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Here's a list of useful tips & tricks to help new survivors.

Basic Survival[edit | edit source]

  • At the start it seems best to scavenge everything you can from the plane and the luggage around it and get away from it as fast as possible.
  • If you can't sleep through the night it might indicate that mutants are near your campsite, be careful (indicated by a loud sound).
  • It is not a good idea to eat something before going to bed, wait till you wake as you will be starving.
  • Always have some extra food left in your inventory.
  • Sprinting then crouching will provide the speed of running without the cost of energy. Use it when you need to run anywhere quickly.

Also see: The Forest Beginner's Guide

Buildings & Traps[edit | edit source]

  • Traps can be reset by using 1 stick and then holding "E" to reset.
  • Traps can be triggered accidentally by the player and some animals.
  • Effigies scare away enemies, but only when they are on fire, and it is day. They might come back with more mutants though. You can build them via the survival guide.
  • The tall huts (mutant camps) on the island can be used as simple shelters by placing a wall with a door in front of them and a fire pit in front of the door.
  • The mutants will easily spot big buildings or a fire in the dark.
  • If you notice an area nearby your camp that mutant patrols often pass through, build traps in that area. The patrols tend to repeat similar patterns of movement and utilizing this will increase your chances of effectively killing them off with traps.
  • If you want an effective way of killing mutants, invest in deadfall traps, they are only cost 3 logs and 3 sticks and deal extreme amounts of damage. If the deadfall trap falls on any amount of cannibals around the kill zone, they will die instantly, but as for mutants, it may take around 2 - 4 drops of the deadfall trap.

Crafting & Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Spear locations:
    • Near a small pond located on a hill next to a village with three tall huts on the beach.
    • In front of the tent on the beach with the boat.
  • Molotov cocktails can be crafted by combining cloth and booze.
  • Bombs can be crafted by combining circuit boards with booze and coins, use them to take out stronger enemies.
    • Sticky Bombs are highly recommended in order to ensure it will not roll away from an intended target and to maximize its damage effectiveness.
  • Sticks, rope and rocks may be crafted to make a crafted axe.
  • Do not rely on the Plane Axe for too long. There are various types of axes to be crafted or found.
  • Crafting the Warmsuit as soon as possible can save the player from a lot of trouble, especially on hard mode and hard survival. It can allow the player to stay warm from the cold and forgo building a fire in the middle of a rainy night, therefore, avoiding unwanted attention.
  • The crafted bow is a very useful weapon. You may wish to craft it as soon as possible. The components needed are a stick, piece of cloth, and a rope. The hardest component to find is the rope, which can be found in the boat, in Cannibal villages, occasionally in the cave and by creating a rope yourself (from pieces of cloth). Arrows will also be required to use the crafted bow, and can be crafted from sticks and feathers. You can also combine 1 arrow + 1 booze to add extra damage to the arrow. To load your crafted bow with an arrow, you combine the chosen arrow with the crafted bow.
  • Cloth can be put onto weapons and then lit on fire by combining a piece of cloth with a weapon, such as the plane axe. This is useful for taking out multiple enemies at once.

BE CAREFUL - the fire created can set you on fire too! You can also craft rope, if you combine 7 pieces of cloth. You don't have a max capacity restriction on cloth.

Fighting & Tactics & Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Block: Hold RMButton with a melee weapon equipped to block certain attacks.
    • Blocking at the precise moment your opponent attacks will knock them back, causing them to stumble. A sound effect similar to finishing a blueprint will play if done correctly.
  • If only one enemy: Wait for your opponent to run towards you and hit them nonstop until they fall down, then finish them.
    • The player can also sneak behind the enemy to kill them with one hit.
  • Mutants will get back on their feet after being beaten if the player does not kill them.
  • If you happen to be around deep water, and choose not to fight cannibals, you can lure them into the deep water when they jump towards you and you move to the side, causing them to drown if long enough (around 3 - 5 seconds fully in water) to drown them, same can be done for mutants.
  • Enemies can run into fire pits, catch fire and die while trying to attack the player.
  • It is possible to hide from the mutants until they go back to their caves, you can even stalk them.
  • Avoid fighting with more than one enemy, always use your advantage to survive.
  • Stand your ground; If it's during the daytime, you can stand your ground against enemy patrols. Sometimes they will back off, or give you time to back up slowly. To do this, simply stare at your enemy and don't move, and don't give into their false charges.
  • If you decide to run away: jump while sprinting and release the 'Shift'-key while in the air. If your timing is correct you can sprint indefinitely.
  • Attempt to upgrade your weapons as soon as possible using feathers and teeth (or booze) along with tree sap. The added damage and speed will make it easier to fight mutants.
  • If you combine 1 lizard skin with 15 leaves it makes stealth armor.

Resources & Food[edit | edit source]

  • You can use mud to camouflage yourself. You'll find it near swamps, ponds and on some coastlines.
  • Be careful, not all berries are edible.
  • When chopping down trees try to circle them and hit the right spot.
  • The skin of a lizard can be worn as armor.
    • CAUTION: Mutants are not always immediately hostile to the player at the beginning of the game. However, they will take your wearing of armor as a threat and are more likely to attack you without provocation early on. It may be best to wait until they have already become hostile to don the lizard armor.
  • Rabbits are a fairly easy to acquire source of food. Try to build a rabbit trap as soon as you have established your camp. Place it somewhere wooded where you often see decent numbers of rabbits scurrying about.
  • You can catch fish in ponds with the spear.
  • When foods turns black in Drying Rack don't eat it directly collect it and put it back again in drying rack it will return back to a good dried meat. Might not work in updated version (0.70)
  • The best animal to hunt for food is the deer as it have 4 Meats on it and easier to hit with weak or upgraded spear.

Glitches & Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Sometimes when you kill an enemy mutant, they might make sounds and when you hit them til' death they will re-spawn and die again, basically giving you infinite amount of teeth, heads, legs and arms.
  • If a mutant is near your camp and ready to attack you, and you save your game via going to sleep, the mutant will freeze in the air and at some time fall down attacking the player, this might be a very bad thing if the player is focused on other things!
  • (Fix - Version 0.15) Be aware that the log sled can glitch through the floor or attach to your body! Save often.