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The Forest is an open world survival horror game that is being developed by Endnight Games.


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The Forest can be purchased through Steam, Humble Bundle, and GameStop.


Current Version
Alpha V1.09
(released August 16, 2018)

Current Major Update
(released August 16, 2018)

v1.09 Major Changes

  • Loading of saves drastically improved
  • New very high shadows option
  • To-do list is handwritten again
  • And many more bug fixes and small improvements

(update all)


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Dynamite has on of the largest blast radius's of all the explosives. This makes dynamite of the best explosives for taking down trees. Make sure you light dynamite first before throwing or placing it. After it is lit, press 'C' on a tree to place it. Make sure you move away quickly!
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18th of August 2018

  • v1.09 has been released, it is the first update in two months. It contains mostly bug and performance fixes
  • In the v1.09 notes, the developers stated that new content was coming: This patch focuses on performance and bug fixing. We’ve also been working on a much larger content focused update and should have news we can reveal about that soon. There is no indication of when it will arrive or what content will be involved.
  • Current updates seem to be mostly for the VR version of The Forest. It seems to be the developers focus at this stage.
  • It has been over 3 months since the developers announced a Playstation 4 version of The Forest. Since then, there has been no news of it. No release date or information updates have been released.
  • Feel free to add some of the new updates to the corresponding pages. Formatted patch notes can be found on the Patchnotes Formatted page, just copy and paste.
  • The Forest Wiki is looking for a new admin to patrol edits. Experience is preferred, though remaining active is much more important. Vandalism is fairly common on The Forest Wiki and we need help stopping it. The role will involve checking edits and patrolling them, banning those who vandalize (two weeks at a time), reverting false information, and most importantly, remaining active. If you are interested in the position, contact Farket in the Forest Wiki Discord.
  • As the game isn't being updated as frequently, to keep the game more interesting, check out the Mods page. There are some great mods coming out at the moment like Player Upgrade Points which allows you to level your character. Check it out, its highly recommended.

--Farket8238 (talk)

Update / Previous News

2017 Playstation 4

Dec 9, 2017
2017 Playstation 4 Developer Interview
+ Gameplay Footage

Dec 10, 2017

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