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This article's content is unimplemented
It is either incomplete, planned to be released in an upcoming update, or was removed from the game.

This page shows content that was intended to be implemented, but never was. Most likely it was incorporated as another method or for another reason.

Caving[edit | edit source]

Caving in the survival guide (blurred out as of v0.19c)

Caving is a page in the Survival Guide that is currently inaccessible. As the title states, it may have something to do with caving; the act of traveling through and exploring caves.

Myths and Dealing With Fear[edit | edit source]

Myths and Dealing with Fear in the survival guide (blurred out as of v0.19c)

Myths and Dealing With Fear was a page in the Survival Guide which has currently not been implemented in the game, though it was introduced in a blurred out section in v0.19. It has since been removed from the game.

Hairspray[edit | edit source]

Hairspray is an object found in the game files which is finally obtainable and can be found in a cave.