Tree Cutting

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Tree cutting refers to the mechanics of cutting down trees. There are multiple ways to cut down trees. Most common are axes, chainsaws and explosives. However, the player can even trick Armsies to cut down trees for them if they are feeling brave.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Tree cutting with axe based weapons burns stamina and calories equivilant to swinging them at nothing. It has no special effects otherwise.
  • The modern axe is the fastest axe for cutting down trees
  • The direction the player is facing when a tree has been cut down, is the direction the tree will fall in.
  • If trees land on buildings and build destruction mode is on, it will damage or destroy the building.
  • If the player is standing still, and is cold while cutting down trees. The player may take cold damage depending on the amount of cold armor they have. To avoid this, take little side steps while cutting trees every few seconds.

Methods of tree cutting[edit | edit source]