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Traps are defensive structures the player can build to harm and kill creatures in The Forest. Traps can be tripped by animals, cannibals, or the player himself, so the player needs to think ahead strategically of the best place for a trap to be set. That place would most likely be the route that cannibals most commonly take, because most traps can be reset and reused. Like defensive walls, traps tend to be most effective against cannibals and become less effective against mutants.

Small Traps[edit | edit source]

Section "Small Traps" in the Survival Guide.

The Survival Guide lists four traps in total as small traps: the animal trap, the leaf pile trap, the molotov wire trap and the explosive wire trap.

Animal Trap[edit | edit source]

The animal trap is a trap that catches rabbits, raccoons, lizards, squirrels, and fish alive. It allows the player to choose to breed any captured rabbits in the rabbit cage. Other animals cannot be removed alive. The trap can be tripped by any creature touching it, including the player himself. It can be re-set with one stick.

Rabbit trap.jpg

Leaf Pile Trap[edit | edit source]

The leaf pile trap is a trap that is lit on fire to provide a wall of flame. Anything that stumbles through it will have the burning status condition inflicted upon it. Though it seems easy to craft, 50 leaves is quite a lot to collect, especially for a newer player.


Molotov Wire Trap[edit | edit source]

The molotov wire trap is a single-use trap that instantly creates a molotov cocktail flame when triggered. The flame lingers for as long as a normal molotov's flame, and will harm both friend and foe by burning them.


Explosive Wire Trap[edit | edit source]

The explosive wire trap is very similar to the molotov wire trap, yet uses an explosion instead of fire. The explosion is powerful enough to destroy several layers of walls, so the trap should not be placed close to walls and buildings. It is not possible to destroy, deconstruct or otherwise remove the trap.


Advanced Traps[edit | edit source]

Section "Advanced Traps" in the Survival Guide.

This section of the Survival Guide includes schematics for four bigger and more costly traps that aid mainly in defending against cannibal attacks. All large traps require logs in their construction, and can be reset with 1 stick once triggered.

Dead Fall Trap[edit | edit source]

Deadfall trap, armed.
Deadfall trap, sprung. The player is prompted to reset it with 1 stick.

The Dead Fall Trap is designed to injure cannibals by trapping them under a falling log with downward spikes attached. The damage dealt is enough to instantly kill most weaker cannibals, but not the larger males, who may just be temporarily "stunned" (if hit in this state, they will "wake up" and attack the player). This trap is ineffective against mutants.

It used to be unreliable, as cannibals would usually run through the trap without being killed, but this was greatly improved in v0.61: it is now much more effective. Its low material cost also makes it relatively easy to make in a hurry.

Dead Fall Trap = 3 sticks and 3 logs

Happy Birthday Trap[edit | edit source]

A "happy birthday" trap, armed. The trigger zone is in front.

The Happy Birthday trap is a large, ground-mounted contraption with a flexible spiked mesh of sticks that flips up from the ground and slams into enemies when tripped.

Skinny and Normal cannibals are usually killed instantly upon triggering it, but the tougher Painted and large Masked males may survive the hit. It is partially effective against Armsys, which can trigger the trap and take damage from it, but not Virginias and Cowmen (due to their movement patterns).

Once sprung, it is solid and acts as a short barrier, but some cannibals can use it as a climbing platform to bypass other obstacles or leap onto their target.

The survival guide's blueprint for the Happy Birthday trap seems to be much smaller than the finished version: this is because it was increased in size in v0.19. It is also worth noting this may not have been the original name of the trap, as evidenced in the Survival Guide by a piece of tape replacing its original name with the new one.

Happy Birthday Trap = 4 logs, 10 sticks and 6 rocks.

Rope Swing Trap[edit | edit source]

A rope swing trap

The rope swing trap is a tree-mounted trap. Once triggered, it will release a big ball made of rocks and sticks. Like any elevated structures, it can only be built on a large tree. If the tree collapses, either chopped down by the player or hit by a mutant, the trap will be destroyed.

Any cannibal hit by the released rock ball will instantly be killed. The trap is mostly ineffective against fast or running enemies as they will always trigger the swing without being touched. However, the swing remain dangerous several seconds after being triggered until the oscillation stops. This means that nearby cannibals can still be killed by the trap within a short period of time after activation. If the player is hit by the ball, he will be knocked down and will lose a small amount of health, armored or not.

This trap can harm mutants, but it is largely ineffective against them because of their ability to destroy trees. The cowman and armsy in particular may destroy the tree before even coming into range of the trap.

Noose Trap[edit | edit source]

Noos Trap.jpg

The Noose Trap is a trap that catches cannibals by their feet and hangs them upside down. This trap is the only one that is guaranteed to catch a cannibal that trips it, but it also leaves the cannibal alive. While animals can trip this trap but are not caught by it.

A caught cannibal will swing his weapon/arms around them and their damage is exactly the same as if they were fighting normally.

If left overnight, a living cannibal caught in this trap will disappear (respawn in the caves) at dawn, so it's best to kill cannibals caught in this trap as soon as possible. (Confirmation needed)

If you save and exit with a cannibal in the trap. When you return, the cannibal will be dead in the trap.

If a leader Mutant with a lamp is captured in this trap and killed it can be used as a light source.

Once fired, the trap can be reset with 1 stick.

Noose Trap = 3 sticks, 2 rocks, 5 logs, and 1 rope.

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.01 Traps added to the game (happy birthday, noose, deadfall)
v0.06 Traps can be set off by player, and all traps can be reset. Fixed cannibal in trap bugs.
v0.08 Rabbit trap (technically food tab) added.
v0.08B Fixed rabbit trap bugs.
v0.09B Fixed multiplayer trap reset bug.
v0.10 Rabbit Traps now can catch raccoons and lizards
v0.19 Happy birthday trap is now twice as wide. Noose trap has a wider trigger zone.
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