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11th of May 2018

  • On the 30th of April 2018, The Forest had officially been fully released. There were some pre-release updates with it. All of them can be found under v1.0. There have been quite a few changes, though most of them have been added to The Forest Wiki
  • The VR version of The Forest is expected to be released on the 22nd of May 2018. It’s the full game, with your hud on a smart watch, a full 3d inventory, and tree cutting using motion controls. - Developers - v1.0 patchnotes.
  • There is no news regarding the Playstation 4 release of The Forest.
  • Fire Upgrades with booze was confirmed to be removed from the game. The developers made no note of this in any of the updates.
  • If you notice any vandalism, notify an admin as soon as possible. The discord is the best place for this.

--Farket8238 (talk)

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