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How do i destroy things that i have build't?

Complaint of demographic selection- Release on PS4[edit source]

This game is listed as being compatible on Steam and PS4, and trailers for the PS4 release were put out in 2014. How much longer do you expect people to wait? I've been looking forward to playing this game for two years. I understand wanting to push back release to add improvements and to try to draw in as much of an audience as you can, but you can't expect a game 3 years in development to sell as well as the three "Call of Duty"'s that have been released in the same amount of time! After all, it is an indie survival game, and the landscape isn't exactly photo-realistic based on my experience watching YouTube play-throughs. If you announce a game for a console, then you should release it a few months later, NOT WAIT 2 YEARS! Don't keep the console community waiting, we far outweigh the PC gaming community. I'm posting this in the FAQ section because every console gamer looking for a release date can agree with me.

Wikis are not the place to complain about game features or lack thereof. Contact the game developers, Endnight Games. There are links to their sites on that page — Game widow (talk) 17:59, 23 March 2016 (UTC)