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현재 버전
알파 V1.12 - VR
(릴리즈 September 11, 2019)

현재 공식 업데이트
v1.12 - VR
(릴리즈 September 11, 2019)

v1.12 - VR Major Changes

  • This is a VR only update for PC
  • This is a opt in beta update
  • Lots of fixes and additions for VR
  • First update in 9 months

(모든 업데이트)


더 포레스트 공식위키 디스코드 입장

오늘의 기사
Snowberries can now be used to craft certain recipes. Since their introduction into the game on release, they have had no crafting abilities. As of v0.72, they can now be used to make poison arrows and poison upgrades for melee weapons. They currently operate exactly the same as twinberries.