bar.

Since v0.15 there is a limit of 30 to the combined amount of upgrades a player can add to a weapon or tool.

You can also temporarily upgrade certain weapons and tools with cloth (and booze for extended burning duration). These include Modern Axe, Upgraded Stick, Crafted Club, Rusty Axe, Plane Axe, and Crafted Axe. When pressing and holding the hotkey to activate the lighter (default L), you can light your weapon or tool on fire.

IMPORTANT: If you apply 30 upgrades to any of these weapons, you will no longer be able to attach booze for a fire upgrade.

Upgrade values[edit | edit source]

The amount a stat is upgraded by different parts goes as follows:

  • Feather: +0.1 Speed, -0.05 Damage
  • Tooth: +0.1 Damage, -0.05 Speed
  • Booze: +0.2 Damage, -0.1 Speed
  • You can make a combination of these upgrades.
  • For a balanced weapon with improved speed and damage, add 15 feathers and 15 teeth.

Eligible Weapons[edit | edit source]

Not all weapons can accept every type of upgrade

Feather Upgradable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Teeth Upgradable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Glass Upgradable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Fire Upgradable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Poison Upgradable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Placing Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • It will also affect the angle of the glass being placed, though it is harder to see and notice.
  • It affects teeth as well though it doesn't really matter, because of its shape and size, you cannot really tell.
  • Putting feathers on a weapon, then attaching cloth or cloth and booze, then lighting it, won't burn the feathers off.
  • Attaching feathers and teeth to the rock on the crafting mat, won't allow the cogwheel to appear, it will only accept glass upgrades.
  • The weak spear will accept feathers and teeth. It cannot accept teeth upgrades. When you place the bottle of booze and the sap, a cogwheel will appear, though when you click on the cogwheel, the weak spear falls onto the crafting mat, and you don’t get the upgrade. You also waste one sap and one bottle of booze, so it's best to avoid this method.
  • When upgrading the weak spear into an upgraded spear, the upgrades don't carry over onto the upgraded spear as it cannot be upgraded. Though if you make another weak spear with two sticks, it will still have all your upgrades on it.
  • If you throw you upgraded weak spear and lose it, all you have to do is make another one, and your upgrades will reappear.

Removing Upgrades[edit | edit source]

To remove upgrades from a weapon, right click on the weapon you wish to remove the upgrades from, this will place it on the crafting mat. Place your cursor over the weapon, a letter C should appear. Press C to remove the upgrades.

  • When removing upgrades, you will lose all the sap you spent on upgrading that weapon. You will also only receive 40% of the upgrades back of what you spent.

For example: 10 feather spent will return 4 feathers, 10 teeth spent will return 4 teeth, and for 10 booze spent, will return 4 bottles of booze.

  • You cannot remove single upgrades from a weapon, you can only remove every upgrade attached to that weapon.
  • You cannot remove fire upgrades from a weapon, though this isn't an issue, as they are not permanent upgrades.
  • Removing glass upgrades is different to removing feather and teeth upgrades. When removing glass upgrades, it can pay to have no booze in your inventory. If you were to remove 30 glass upgrades, this would return 12 bottles of booze. The problem with that is you can only carry 7 booze. Therefore, you will lose a lot of booze, but you will lose all the refunded booze if you have 7 booze in your inventory. Smashed glass is returned into its bottle form with alcohol inside.

The table below outlines what you received back for each number of upgrade removed. Glass is different because you can only hold 7 Booze. All other booze will be lost beyond 7.

Removing Feathers & Teeth Removing Glass












1 0 1 1 0 1
2 0 2 2 0 2
3 1 2 3 1 2
4 1 3 4 1 3
5 2 3 5 2 3
6 2 4 6 2 4
7 2 5 7 2 5
8 3 5 8 3 5
9 3 6 9 3 6
10 4 6 10 4 6
11 4 7 11 4 7
12 4 8 12 4 8
13 5 8 13 5 8
14 5 9 14 5 9
15 6 9 15 6 9
16 6 10 16 6 10
17 6 11 17 6 11
18 7 11 18 7 11
19 7 12 19 7 12
20 8 12 20 7 13
21 8 13 21 7 14
22 8 14 22 7 15
23 9 14 23 7 16
24 9 15 24 7 17
25 10 15 25 7 18
26 10 16 26 7 19
27 10 17 27 7 20
28 11 17 28 7 21
29 11 18 29 7 22
30 12 18 30 7 23

Fire Upgrades[edit | edit source]

To attach fire upgrades to an applicable weapon (see the below table), right click on that weapon, this will place it on the crafting mat. Right click on cloth, then click the cogwheel to combine. If you wish to upgrade it further, right click on one booze, then click the cogwheel to combine.

  • Adding more than 30 permanent upgrades to a weapon will prevent you from attaching booze/glass as an upgrade.
  • It does not matter how much booze you add to a weapon, it will last the same amount of swings. For instance, the modern axe will last 21 swings before it gets removed if you had 1 booze or 7 booze.
  • It doesn’t matter how many times a weapon with cloth or cloth and booze gets extinguished. Extinguished meaning, going into water, standing in rain, or putting it into your inventory the timer will keep getting paused and it won't remove the upgrade.
  • Entering water, standing in rain, or changing weapons wont remove fire upgrades from that weapon, the booze will still be there.
  • Adding cloth to a weapon, once it is lit, adding booze won't do anything, it will waste the booze.
  • Adding cloth to a weapon, once it is lit, adding cloth will restart the timer and swing count
  • Adding cloth and booze to a weapon, once it is lit, adding another booze won't do anything, it will waste the booze.
  • Adding cloth and booze to a weapon, once it is lit, adding cloth to the weapon will remove the booze. Adding cloth will restart the timer and swing count to the cloth only amount.

Fire Upgrade Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Swinging weapons reduces the time they burn for. Each swing takes a percentage off the burn length, based on how long it burns for combined with how many swings it can make before being being removed.

For example, a modern axe with cloth only will swing 7 times or burns for 110 seconds before being extinguished. Based on this information, 110 divided by 7% is 14.2 which is the percentage each swing will take off the burn time which is around 15 seconds in this case. If you add cloth and booze to the modern axe, it will swing 21 times or burns for 300 seconds. 300 divided by 21% is 4.7. Therefore, each swing removes 4.7% off the burn time. Which is around 14 seconds. This is around the same amount of time as cloth only but you have an extra 190 seconds to play with. Basically, the higher the percentage number, the worse it is. For example, the rusty axe with and without booze has the highest percentage. Making it the worst weapon for burning or fire upgrades.

  • It is unknown if adding more than one bottle of booze increases the fire damage. (Confirmation needed)
  • As you can see the percentage rates differ quite a lot between no booze and booze attached. There is also a fair bit of difference between the weapons themselves.
  • Adding more than one bottle of booze has no effect on the burn length of a weapon or how many swings it can make before being extinguished.
Burn Length Seconds Swing Amount Swing % off burn time
Weapon Cloth Only Cloth + Booze Cloth Only Cloth + Booze Cloth Only Cloth + Booze
Modern Axe 110 300 7 21 14.2% 4.7%
Upgraded Stick 240 720 8 24 12.5% 4.1%
Crafted Club 110 300 9 25 11.1% 4.0%
Rusty Axe 80 180 3 11 33.3% 9.1%
Plane Axe 50 120 4 14 25.0% 7.1%
Crafted Axe 90 240 4 13 25.0% 7.6%
Upgraded Rock * * * * * *
  • The Upgraded Rock can accept fire upgrades though it will set you on fire. It is pointless to test the lengths for this reason.

Damage Comparison[edit | edit source]

This table outlines the amount of hits with each weapon it takes to kill a painted cannibals on hard mode. Keep in mind, this table does not take other variables into consideration such as speed, energy, other enemies around at the time, etc.

Weapon 30 Feather Upgrades 30 Teeth Upgrades 30 Glass Upgrades
- 20 STR 99 STR 20 STR 99 STR 20 STR 99 STR
Modern Axe 18 8 12 6 10 5
Upgraded Stick 137** 52 34 16 21 11
Crafted Club 17 9 13 7 15 5
Rusty Axe 17 9 14 7 12 5
Plane Axe 28 14 17 9 15 7
Crafted Axe 22 10 22 7 16 6
Upgraded Rock - - - - 12 5
Tennis Racket 138** 51 34 16 23 11
Spear 78** 28 28 13 - -
Machete 26* 12* 26* 12* 26* 12*
  • *Machete upgrades do not currently work as of v0.65b.
  • ** Due to the low damage, high hit amount, and enemy health reneration. These weapons were very ineffective at killing so the numbers will vary around these amounts. All other numbers are very accurate.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • When saving and reloading a game, the upgrades from a weapon may disappear[confirmation needed].

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.08 Upgrades added to the game.
v0.08b Upgrades' effects increased.
v0.15 A maximum of 30 combined upgrades can be applied to a weapon.