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Translations are the different languages that the game can be changed to. The option to change the language is in the game play options, the last option on the bottom right. The developers plan to work heavily on translations before the full release of v1.0.

Current Translations[edit | edit source]

Language Update added Date added
English v0.01 May 30th, 2014
Japanese v0.62 June 8th, 2017
Korean v0.62 June 8th, 2017
Portuguese v0.62 June 8th, 2017
Chinese v0.62 June 8th, 2017
German v0.62 June 8th, 2017
Russian v0.62 June 8th, 2017
Spanish v0.63 July 6th, 2017
Simplified Chinese v0.63 July 6th, 2017
Czech v0.64 July 20th, 2017
Italian v0.64 July 20th, 2017
Polish v0.64 July 20th, 2017
Finnish v0.64 July 20th, 2017
Swedish v0.64 July 20th, 2017
Turkish v0.64 July 20th, 2017

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Dynamically created at runtime texts like build missions are now translated if changing language at runtime

Forcing always caps translations

Options menu fixes, fixed gameplay buttons, cleaned up gamepad nav, setup anchors to ensure buttons don't overlap each other in other languages

Added missing translations in mp scene

Fixed translation showing localized text for keys no longer used in english (ie: removed item descriptions)

v0.71 (Translations) Setup the various loading and error message in the MP screen to be translated, currently translated to: french
v0.69 (Translations) Updated translations with some of recently added texts as well as some translation fixes
v0.69 (Translations) Fixed regression with book camera management that prevented translation tags from being visible
v0.65 (Translations) Fixed case of “added to backpack” dynamic text not translating
v0.65 (Translations) Updated Finnish translation
v0.64 (Translations) Added Czech, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish

(Translations) Updated German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese

(Translations) Improved error detection in languages, notably with popup texts which could retain the last selected language value if current one was wrong

Fixed translations positioning in stats page of book

v0.63 (Translation) Added missing translations keys in title scene, options menu, MP Screen, Hints, pause menu, items/meats inventory tooltips, todo list, tick off system, available recipes list

(Translation) Fixed texts missing/capitalisation/formating in title scene, options menu, MP Screen, book for the French language

(Translation) Added Spanish, Simplified Chinese an updated Portuguese

v0.62 (Translation) Improved support for missing keys in translations files, labels now retain previous value for missing keys, if a font for a language isn’t installed (or the game cannot reach it) the language won’t be listed in options

(Translation) Added Chinese, German and Russian (all keys)

(Translation) Added Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (WIP, only 284 first keys)

v0.61 (Translations) Fixed all HUD elements anchoring to allow proper positioning regardless of text size

(Translations) Setup translation as overlay in most of the book

v0.60 Added first pass of translation system. This currently includes french language only. It is possible to copy translation files and replace the text values to create new translations – however more official translations will be coming in upcoming patch releases.