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A selection of tools in the player's inventory.

Tools are items used to assist the player in certain tasks. Most of them are found scattered around the peninsula and can be found during the game, with some being crucial to plot progression, while others can be crafted at any stage of the game.

Most tools that can be held double as a weapon of varying strength and can be used to fend off the cannibals and other enemies the player encounters.

Currently no tools are needed to construct buildings or to craft other items, however tools like axes are needed to cut down trees to get the materials needed. The first tool you usually obtain in the game is the plane axe which is obtained right after the intro.

Axes/Tree Cutting[edit | edit source]

The primary use of axes is to cut down trees and therefore gather materials. However, all axes can be used as weapons as well. The following lists all axes ranked by their efficiency in cutting down trees:

Handheld Light Sources[edit | edit source]

While fires are a handy thing to build and cook meat on, sometimes the player needs some portable light. The melee weapons require a fire upgrade to be light-able, by attaching cloth first. If you attached cloth and booze, it will triple the burn length and it will also increase the brightness of the flame. Below are the handheld light sources available to the player.

Miscellaneous Tools[edit | edit source]

Additionally to cutting down trees and illuminating the player's vicinity, there are some tasks that can only be fulfilled by more specialized tools. The list below contains all such tools in alphabetical order:

Axes Plane AxeCrafted AxeRusty AxeModern AxeMacheteChainsaw(Fuel Can) • (Climbing Axe)
Handheld Light Sources LighterTorchFlare Gun(Flare)Flashlight
Inventory Storage Stick Bag(Sticks)Rock Bag(Rocks)Quiver(Arrows)Water Skin(Water)Old Pot(Water)
Miscellaneous Tools MapCompassPedometerPouchRebreather(Air Canister)Repair Tool