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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Forest is challenging and diverse. Players will not only have to defend against the mutant threat, but also against Hunger, Fatigue, Thirst, and Temperature. The player always has a handy Survival Guide, which can be used at any time by pressing 'B' (or 'UP' if playing on PS4.) The survival guide can teach players how to make Shelters, build Structures, create Fires, and other information, such as which foods are safe to eat, and which foods are toxic. Using the survival guide does not pause the game, the player must be wary of the situation before using the guide. To ensure that the game is paused without exiting, use ESCAPE.

Survival 101[edit | edit source]

When the player is finally able to move after the plane crash, it is vital that he takes numerous items found around and inside the damaged plane. Food, booze, pills, and the plane axe can be found in the plane, while suitcases containing cloth, snacks and soda can be located outside. BE WARNED: several minutes after the crash, Cannibals will search the area around the plane. Fighting the enemy at this point is entirely up to the player, although it would be wise to either hide until they leave, or run to a safe area.

Before night approaches, the player is advised to build a shelter of any sort, which can be placed by using the survival guide and clicking on the icon next to the object that the player wishes to construct. It is then up to the player to place the shelter and to find the necessary resources to complete it. A few trees must be cut down and a few rocks must be found as well. Once the shelter is complete, the player should explore the forest, whether it be for food, water, weapons, or a safer location. If the player is attacked by the cannibals, they may find themselves knocked unconscious and moved underground into a dark cave. If the player reaches the exit of the cave, they may find themselves far away from the plane.

Tips & Tricks[edit | edit source]

Be careful during the day, as small cannibal scouting parties can be regularly spotted. To avoid the natives, make it a frequent habit to stay out of open areas and away from fires, especially at night. The natives are more active at night and will investigate visible fires, despite being frightened by light (fires alert them to the player's presence but they usually keep their distance from the light).

It is also worth noting that the natives react to the player's presence. They will frequently scout out areas that have buildings, traps, fires, and effigies. The more of an impact the player makes on his surroundings, the more the natives will notice. They will also become more aggressive in response to the player's encroachment: a large fortress with effigies and fires will mean frequent attacks and the appearance of deadlier natives like the spider mutant.

Restore your stamina by eating food, sleeping, listening to the cassette player or resting on the wood bench. You can also drink cans of soda for an instant boost of stamina, however, they are a limited source and should only be consumed in an emergency.

Also see Tips & Tricks.

Various Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Big Fortress

This method of survival is the most obvious. In it, the player constructs a large base with numerous traps, defensive walls, effigies (if their sanity is low enough to access the effigies menu), and fires to keep away and kill as many mutants as possible. It works moderately well but the mutants become more aggressive to this approach: mutant attacks will evolve into small-scale invasions with dangerous enemies like the spider mutant. This strategy takes a significant amount of preparation and hard work.

  • Stealth and Hiding

This is a much more challenging approach but it can be more rewarding in terms of survival length. There are two different variations of this strategy: staying mobile and staying far away from mutants.

Covering your fires with wooden walls will also keep them from investigating the lights at night.

The mobile solution relies on ideas of `leave no trace': the mutants can't hunt down the player if he doesn't have predictable patterns of movement or doesn't have one single sleeping spot. This works well at evading mutants but makes it difficult to satisfy basic survival needs. The mutants will also not get more aggressive to this strategy.

  • Distance solution

The distance solution is the idea of staying as far away from the mutant patrols as possible. The difficulty in this strategy is finding the perfect spot. If the player is too secluded, they won't have supplies. If the player is in an open area, the mutants will see his fire. The perfect spot is near trees and bushes for supplies but is also hidden mostly from view. There are spots along the coast, especially near the boat, that satisfy these requirements. If you see a nearby patrol after coming back to your base, try to avoid sight using bushes and trees.

  • Mini-Island Approach

The map is the same, but the spawn is random. If you're lucky enough to spawn in the highlighted area, you can see a slope and a shore below. Proceed on cutting down sticks and leaves (for bonfires and some materials needed for a raft), and cut down logs and push them down the shore (for the raft). Build a raft to get rid of the shark's dangerous jaw. A log holder and a stick holder can be placed on a raft which provides great space and luxury when travelling through the sea. Once your raft is built, go find the nearest mini-island. On the island, turtles spawn in very large numbers during the night, which gives off Meat, which takes a very long time before it spoils (maybe 3–4 days). Also, turtle shells can be made into water collectors, which are the best source of clean water.You can also cook water in a pot and drink it. During the day, collect resources such as logs, sticks, and leaves in the forest, to build a fire during the night and keep yourself warm when it is raining. When nighttime comes, collect meat from the turtles that spawn in the mini-island and cook their meat. This strategy is the most efficient and safest because food shortages will never be a problem, and mutant attack is impossible because mutants can't swim.

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