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This article's content is unimplemented
It is either incomplete, or planned to be released in an upcoming update.

This article lists upcoming features that have been planned to be added during the alpha for The Forest.

Additions / Changes / Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Major changes include the move to the Unity 5 engine which would result in:
    • Large visual and performance increase
    • Better deferred renderer
    • Improved lighting and shading
    • More stuff
    • Bigger sharks
    • Harder hitting cannibals

Other mentioned features[edit | edit source]

  • Increased visual improvements to make the world look, feel, and run better
  • More buildable items
  • More crafting options
  • More trapping and hunting options
  • More animals such as fish, snakes, frogs, and bird types
  • More places to explore (new landscapes, even deeper caves)
  • Further improved A.I.
  • New hostile "terrifying" creatures
  • Additional gamemodes

Oculus Rift[edit | edit source]

VR Support has not been implemented into The Forest. The developers last comments were on 3 Jun, 2015 @ 12:39pm

Here's one of most recent comments on Rift support: "We’re still really excited about VR support and feel it can work amazingly well in this game world. The motion sickness on the DK1 was just too much for the team to handle and feeling sick the whole day after working with it made progress almost impossible. We’re hoping the devkit 2 and future iterations solve this issue."

Since then we have recieved our Devkits, but there are other priorities at the moment. Some of the team finds the DK2 still too rough on their heads (resolution, screen door effect, motion sickness, judder, etc) So that will slow the pace of development.

At the very worst it may be postponed until we can access the Consumer version if it bothers them that much.

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