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Please note before putting effort into a suggestion: the developers of The Forest have likely completely stopped development on it and have moved on to the sequel, Sons of the Forest.

Remember, this is a game about HORROR and SURVIVAL, making the game easier or more balanced will defeat the purpose of the game, so think before you post! You may just be wasting your time and please go check up the FAQ at before suggesting something that was already asked. And make sure your suggestion wasn't already posted before making another one...


General[edit | edit source]

  • Bones are pretty sharp so we should craft more weapons (like bone sword, bone spear, rock mace)
  • More building types (Buildable using rocks and bone), More house furniture
  • Clothes crafting with animal skin (like deer headgear, deer clothes)
  • Map drawing. Our character finds a notebook in plane and he draws the map where he goes. (Map Exists in One of the Caves)
  • Would it be possible to slightly modify some of the audio.

Part of the experience is listening out for mutant calls and running etc, so when I finish building something and i get ‘that sound’ it freys my nerve endings. Also, maybe after the first N kills/days/times ambushed, the player vocalises less, stops being grossed out at eating human flesh, and doesnt yell when chopping limbs.

  • on a different note, can the player slowly get faster at dissecting people?

Apparel[edit | edit source]

After the plane crash the player should be able to choose different attire and face paints to add to their character. Other than a cosmetic effect, they would also come with a variety of survival benefits to the character. For example, you could have a character with a suit fashioned out of leaves that would provide easier blending into the surroundings. While face paint would either contribute to camouflage or the player could choose to, for example, have stripes of mutant blood on them, causing the mutants to therefore act differently to the player (Either more aggressively or more passively).

Could also add some sort of clothing for the use of keeping warm. E.g. a jacket to keep warm when it is raining so the player could still explore (I'm guessing in future updates, being cold would add some effect like slowing the player down, making the jacket useful)

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Binoculars[edit | edit source]

Oftentimes the level doesn't load enough for the player to see what is far away. Having a set of long distance eyes would be helpful.

-Contributed by KravenArk

Clothing[edit | edit source]

I would like to be able to create clothing. If it starts raining at night, you instantly become "cold and wet" despite not yet having had time to become cold and wet. It would be nice to combine rabbit pelts and wear them to help keep warm without having to make a fire. Clothing could also serve as camouflage, like with lizard skin or something.

-Contributed by cornwallismorgan87

Improved Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor (or, for a more modern taste, protective clothing) could be crafted out of different materials, with differing effects. There would be different armor pieces for the head, torso, arms, hands, legs and feet.

Hand armor (for now, I'll call it gloves) would make wielding items slightly more difficult with a chance to drop them. However they would provide a lot of protection against damage that would otherwise take your hand out forever leaving you helpless.

There would be 4 different tiers of armor:

  • Lizard Skin - provides very weak protection, while giving a slight camouflage upgrade and no debuffs
  • Leather - created by putting Lizard Skin/Rabbit Skin in a pile of mud and leaving it for a day. Provides good protection and more camouflage (perhaps slightly less than normal lizard skin).
  • Stone - Made by working rocks. Would provide very good protection but would slow the player down a lot, and obscure vision. Wearing stone boots may also cause you to trip and fall. The weight will also render an inability to swim. Would camouflage you in caves, however.
  • Metal - Would be made out of metal pieces either extracted from the plane, or made in the Metalworking section. Iron would rust in water/rain over time lowering protection. Also very heavy and makes you slightly slower than normal, and the helmet would obstruct vision but not as much as stone. Makes you stand out and attract mutants.

Making armor would require a wooden bench (leather and lizard) or a metal anvil (stone and metal). The anvil would be made from metal.

-Contributed by MinecraftPhotos4U (talk)

Shields[edit | edit source]

Kill Turtles to harvest their shells to make shield or even with wood.

(The title and the Suggestion were really stupid decided to change it.)

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Had actually tried to think this one through, here's what I came up with.

* Wooden Planks (from sawed logs) + Rope = Wooden Shield. Wooden shield would have low durability, but would block damage and cost less stamina than blocking with a weapon.

* Turtle Shell + Wooden Planks + Rope = Shell Shield. Shell shield would have high durability, and would block damage and cost less stamina than blocking with Wooden Shield

-Edit by CouchCommandoIV

Raincoat[edit | edit source]

A dead passenger could be found wearing this. It can be taken from them and worn, and doing this would prevent from getting the "cold and wet" effect when raining. Would come in yellow or black, depending if the player plays as Timmy or the dad (see section).

Suggested by MinecraftPhotos4U (talk)

Deer Tanning[edit | edit source]

Deer were very useful to the Native Americans, their tendons could be made into rope used for binding or bows, they had a lot of meat, and they had hides that could be tanned for clothes.

First off, deer have a lot of meat, you can't roast a whole carcass on a fire quickly, so they would cut them up and put them on drying racks to dry and cook over a fire to make deer jerky that could last a long time and weighed less. Secondly, Native Americans tanned deer in a strange way, they would stretch the hide over a tanning rack and rub the mashed brains of the deer on it to tan the hide (we have a replication of a Native American hide tanning rack and it looks just like something you would build with sticks and rope in The Forest). The chemicals in the brain of mammals apparently act like a tanning solution and makes the hide soft buckskin, while untanned leather would become rigid and hard.

Now we come to how tanning could work in The Forest. We already have heads from mutants that can be collected, so what if holding the head in your hands equipped and smashing it on the ground or a stump or rock repeatedly smashed the head, leaving you with the item "brains" which could be mashed brain liquid in a bowl made from the broken skull top. This makes heads more important, you can put them on fires for skulls, use them for effigies, or get brains from them, and you can only carry one head at a time. Tanned buckskin could be made into a coat or something to add armor or prevent you from getting cold at night without a fire, or used as cloth or made into a portable tent shelter with sticks and rope. The hardened hide could be used to make the covering of drums made from logs that could be played to attract cannibals. Hardened hide could also be made into a light shield that could be used to block torches to prevent them from lighting you on fire, and allow you to wield a weapon with one hand and the shield in the other (so you cant use a torch or lighter with it) so you can block attacks in front of you while attacking with your weapon at the same time. Suggested by Higbeythedemon (talk)

Reinforced Armor[edit | edit source]

The player combines lizard skin(s), tree sap, and sticks to create reinforced armor. The lizard skin ties the sticks to the player, allowing the rigid sticks to provide further protection to the player. The armor makes the players armor bars 100% more durable (Instead of 2 armor bars, an attack from a Cannibal takes 1 armor bar). The armor could be located right next to lizard skins in the players' inventory.

-Contributed by Kortizhian

Stick Bundle[edit | edit source]

A bundle that lets the player gather and carry more than the now maximum 10 sticks. This could be either a usable once item or more like a variant on the log holder. At the moment gathering sticks in a low-stick-environment is a pain in the ass.

  • (Edit: Something similar to this has been added in update 0.43 known as the Stick Bag. The rock bag was also added.)

Day length, seasons, weather[edit | edit source]

Maybe add some more realism to the game with days' length changing after some time. Player is stranded and can be there for a long period of time (a year or even more) so there could be seasonal changes in weather patterns, day length or something similar. This may be seen as Moon appearing during the day (as it does in real life), etc. As for the weather, there could be random (but very rare) lightning strikes during the storms where a lightning could strike a tree in player's vicinity.

Animal behavior[edit | edit source]

There should be more predators in the game, maybe they could be seen hunting a random animal, or maybe destroying the player's drying rack. If the animal is herbivore it could eat the player's garden plants.

Changes to the forest itself[edit | edit source]

The forest as it is now looks beautiful but in real life no forest is that neat, especially where there is no civilization. My idea is to add some more dead trees (not just stumps, but fallen, or crooked trees, etc.), some areas that are more dense and maybe impassable initially, etc.

A cave in the face of the cliff[edit | edit source]

I believe this would be interesting and players would find climbing it challenging. There could be some more valuable items hidden there.

Building & Structures[edit | edit source]

This section will cover all suggestions regarding buildings, structures, and homes.

Rock Path Edit

When placing the Rock Path it should permanently remain clear of trees, bushes , large rocks, and saplings to allow for a cleaner more immersive run path.

This would also make resource gathering a bit more challenging for the players.

Regrowing Tree Option Edit

When the player turns off Regrowing Trees it should stop the growth of saplings and bushes as well.

Damage to Buildings - walls - structures[edit | edit source]

Allow Cannibals to damage your walls / Fort. This will create the need to repair and replace broken walls and sections. A simple color code like green yellow orange red black (destroyed) or simply make it visible textures to show damage/broken. This can add a very nice fear/horror aspect as night raids on your camp in the middle of the night will make you think twice of being out in the open and undefended.

engineering[edit | edit source]

You should have an option to create things like simple rope elevators and other useful stuff. This could be done by adding rotors that make a structure able to move in a circular manner and rope ends where you can place rope at, with a rope drum to be able to roll it up and a rope wheel to redirect the pull of the rope. adding wind-catching blades and water-blades could make a wind/watermill possible (although you would need a waterfall to be able to make a watermill work and be on the coastline for a windmill); this could go hand in hand with a log saw to make a log mill and with advanced farming to make flour from wheat.

I want to be able to damage mutant structures. I should be able to go into a mutant camp, slaughter all the mutants, and burn their camp to the ground.

-Contributed by Anonymouse

  • (Edit: Mutants can damage structures. You must repair them with sap.)

Window Height and Working Raft[edit | edit source]

Windows are just a little too high to see out of while crouching.

Adapting a raft to allow you to transport logs over water so you can build on inland islands.

  • (EDIT: they will be implementing the sail feature of the raft that will allow this in the coming updates, will provide more feedback when sail implementation has been confirmed)

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Stone Walls, Furniture, Expanded Hunting Shelter and Stone Storage[edit | edit source]

  • I really want there to be more structures, such as stone walls, expanding a shelter with more materials, furniture, and more storage options for rocks or something.
  • Stone walls can not be knocked down but are shorter than the wooden walls. You can also stack the walls up to as tall as a wood defensive wall.
  • A stone storage would help as so you could hold large amounts of stone for building stone walls, structures, etc.
  • You could be able to expand a hunting shelter to make it bigger and being able to stand inside.

You should need to sit on a bench to whittle sticks into spears, bows, knives, arrows, etc.

Stone walls made with mud or wet sand, or walls made of only mud or dirt, crafted by hand or using a shovel.

  • (Edit: Stone walls/storage are currently part of the game. A stone wall can be jumped over by enemies and cost a good amount of stone, but are only able to be damaged by explosives. If you are willing to spend more stone you can place one rock wall on top of another to make it unable to be jumped over.)

Pulley System[edit | edit source]

I think it could be a really amazing and helpful feature to the game for transporting basic materials (such as logs, sticks, rocks, etc.) to tall places such as tree houses or tall platforms.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Destroy & Recycle[edit | edit source]

Take cans, melt them down and use them to create tin fish hooks, scythes, some other weapons of choice, or even armor. Creating torch holders to hang on walls, or stronger cages, 1 man jails to be added with negotiation?

-Contributed by SamsonDor

Roofs, Fireplace and Bed[edit | edit source]

I'm not sure if this will be part of the game update, but I would like for roofs to be added to custom building. I would also like to be able to install a fireplace in my log cabin as well as to be able to create a bed. Maybe a temporary boost could come with a bed as well?

  • (Edit: All of these Items have been added.)

-Contributed by cornwallismorgan87

Building Upgrades[edit | edit source]

It would be nice to be able to upgrade existing features instead of having to build new ones. For example, if I build a basic fire but I want to turn it into a fire pit lined with stones, there could be an option to upgrade it.

-Contributed by cornwallismorgan87

Storage[edit | edit source]

It would be nice if something like stationary chests were added to the game so you can store sticks and stones which are currently limited on the inventory; also something to store food would be nice.

  • Edit: There are already storage options for sticks, stones, and food.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

A basic, stick-made chest that can be made from 24 sticks. Upon accessing it, an interface similar to that of the inventory is brought up:

  • Instead of the backpack being in the top left corner of the inventory interface, it'd be the stick-made chest.
  • Instead of the blanket being rolled out and the items, it'd be the bottom of the chest, where items can be placed in categories, similar to the inventory.
  • Upgraded by tiers (going off of the carpentry tools suggested above); higher quality = opportunity for expansion / + storage space.
  • Tiers as follows: sticks, sticks + rope (or cloth? or weaving materials like twine gathered from vines and bark?), box made of planks, chest (planks + trim from forge-made material, as mentioned above).

-Contributed by Akratic

I think a freezer (Made with a new ingredient, ice, and sticks) to hold limbs for effigies would be a nice touch.

-Contributed by Anonymous

There could also be treasure chests found either in mutant caves, or underwater. They would carry uncommon-to-rare items like circuit boards, and possibly ready-made armor of the type noted in the Improved armor section noted far above. However they would be slightly damaged (if a durability feature is added) and more advanced types would be rarer.

-Contributed by MinecraftPhotos4U (talk)

More Effigies[edit | edit source]

Considering the number of legs you acquire, it would be nice if there could be a leg effigy (since there's an arm effigy). I'm assuming that there will be more effigies in the future anyways, so that's something nice to wait on.

Edit by original suggester: I'm aware that Endnight just added the two effigies, but I was noting that a leg effigy would be nice since you only get a billion legs, and would be a sensible counterpart to the arm effigy.

Certain Limbs Still Float Away... Skin Color Glitches?

Throwing Button Assigned to secondary Weapon Choice...

Current Effigies

  • Arms Effigy
  • Head Effigy
  • Small Effigy
  • Large Effigy

Alien Effigy + PewDiePIE Effigy Song

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

House Boat Anchor[edit | edit source]

I was thinking for the house boat you should be able to make an anchor with maybe rope and rocks. If you don't use one, it should drift away slowly. This would make for some interesting situations.

-Contributed by spacepotato8

Crash site harvesting[edit | edit source]

The first time I went back to the airplane crash I was scared. I thought it was going to become an area of interest and that cannibals would be scavenging or building around it, but it wasn't. After thinking about a way to fix this and a number of other requests on this wiki I have thought of something.

First, after the plane crashes and as the game moves forward the airplane crash should become a more populated area of interest. I imagine cannibals would be very interested in harvesting what they can from the crash and so should the player. Camps could be built around it and cannibals could be on almost constant watch around the area. Harvesting the plane crash will then become a risk-and-reward situation. However, in order to prevent the player from gathering as much as they can right away I was thinking the large axe should be required to chop off some of the more important pieces of the plane. So by the time the player finds the large axe it is more difficult to scavenge the plane.

Here are some suggestions for harvested materials:

  • Chopping off sheets of metal from the plane (Used for shields, weapons, arrow heads, armor, etc...) -HEAVY AXE REQUIRED, this could also make noise and attract more cannibals
  • Chopping a hole in the fuel tank for gas (Allows for torches that do not go out in caves, other lights, flammable items etc...) -HEAVY AXE and BUCKET REQUIRED, this could also make noise and attract more cannibals
  • Chopping off seat belt straps (Drying racks, substitute for rope, etc...) -Light beginner axe required
  • Chopping off seat fabric (Sleeping bag (for a better sleep?), clothing, decoration, etc.) -Light beginner axe required

Anyone who is reading this feel free to add more things below:

-Contributed by spacepotato8

Easier wall building/continuation controls[edit | edit source]

When setting up the outline around my base camp, I try and have the wall "auto-align" so that it's uniform (and because when it doesn't auto-align the wall looks funky and there's gaps) but the way it's currently set up is glitched as hell and I spend more time going forward and backwards trying to trigger it than I do actually setting up my plans. Another suggestion would be to set one wall (picking where to begin) and then having the wall automatically space itself to the side so that you can quickly establish where the wall will be.

-Contributed by WeAreStevo

Building repair/breakdown/re-alignment[edit | edit source]

It would be awesome to keep an outline in place when a building is "destroyed" so that you can repair it. An example would be that I spent an hour mapping a three tier high wall around my perimeter, and then as I was building the ground level, I chopped a tree too close to the completed wall and it broke. I tried to get the wall re-aligned with the building outline, and it didn't take (with the auto-align). Ultimately I just slapped in a section and it looks weird, but whatever.

It would also be good to have an option to have the ability to destroy already built structures (through a hot-key possibly to eliminate accidentally swinging the axe and destroying something by accident). There could even be a penalty for breaking down something (say a wall only gives back 3 logs instead of the 5 required) to make it more realistic. It would also be good to keep the outline of buildings destroyed by mutant cannibals (an example would be the mutant destroying the wall) so that after rebuffing the attack you could rebuild, or choose to eliminate the outline all together with "C". This would be awesome.

-Contributed by WeAreStevo

Adjustable height stairs / staircase with attached platform[edit | edit source]

Just somewhat of a nuisance, but when I build a platform and attempt to put stairs in front of it, sometimes the angle is off and it looks weird. It would be nice if the stairs could come with a platform attached, that I could then attach a log bridge to. Adjustable staircases (amount of risers for example) would be awesome, and can maybe be done similar to the height adjustment of platforms and the log cabin.

-Contributed by WeAreStevo

Skull Breakdown to Bone[edit | edit source]

Skulls have very limited use, but I think the idea of breaking down skulls into the crafting material bone would give them a better purpose.

-Contributed by Umbrix

Cannibals[edit | edit source]

The most effective way to kill cannibals is to set up traps such as the dead fall or spike trap. Attempting to take down a cannibal often results in death, as 1-2 hits will likely kill the player.

Different types of Creepy Mutants[edit | edit source]

A greater variety of creepy mutants would be desirable.

  • Aquatic Mutant: This creature would resemble normal cannibals, but would have fused legs, no ears, fish-like eyes, wide mouths, and finger webbing. They would spend most of their time submerged under water, but could slowly drag themselves out of the water and on to beaches. These mutants would be a threat towards island bases and especially boats. Creepy armour will not be collected after these monsters are killed, but bones will. Underwater combat might need to be implemented along with these creatures as well (ex. harpoon gun).
  • Avian Mutant: This creature would be smaller with a bat-like in appearance while having some human characteristics. These mutants would only be encountered at night, emitting shrill shrieks as they fly by on membranous wings. Avians could also be encountered while roosting in large caves during the day. These creatures could attack while in flight or on the ground, using their long proboscis-like tongue to slash at the player. Creepy armour will not be collected after these monsters are killed, but bones will. Maybe the wings of these creatures could be used in hang glider construction?

NEW IDEAS: To me, i think the Aquatic Mutant and the Avian Mutant wasn't really enough for this game. So maybe the developer shall need to add even more creepy mutants! Here's my ideas:

  • Puking Mutant: This creature appears to look similar to the Cowman mutant except it lacked a head and instead was replaced with a long carved slit similar to the located in what presumably(or what's left of) it's neck and appears to be much bloated and possess almost grimy skin. This mutant follows the player around quietly and tries to stun you by literally puked a strange concoction at the top of the player's face which makes them vulnerable to any cannibal attacks. Upon being provoked, it becomes aggressive towards you as it could spew out a sudden liquid that can make your vision a little blurry. Is usually followed and herded in specific directions by cannibals who take advantage of this ability.
  • Leaping Mutant: This creature would be shorter than other mutants but larger than a normal cannibal and possess a distorted feline-like shape covered with many webbed spikes and flesh-like tentacle armor that have grown longer to be it's tail and seemed to walk in all fours each with it's multiple arthropod-like limbs and mandibles. It mainly lives in the trees and capable of jump from one tree to an other. It can also crawl over walls. It observe the player for a long time before it then performs a strike attacks from above. Upon being aggroed, they would perform multiple pounces and slash the player with it's tentacles in the fights. It can be fairly encountered in daytime but they'remain active mostly at nighttime.
  • Small Mutant: This creature seems to appear to be a composition of many fleshy human legs/arms of various sizes and lengths which all being fused together into a single being and bent to form a nine segments with "arms" on it's side that it uses to crawl around. Much like cannibals, these mutants are known to forms a small "wolf pack" of 6-8 other patrolling Small Mutants while wander around the peninsula. They are slow when they didn't spot the player but when provoked, they will simply charges and tries to bite the player. Due to it's size, it's hard to see them in tall grass or in the underground. They can also climb walls an towers. It's bite proven to inflict poison status effect on contact for a minute.

Mutant Counter[edit | edit source]

Since there's supposedly a finite amount of mutants on the island, shouldn't we have a counter that keeps track of how many were killed, similar to finding all the passengers? Maybe a few thousand and a possible endgame is hunting down and slaughtering all of them.

I'm quite curious as well, do they breed ? or just spawn...

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Contested zones[edit | edit source]

The island could be broken up into zones where a certain number of mutants reside with a 'brood mother' for each zone that must be killed to end the population/clan in that zone. As more zones are cleared, the difficulty could increase. Also maybe a map that can be found (or pieces of map) that mark the zones. This would add more depth to the game in my opinion.

-Contributed by Max

AI Changes[edit | edit source]

Everyday should get harder over time. The mutant octopuses should slowly creep out of their resting places. Overtime breeding more of them. The Cannibals should build structures near big enough bases that the player builds. If the player is too good for the cannibals and has mastered all the aspects of the game, then cannibals from different islands should appear.

Each cannibal should have a different behavior. So every cannibal you fight is not the same experience. Some will scout you out and attack every so often. Some will gather others and form a clan. Some will go to the front and siege the players walls.

Also AI should be smarter and more aggressive, performing actions such as climbing trees to jump over walls. They should be able to work as a team in more ways than just using each other as distractions.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Different types of cannibals[edit | edit source]

Variety would be nice! i see we have AI that use fire, clubs, etc. How about archer cannibals with bow and arrows. Midget cannibals with small spears! "Biters" that leap and bite you, thus infecting you, etc. "Boss" style cannibal, huge fat ugly one.

-A creature that even the mutants are afraid of. I take this directly from Alien Isolation and Slender. These games have one undefeatable creature that is omnipotent and threatening. I would love to see some experimentation with this. Honestly, I would much rather worry about one beast than the whole tribe of mutants. Maybe it could track you, smell you the longer you stayed somewhere, and be unkillable, and optionally available in vegan-mode. Also, maybe you could do something to call it and then run away and hope it would kill mutants for you.

Populated villages at all times[edit | edit source]

Cannibal Villages should not be unpopulated, quite the contrary there should always be cannibals hanging around their villages defending their turf, this will add the risk vs rewards of getting rope and other gear from the villages that you need in order to build the things you need.

Attacks on your fortification[edit | edit source]

I suggested this above in the building section. Allow the AI to attack your post. If the AI discovers your home (permanent, not temp), it will attempt to do random night raids to damage and take down your position. It is up to you to defend your post with traps and weapons! Raids can be from 1 or 2 cannibals to a full-on 5 man squad raid.

Baby Transformation[edit | edit source]

We've seen the dead babies lying on the cave floors, which makes us wonder, how do the mutants spawn/reproduce. Clearly there are males and females. My idea would be to make the babies a new threat in the cave systems. They could hang from the ceiling (think Species), being fed human flesh by "caretakers" until they bloat up like a Left 4 Dead Boomer. After a period of time or when the player draws near, the metamorphosis sacks burst and reveal a fully grown fledgling cannibal (less intelligent and easier to kill than regular, but can take you by surprise).

This provides a much needed explanation for the mutants' prolonged existence on the island, adds 3 new enemy types (the growing babies cocoons, their caretaker and the emerged adult), and adds a creepiness factor that dead space would be jealous of.


  • Babies are stuck to ceilings like a cocoon. Maybe they just act as sentries and awaken nearby mutants when disturbed;
  • Fed by "caretaker" class mutant, not a potent fighter but able to scream loudly to awaken pods and nearby mutants;
  • Cocoons rupture to release many fledgling mutants that viciously attack the player.

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Spider Mutant reproduction theory[edit | edit source]

call it a crazy theory if you will, but I noticed something on the distorted spider mutant, it appears to be the only mutant with genitalia, if you look at the front or back it looks like there is a crease or line where the vulva would be, and if you look at its underneath when it rears up to attack, there is a clear line between the front and back that looks like a huge stretched, well, vulva, like the genitals of the female body in the front and female body in the back facing the other way had their genitals fused together. Also found in the cave where the spider mutant spawns are mutated miscarriages or dead babies. The rest of the mutants have no genitals, so I just had this crazy theory, what if the spider mutant is the only one able to mate and give birth to the pale hairless naked mutants? Maybe the octopus mutant is the male somehow, it would make sense why these two types of huge mutants don't attack the other mutants or cannibals, why they live in the caves and only come out when the player becomes a presence they know about after 14 days. The mutants have to come from somewhere, and it would certainly explain the lack of genitals in the rest of the mutants. It makes the spider mutants even creepier.

-Suggested by Higbeythedemon (talk)

Player Cannibalism[edit | edit source]

Removed because suggestion has been directly denied by Endnight developers

From Endnight Q & A:

26. I was doubtful of this one, but a few people asked if you could eat the mutants as well :/

No, we're drawing the line at dismembering bodies, and building statues out of the parts and setting it on fire.

Tennis Ball Distraction/Peace Offering[edit | edit source]

Since it's pretty clear the mutants have a fondness of tennis balls, instead of just throwing them away why not make them a temporary way to distract the mutants or use them as a peace offering. Just won't Work on Hungry Ones...

Give them Varying Hunger/Hate Levels...

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

(Maybe to expand on this idea, what about getting to a point where you can possibly coexist with a tribe or village of mutants. Like after a while you can actually have a loosely allied small army. I mean loosely as in the other mutants will be more hostile towards "your mutants" and after a while without some form of contact with them, your mutants can be persuaded to be hostile again by the others.)

-Contributed by Gingerbats

I completely agree with this idea. You are alone in an island, but so are the Cannibals. It would be nice to have a risky relations with this types of NPC. Cannibals are just as well humans, thus are also able to think on other things outside the 'meat box'.

Offering Tennis balls to some, and others may prefer lizard heads to fool around. If they get hungry, throw them human or fish meat.

Ominous Society[edit | edit source]

Some of the base elements of a society are found in the culture of the mutants, like forming a tribe and religion. there should be other elements to make it more ominous, perhaps instead of hissing and yelling they attempt to threaten the player in a strange rudimentary language, which may give a sense of what the scouting party's attitude toward the player is, i.e. a stern line means to back off or an irritated tone means an impending attack. Perhaps as the map progresses toward the mountain you can begin to see more advanced civilization, small tribal villages with mutants that have specific jobs and more monumental effigies to worship, possibly even human slaves/cattle you can free. the mutants don't appear to be too stupid, perhaps they can learn to mimic the player's structures once discovered. just more to give you the impression that these aren't wild animals, but real sapient creatures that will tactfully and religiously hunt you down.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Weekly Ceremonial Night Howling and Screeching[edit | edit source]

For a few minutes, one night a week, you will hear the distant religious howling and screeching of all the remaining cannibals on the island in a widespread ceremony. (the volume of it based on an invisible Mutant Counter?)

- Contributed by SixBirch702

Young Mutants[edit | edit source]

Young mutants wondering The Forest looking to eat (they stop at ponds to eat fish and stalk rabbits). They hide in bushes when they spot the player, and when they get too close, the young mutants cry for help and flee very quickly. The scream should either spawn mutants where the player can't see or force distant mutants to come to the defense of their young. Young mutants would serve as an especially sobering threat that keeps the player on the lookout when traversing The Forest, as they are also smaller, so they player might not realize their presence.

-Contribution by Kortizhian

Terrifying Mutants[edit | edit source]

At this current point in time, Mutants are initially scary. Once you continue further, they become less and less scary. It would be better to have more variation on how they approach and interact with the player. Having them use stealth tactics such as hiding in bushes, so approaching upon the player or hopping from tree to tree silently stalking the player would be terrifying, especially if they came right up behind you, and didn't make a sound before you turn around, then screamed as loudly as they could, releasing all the others from their hiding place and beginning an attack. Another way could be having a cannibal carrying the dead corpse of one of the passengers lead a group of hungry cannibals close to the player, and waiting for the player to notice before showing the passenger to the player, dropping it to the ground and letting the 4-5 hungry cannibals feast until there is nothing but bones left. From there they could leave or decide they haven't had their fill. The possibilities for scary, frightening encounters is endless with the factor of sentient, blood-thirsty and religious cannibals. Things like this probably will come with future updates, but I feel as if The Forest has been drifting from Horror-Survival to just Survival, similar to many zombies games which have no scare factor whatsoever.

- Contributed by MorallyAmbiguousPotato

Louder, Shouting, Screaming Savages[edit | edit source]

They seem to be too quiet for savages that are insane, mutated, inbred (got to be, right?), which hunt, kill and eat people. So whenever I've come across one, they kind of shout and scream but nothing that's bone chilling, that sends a shiver down your spine, more a trig that lets you know they've seen you and combat is initiated. I want to be able to hear them screech, know that they have seen me and are coming to smash my skull in and feast on my flesh before I've even looked in their general direction or more likely ran in the opposite.

- Contributed by XI2SCOOPSIX

Combat[edit | edit source]

This section includes suggestions for improving the fights with mutants (and potentially other dangerous foes).

Adrenaline[edit | edit source]

Adrenaline triggers the body's fight-or-flight response. This reaction causes air passages to dilate to provide the muscles with the oxygen they need to either fight danger or flee. Adrenaline also triggers the blood vessels to contract to re-direct blood toward major muscle groups, including the heart and lungs. The body's ability to feel pain also decreases as a result of adrenaline, which is why you can continue running from or fighting danger even when injured. Adrenaline causes a noticeable increase in strength and performance, as well as heightened awareness, in stressful times. After the stress has subsided, adrenaline's effect can last for up to an hour.

This effect should be implemented at the beginning of combat with savages as a passive ability. Since I tend to find that they travel in packs most times, so you're faced with 3-4 of them jumping and running at you from all angles, adrenaline would definitely start pumping.

I think it would be good that you get a speed 10%, energy 15%, and health 20% boost for 30 seconds, which gives you either enough time to reduce the pack by one or two (depending on what savages you're up against) or run your ass off back home.

To make this fair so you aren't constantly getting a buff, there should be a 2-hour recharge time before this "survival instinct" can be passively triggered again.

-Contributed by XI2SCOOPSIX

Better Combat[edit | edit source]

Making the Mutants more lifelike and more responsive will help. In future these probably will happen, but I may as well put these down for note:

  • Realistic hit-points for Mutants: For the more human-looking mutants, I'd rather be able to kill them with one hit to the neck/head rather than 12. As for other parts, maybe keep the 12 hits for arms and legs, maybe 6 for the torso. Currently it feels like you're hitting the mutants with the handle of the axe while cutting you hands when fighting.

* (according to release notes in patch .04, axes will now deal more damage, but since suggestion also references limb damage I will keep it up)

  • More/Better Weapons: Currently, we only have blunt axes and molotovs for protection against mutants. I'd like to see more tribal weaponry for both sides. Such weapons like spears and shields would be a nice addition to the arsenal of weapons available. It would also be a nasty surprise to see mutants bearing these weapons too. At an extreme, a bow and arrow may be a nice addition.

* (I've verified in screen-shots and game experience that the cannibals carry weapons, in particular the leaders tend to carry a weapon that has human teeth embedded. Endnight has confirmed in a recent Q&A that the player will be able to pick up and use enemy weapons and vice-versa in a future release)

  • Less frequent attacks: Unless the mutants really are that stupid, they should know when to call it a day and leave that creature that beat the crap out of a bunch of mutants alone. It gets annoying being surveyed and attacked every minute of the day. They've obviously got better things to do.
  • War Paint: Probably a stupid suggestion, but here we go anyway. Maybe the player should be able to find a colored clay or dust that they could use as a war paint. It might increase energy, 'damage?' and movement speed. It may also cause mutants to react violently in encounters.

Just on a side note:

  • Instead of "Friendly" Mutants, how about less aggressive mutants, which could work like this: You can give them gifts, food, tools, etc. and in return that particular clan would be less likely to attack you. (They would still scout and harass you to an extent.)

*Seems fairly balanced and sensible, I will pose it as a question in the next Endnight Q&A - CouchCommandoIV

-Contributed by MorallyAmbiguousPotato

Controllable Swings[edit | edit source]

When fighting, occasionally, the player will swing down as if to open a suitcase or hit something on the ground. The downward swing takes longer, and thus, can ruin your rhythm and get you killed. This sucks because there isn't anything you can do to stop it from happening and there is no way to know when you're going to do one as opposed to a regular swing. I would suggest that rather than making that swing contextual or based on where you are looking, make it an activated swing based on a button combo (such as holding down left click, or holding shift while left-clicking or something). And I would suggest not aiming toward the ground.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Decapitation[edit | edit source]

Since people are complaining about the Mutants being so invincible and hard to kill maybe in battle you could chop an arm or two even the head or legs because no matter how strong or mutated you are even a Zombie can't live without a Brain (Destroy it with an axe strike.) Even when they're dead on the ground i honestly hate the exploding bodies.

TL;DR: You can Chop down trees so why the hell am I not able to Chop an Arm or a Leg (IN BATTLE.)

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Suggestions for items that can be eaten or used up upon interaction.

Cooked Food[edit | edit source]

There should be an option to place cooked fish/rabbits/lizards into your inventory rather than just eating on the spot. There should be a spoilage meter, of course. But it's really inconvenient to have to sit and make a fire to eat food every time, rather than just having it on the go.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Medicinal Tea[edit | edit source]

You should be able to put Plants (Coneflower, Marigold, Aloevera) into a pot of boiling water to create a medicinal tea. The tea will give the same effect of the original Plant but slightly dulled.

Contributed by Spindrover

Eggs[edit | edit source]

You know how turtles go to shore to lay their eggs in the sand and seagulls make nests on ships and buildings? I would be happy to see that as an in-game feature. Maybe you can have all egg-laying animals have eggs, but just have them all under the same name (egg), like when you take a lizard egg and a turtle egg they are all stored as "Eggs" in your inventory.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

More Effects[edit | edit source]

I'd like to see more Status effects, like eating a special kind of mushroom to go on a trip (possibly making you stronger or faster, but you can't really see much). Just adding a bit of fun stuff (not too much, or else the atmosphere gets killed).

  • Edit: Rather than have effects be something simple like strength/speed related, the implementation of magic mushrooms should first identify the difference between the more popular psychedelic mushrooms that contain psilocybin and the less popular psychoactive deliriant mushrooms that contain muscimol. Two types of mushrooms in game already serve as place-holders for being psychedelic and deliriant mushrooms - these being the Liberty Cap mushroom (Psychedelic) and the Amanita Muscaria mushroom (deliriant).

Why it is worth noting the difference in hallucinogenic properties offered by mushrooms is because this creates for us a variety of potential trips for the user. If things like fear and sanity are introduced into the game, the waking-nightmare like properties of a deliriant would severely negatively affect an individual who was no longer able to tell real from unreal, while the psychedelic psilocybin trip on the other hand may offer a more calming, peaceful spiritual trip.

Trips should be introduced on a positive/negative scale, in that there are both good and bad things offered by eating dried mushrooms, letting it become both a visually immersive element of the game (texture breathing, patterning, etc.) as well as a strategic one in which users are free to measure out assumed gain/loss when taking a dose. Doses should be inconsistent, with users being not entirely sure with how much what kind of mushroom may do to them.

The fact that the developers have included mushrooms whose real world counterparts are psychedelic and deliriant tells me they've likely already thought of all this, but suggestions like this open the floor to community feedback which allows us to generate even more ideas for the game, some of which hopefully fall within the developers' scope!

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

More Food Sources[edit | edit source]

The only real food source we have right now is Lizards, rabbits, fish, blueberries, and candy bars. There could be added more animals, and i mean bigger ones like boars. There could also be more gardening options by adding vegetables like carrots and potatoes around the map, and another good thing would be, that instead of all animals just giving you full satiation after you eat them, they might give different amounts depending on the kind of animal.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Dried Meats[edit | edit source]

As an alternative to having cooked meats stored, perhaps you could create a drying rack with 2 sticks, 6 rocks, and 2 ropes. You could put rabbit and lizard meats onto the rack and wait a few days, provided you survive that long. Once enough time has past, you will end up with collectible dried meat bits, which can act as a mobile "on the go" food source. One meat might equate to 5 dried bits, thus the food filling qualities being slightly above berries.

-Contributed by MorallyAmbiguousPotato

(Edit: The drying rack was added a long time ago and the ability to take dried meat with you was added in 0.45.)

Dandelion[edit | edit source]

Dandelion is edible in real life, and can be cooked to make a dandelion flower fritter, why can't you harvest or eat the dandelion in The Forest?

-Suggested by Higbeythedemon (talk)

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

This section will include any suggestion for how the game mechanics are implemented.

Skills[edit | edit source]

This would of course not be over the top, but it would be nice to see the player slowly get better at certain things. Here's a list of skills I'd like to see implemented:

  • Endurance - Trained by doing physical tasks of any kind. The higher this skill is, the less energy physical activity takes up. Since 95% of the time you are doing something physical, this skill would be trained very slowly.
  • Woodcutting - Trained by cutting down trees. The higher this skill is, the less swings it takes to cut down trees. This would cap out at 4-6 less swings.
  • Attack - Trained by attacking enemies/animals with axes or spears. The higher this skill is, the more amount of damage you do. This would cap out, obviously, but since I'm not too familiar with the scale of life and damage, I can't put an exact number on it. (edit) also increase speed?

- I agree with the skill idea. I would love to gain endurance (think State of Decay) and the Stealth skill. A skill tree would keep players interested, basic psychology shows that players need a rewards system to keep playing a game. Players needs to feel as though they are achieving and gaining something, thus hitting the "reward" system in the brain, all humans (players) have the "hunter & gatherer" need and this game hits that, but is missing the reward system at this time. By setting short and long term rewards in the game, you keep players coming back for more.

Along with skills, I think putting in other survivors and potentially building up a community would be a very interesting aspect. Your team could work together to eradicate the enemy, and procure equipment to build a radio, etc. in order to get saved from the island. (This would be classified as a long term reward goal) The basic bones are here and this game has great potential and could seriously be an amazing game.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Buffing the Player[edit | edit source]

The amount of time and hits needed to kill a tribesman is ludicrous. There should be a considerable amount of increased damage with axes of all kinds. It should not be impossible to kill more than 2 at a time without dying.

Also the player should gain strength by using a weapon long enough or be able to turn himself into a mutant (cannibals don't attack the player anymore, moral dilemma: become a monster to survive?)

---Well if you take on a group of them with just an axe then yeah. All you need is a Molotov or 2 and you can take a group or 2. You can also increase damage and attack speed by upgrading your weapon. I give a +1 to everything after that. Although mutants do sometimes kill each other, but great idea.

Wild life interactions[edit | edit source]

I think there should be more wildlife interactions, not the cannibals killing other animals (because... they're cannibals) but more aggressive animals trying to kill them. I have seen some large spider webs around so I'm wondering if there might be "larger" spiders on occasion attacking cannibals along with maybe bears, wolverines, wolves? Fire could be used to keep wild life out of your camp which would be nice but the danger of going into the forest would be greater. It would also explain why all these cannibals are walking around with weapons (for protection).

-Contributed by spacepotato8

Thirst[edit | edit source]

This was mentioned already, but it's seriously lacking in the game; in real life you can die of thirst faster than dying of hunger. Allow craftable (or found) canteens to store water, add a "water-meter" to show thirst level. Replenish water in ponds, lakes, and rivers. Certain grapes/berries can be foraged and crafted to create juices that can extend your thirst meter longer.

(Edit: The water skin allows you to carry water.)

First Aid / Wounded system[edit | edit source]

First aid system needs to be implemented. Allows you to take health damage (health meter) as well as physical, for example:

  • leg damage - slower walk, limping, cannot run;
  • arm damage - cannot use heavy weapons due to arm damage, cannot use axes etc., only weak spear and stick if arm is wounded;
  • head damage - blurred vision, wooziness;
  • Infections - blurred vision, weakness, big stamina drain, random faint/loss of consciousness.

IF these conditions are not treated you will eventually bleed out and or die due to ailments. Your health bar will slowly drain to zero if these conditions aren't treated. Treating the conditions will stop the health bar from hitting zero, but will not "fully heal" until you sleep it over for the next day. For ease of combat/ hard situations. Also as an option add different pill bottles to the airplane luggages that do different effects (pain pills, antibiotics, etc.). Allow the PAIN KILLER pills to act like a temporary pain killer effect to allow you a 1-2 minute relief of the ailment to give you room to flee or finish a fight. The ANTIBIOTIC pills should help you combat fevers and infections. This will create a real need to have meds on you.


  • Leg damage: create a LEG SPLINT: 3 sticks + 2 cloth + rope + 5 leaves
  • Arm damage: create an ARM SLING: 3 cloths + 5 leaves + 3 cotton (foraged)
  • Head damage: create a HEAD BANDAGE: 3 cloths + 5 leaves + 3 cotton (foraged)
  • Infections: create a HERBAL MEDICINE : (Foraged) Aloe, certain Flowers, 2 leaves and 1 cloth OR Antibiotic pills

Add the appropriate flora to the game to accommodate the first aid.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Turf System[edit | edit source]

Establish your turf by adding effigies to your fort/home. These will intimidate the cannibals from wandering too close to your home. The more effigies the more "notoriety" you establish yourself as a fearless warrior. At the same time, allow the cannibal effigies to attract cannibals to the region it's placed in. "Effigies" should be destroyable from both sides, you should be able to destroy cannibal effigies (angering them, expect a raid!) as well as the cannibals should be able to attack yours as well and diminish your turf.

Hot Keys[edit | edit source]

The ability to assign certain inventory items to hot-keys

  • Axe (same key to cycle between axes)
  • Weak Spear (or any stick/spear)
  • Rock
  • Snack Bar
  • Soda
  • +Customizable Hot-key Slots in Inventory (Drag&Drop)

Perhaps we can assign certain objects to slots on the number keys.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Max Capacity[edit | edit source]

Be able to carry more sticks, animals, etc., everything in general. The number of materials you can carry is so limited (and in some other cases, are overt). Leaves are light and so you can carry more realistically, but 1,000 or so leaves? Not even necessary. (Aware that the max number of sticks that can be carried has been expanded by 1. But... 1 stick.)

As the above stated, the ability to create a bag for stick or stones?

---put 1,000 leaves in a bag and carry it a mile -.-

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Multiple Save Files[edit | edit source]

Self-explanatory; have multiple save slots so it's possible to have a regular game and maybe a game for peaceful mode.

OFFLINE LAN inc BYO Pre-leveled Characters

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Quit to main menu[edit | edit source]

Button in menu to return to main menu instead of just quitting to windows.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Restart Button[edit | edit source]

Button in the main menu to restart from the plane crash, allowing for a quick reset after a quick death. No more quitting the game all the way or killing yourself again to restart.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Swimming Speed[edit | edit source]

The player swims at the speed of a snail. Is this intended (just as is or to make rafts, etc. to be able to move faster)? It would be nice if it could be improved either way, especially since mutants, as of right now, just run through the water.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Consistent Inventory Usage/Display[edit | edit source]

BUG 1:

  • Expected Behavior: When picking up one too many sticks or rocks, it drops one.
  • Encountered Issue: Picking up one too many lizard meat makes it cease to exist.

BUG 2:

  • Expected Behavior: 5 Rocks shown for Rocks(5)
  • Encountered Issue: Meds(8) displays as 7 containers, cloth(X) displays as one item, and raw rabbit shows as rabbit(1) three times. That's 4 different display types.
  • Suggested Fix: Displaying all items similar to cloth would probably be better manageable from both a player and designer perspective.

-Contributed by 02:46, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Difficulties[edit | edit source]

There would be the classic 3 Difficulties:

1. Easy = Cannibals are weaker and/or you are stronger, the cannibals are far less alert and aggressive. There is also an abundance of food.

2. Normal = The game as it is now.

3. Hard = Cannibals are brutal and/or you are weaker, the cannibals are more alert and constantly seek to destroy you and your home. Food is also scarce.

Or adjustable/custom difficulty settings so you can have weak, vicious cannibals while constantly starving, or having strong, timid cannibals with moderate amounts of food.

- Contributed by MorallyAmbiguousPotato

-I really like this idea. Perhaps this could be enhanced by making an adjustable world generator table (think Don't Starve) where you can adjust how many cannibals spawn and what types could spawn during attacks, adjust the amount of certain animals types spawning in select areas, increase or decrease enemy health, stamina and damage given or taken. Maybe adjust the rate at which berries grow or how fast trees regenerate. Just a little something to spark interest.

Rope attachment/placement[edit | edit source]

It would be cool to have either a grappling hook or anchor for ropes that can be placed in rocks so we can scale up and down sea cliffs/cliff-sides. It would make for a good escape (if you build on a cliff) and would be a good trade off for the current method of getting up cliffs, which is jumping at them repeatedly until you reach the top. Also, being able to fasten ropes to the raised platforms so we can climb up them like the tree platforms would be amazing.

-Contributed by WeAreStevo

Player Interactions[edit | edit source]

One of the most interesting aspects of this game is that in order to do something, you actually perform all the steps. Cooking a rabbit on the fire isn't instant, you get to watch the thing brown until it's ready. I would want a plethora of these introduced to the game to increase immersion (without being unnecessarily tedious).

Fire Interactions[edit | edit source]

Would be cool to be able to burn more than leafs. E.g.: plastic bottles, sticks, feathers.

EDIT: Well that wouldn't be a great idea since you know... People LOVE to burn stuffs in games.

EDIT: Or even burn this damned forest. That would be awesome !

EDIT: More combustible environment: I'd like to be able to burn down more things. Burning down the forest to clear lands or scare intruders, and burning down mutant camps to show who's boss would be a real addition to the game.

EDIT: Some men just want to watch the world burn.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Water Interactions[edit | edit source]

It's odd that water's use is so limited in this game. Yes, it washes off blood, but it doesn't douse fire. There is currently (NOT ANY MORE) a bug involving Molotov cocktails: if you switch from them to another item, the one you're holding explodes in your face and you catch fire (not sure if it's an equipment change bug or a disagreement between the number you can craft and carry, but annoying nonetheless). Can't run to the water to put it out because it does nothing. I would like for water to serve a purpose. I suggested the incorporation of buckets in the Tools section, and would like to be able to carry water to use for various things. Things like:

  • extinguishing fires at will
  • wound treatment—can regain health without having to rely on food and meds (cloth could also double as bandages)
  • making mud—can be used on the ground to make mud puddles (certain areas only, like the ground surrounding bodies of water)

There are probably more potential uses but those are the main ones.

-Contributed by cornwallismorgan87

Misc. Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Melting Candy Bar in Fire-pit to make Chocolate
  • Rock impacted by Bomb to make Small Rocks
  • Soda/Booze drank by Player to make Empty Can (noted elsewhere in wiki)
  • Empty Pack (collection of 4 Empty Cans) filled with water to make Water Pack
  • Lizard Skin tanned on rack to make Lizard Leather for armor
  • Portable Pouch (made from leather) filled with Tree Resin at a tree to make Resin Pouch

-Contribution by UNKNOWN please cite

Movements[edit | edit source]

The whole environment is full of dynamic elements and vivid landscapes it would be very cool if we could:

  • Crawl my way behind the mutants.
  • Climb a tree to avoid the patrols...
  • Crawl under my platform to hide (since they can see through defensive walls).
  • Squint to look closer.
  • Block the sun with our hands.

-Contribution by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Tool Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hand Saw Interactions

  • Cutting a Log into Wooden Planks/Boards
  • Cutting a Wooden Plank/Board into smaller Wooden Planks/Boards
  • Cutting a Turtle Shell into smaller Shell Plates for placement on armor

Grindstone Interactions

  • Shaping Small Rock into Smooth Stone
  • Shaping Rock into Smooth Rock
  • Shaping Coin into Flat Coin
  • Shaping Flat Coin into Arrowhead

Smelting Interactions

  • Melting down Coins into Gold/Bronze Ingots
  • Melting down Scrap Metal into Metal Ingots
  • Shaping Metal Ingots into Metal Blade
  • Shaping Metal Ingots into Metal Spearhead
  • Shaping Metal Ingots into Metal Arrowhead (x3)
  • Using Metal Ingot to temper Axes
  • Using Metal Ingots to make better/more Traps
  • Using Metal Spearhead to make a Strong Spear (Would make sense, since the only spear in the game is called "Weak spear", it would be a good variant)
  • Using Metal Ingot to create a Fishing Hook (x5)
  • Using Metal Ingot to create Metal Bullets (for sling) (x2)

Crafting Bench Interactions

  • Combining a Stone Axe and Teeth to make a Crude Mace
  • Combining Metal Ball and Stick to make a Fine Mace
  • Combining Stick and Rope to make a Crude Fishing Pole
  • Combining Stick, String (Possibly found from a spider-like mutant), and Fishing Hook to create a Fine Fishing Pole
  • Combining Crude Fishing Pole/Fine Fishing Pole and Raw Rabbit/Lizard/Fish to create Baited Fine/Crude Fishing Pole
  • Combining Stick, Metal Arrowhead, and Feather to create arrow
  • Combining Stick and String to create Bow
  • Combining Two Sticks and Two String and Cannibal Tooth to make Crossbow (bolts for crossbow made by with arrow with arrowhead only)
  • Combining Stick and Metal Spearhead to create Strong Spear
  • Combining Stick and Metal Blade to create Knife
  • Combining Bomb, Flare, and Cloth to create a Large Bomb
  • Combining Flare, Booze, and Cloth to create Small Bomb

Knife Interactions

  • Assassinating unaware Cannibal from behind (or 1 hit death)
  • Shaping Stick into a Sharp Stick
  • Peeling Stick into Raw Fiber
  • Shaping Feathers into Cropped Feathers
  • Shaping Lizard Leather into Sling Pouch

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV and UNKNOWN (please cite)

Shouting[edit | edit source]

I thought it would be cool if there was a bound key for shouting, so if a group of mutants gets too close or tries to attack you, you can shout at them to scare them off. Similarly, if another hostile was added that wasn't a cannibal, such as tigers, you could shout at them to keep them away.

  • Intimidation: I believe mutants can already do this, but I'd like to see it advance further. It'd be nice to yell a war-cry at the mutants as you charge at them. This could initiate combat for more violent mutants and scare beaten or more cowardly mutants away. If shields were implemented, it'd be nice to be able to bash your weapon against the shield to challenge or dare the mutants to attack.
  • Pacify: Maybe not very effective on mutants, but able to calm down survivors suffering from trauma or stress. May be able to continually discourage single cannibals from fighting at all.

-Contributions by UNKNOWN and CouchCommandoIV (please cite)

Voice Acting/Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Have the main character talk in reaction to events.
  • Coming off the plane and when waking in the cave he could initially shout for Timmy.
  • If he were crouching he would either whisper or not talk at all.
  • When seeing the passengers mutilated for the first few times, he could react with fear and disgust and comment on them uniquely.
  • When first meeting the mutants he could attempt to communicate with a questioning "Hello?".
  • When he gets covered in blood he could mutter "Disgusting...".
  • When chopping trees later into the game he could whistle.

There's so much potential. Especially if other living survivors are added to interact with.

-Contribution by 21:58, 1 July 2014 (UTC)

Melee Weapons (New)[edit | edit source]

Chainsaw[edit | edit source]

Iconic to horror (although technically it is a tool, its efficiency to cut trees falls short of its limited duration to run and use), the chainsaw should be quite damaging to foes. However, it comes with major penalties.

  • Fuel

From limited to none on the island.

  • Noise

Much like the firearms idea below, it helps to kill enemies but everything is going to hear it and be drawn to it.

Reasoning: It seems like a weapon of desperation rather than general encounters, such as when your base is under attack by unrelenting numbers and even then...

-Contribution by Steam user Logitech

Dagger[edit | edit source]

Last night I had a dream... A dream about what could be added in the next update! I was thinking since i constantly get caught off guard while repairing my house in hard-mode, and i couldn't change my weapon in time or take meds... why not have a dagger that i can quickly use just to buy me enough time to switch to my god damn katana. But then i thought "Where on earth would you find a refined dagger in a island inhabited by cannibals?", then it hit me. You know how in that one cave when you're going up the rope you see a dead excavator hanging? Why not put the dagger in his hand to make it seem like he did not just give up and let himself die. This weapon can be either held for long periods OR you can press a button to quickly slice a cannibal with it. Also one more thing for the developers. VISIBLE CANNIBAL CUTS AND BRUISES WHEN ATTACKED! I don't know, for me it's not satisfying slicing a cannibal and seeing blood appear out of nowhere, it's like the katana and axes GENERATE blood.

- Contribution by Westdelamare

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

A good survival game gives you tools to eliminate your foes; in The Forest you will want to be able to eliminate those foes before they come close enough to be a threat.

Build Your Own Cross-hairs (Bow)[edit | edit source]

It would make aiming a lot easier/better since it's hard to get an idea of where your arrows will hit.

Range Indicator[edit | edit source]

Like a cross-hairs, would make it easier to tell how far a shot will reach.

(Crude) Crossbow[edit | edit source]

If you can make a bow you can make a crossbow, has better accuracy, range and greater damage but takes a little longer to reload. (crafting knife (Tools section) creates better (improved) crossbow with better stats, e.g. 3-5% boost in stats)

(Crude) Longbow[edit | edit source]

Gives greater damage and range than bow; accuracy decreases with distance but not as much as standard bow (crafting knife (Tools section) creates better (improved) longbow with better stats, e.g. 3-5% boost in stats)

- Contributed by XI2SCOOPS

Tennis Racket[edit | edit source]

We have tennis balls, but not tennis rackets! It would be a cool way to hit a tennis ball towards a Mutant or distract them better. It could also be used as a weapon or maybe you craft combine a stick and tennis racket there could be a stick, sticking out of the front.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Firearms[edit | edit source]

Perhaps it would be good to find firearms in the game? It would be extremely rare to find one and ammunition would be very limited, used only as a last resort. You might find them in caves, boats, or in camps, sometimes along with the ammo.

  • Double Barrel shotgun
  • .38 special revolver
  • single shotgun
  • Springfield(hunting rifle)

Addition: as i was thinking of this scrolling down, perhaps a deserted hunter camp or military base ??

anon; edit: isn't this island supposed to be uninhabited? If so then it would have to be another plane crash that had to bring down such things.

Maybe you could find keys on some of the passengers to unlock some of the above containers in the plane to find better clothes (maybe jackets or rain coats), maybe you'll acquire broken gun parts and you can craft the gun back together (with an unknown, very low chance of it blowing up in your face, because it's a broken gun). Most likely if they do add guns & ammo you'll be able to find spare ammo and craft some form of usable Bang-stick from shotgun shells or pistol rounds.

Tennis Ball Bombs[edit | edit source]

A craftable on-contact explosive device made by combining a tennis ball with a box of matches. Simple, effective, "realistic", and provides a use for all the tennis balls lying around.

*(While technically an explosive, it would be more descriptive to list this as an incendiary projectile. Most people see "explosive" and think of bombs. Love the idea though, gives me an impression of Mario Tennis)

Tennis Ball Bomb:

  • Tennis Ball
  • Box of Matches

-Contributed by Lamb

Different Arrow Types[edit | edit source]

Should include various ammos to deal with different situations in the forest

Wooden Arrow: Minimal damage and cost. Excellent distance but poor accuracy.

  • Sharp Stick (Shape Stick with Knife)
  • Cropped Feathers (Shape Feathers with Knife)

Tennis Arrow: Zero damage. Poor distance and accuracy. Useful way to distract mutants without provocation.

  • Wooden Arrow
  • Tennis Ball

Fire Arrow: Massive damage against cannibals. Poor distance and accuracy. Can also light fires.

  • Wooden Arrow
  • Cloth

Metal Arrow: High damage with both good distance and accuracy. Can pin a cannibal to a nearby tree for a time.

  • Wooden Arrow
  • Arrowhead (Shape Flat coin with Grindstone or from obsidian you obtain from deep within the mountain when that area opens.)

Rope Arrow: High damage with fair distance and accuracy. Can implant into wood and leaves a rope the player can climb.

  • Metal Arrow
  • Rope

Explosive Arrow: Arrow that sticks into a target and detonates (can be cooked to detonate earlier), destroying the target as well as nearby units (including player). Able to kill any current mutant. Poor distance, but good accuracy.

  • Metal Arrow
  • Bomb

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Obsidian arrow: Sharpest arrow craftable. Should be recoverable if you find it. Can take down bigger game and of course do more damage to cannibals. Would be cool if the only source in the game to get it would be at the mountains (when that area opens.)

Rope Arrow: This could create rope bridges to go from tree house to tree house or other areas over deep gulches.

-Contributed by Toksai

Slings and Sling-sticks[edit | edit source]

Ancient ranged weaponry that throws stones. Piece of cloth and a stick + rock - that's all you need to crush the skulls of the foes from about a 6–12 meters distance.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Hand Sling: Reading wiki information and source articles indicates that slings were primarily made from Leather attached to a long flax or hemp braid. Thus,

  • Sling Pouch (Lizard Leather cropped with Knife)
  • Bound Braid ((x) Raw Fiber braided with Sharp Stick)

And while you could use any rock or stone lying around, the large Rock that the game provides currently would be unsuitable as ammunition. Would need to include smaller rocks as well as the ability to polish them into smooth stones for optimal trajectory.

A sling could also be used to lob Bombs or other related explosives over a large distance with accuracy.

Sling-sticks would be similar but would require a balanced (this part is very important) wooden staff. Though I don't see any issues adding staves as a weapon type, who doesn't want to go Gandalf on some mutant cannibals?

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Tomahawks and Javelins[edit | edit source]

What tribal game would be complete without these staples? Turn one of your dozen stone axes into a throwing weapon with considerable stopping power. The ability to throw a Javelin "through" a single/multiple cannibals might be interesting to see as well.

Tomahawk: Similar to the construction of the Stone Axe, the Tomahawk is made with only one addition, Cropped Feathers. More for in-game recognition than practical functionality, this item would allow the player to make a simple ranged weapon, with limited range and moderate accuracy.

  • Stick
  • Small Rock
  • Cropped Feathers (Shape Feather with Knife)

Javelin: Made from a spear, this thrown weapon has moderate range and accuracy. Could also have the potential to pin struck targets to the ground.

  • Spear
  • Cropped Feathers (Shape Feather with Knife)

Metal Javelin:

  • Javelin
  • (x) Flat Coins (Shape Coin with Grindstone)

Explosive Javelin

  • Metal Javelin
  • Bomb

Compiled List[edit | edit source]

Including items mentioned in other sections, suggested ranged weapons include, but would not be limited to...

Existing Items:

  • Molotov
  • Bomb
  • Flare Gun
  • Tennis Balls

Suggested Items:

  • Portable Flamethrower
  • Firebomb
  • Sling
  • Sling-stick
  • Bow and Arrow (was added)
  • Tomahawk
  • Javelin

Poison shots and Flame shots[edit | edit source]

Adding flame/poison shots would render the bow a more tactical weapon, rather than just for ranged attacks.

The player performs a bash attack when they right-click with a bow. Similar to the axe, the bow can bash forward (when pointed forward) and downward (when pointed downward). The downward animation should look like the player jabbing the arrow into the ground.

Poison arrows deliver mushroom poison to the enemy it strikes. The player uses the downward bash attack on a poisonous mushroom, depleting the mushroom and making the players' next shot immobilize the target. If the bow is un-equipped, the effect wears off.

Flame arrows apply the same effect as a molotov cocktail flame, but only affect one enemy. The players uses the downward bash on a flame, (molotov flames, campfires, effigies) If the bow is un-equipped, the player is set on fire.

-Contributed by Kortizhian

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Adding more stealth or ambush options, I'm not saying to go fully Assassin's Creed where you are just gonna come from above stabbing them with a spear or something. Maybe just so you don't have to face them all in direct combat all the time, like adding traps that can hit more at once or a player activated traps, or maybe being able to do silent kills or such.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Camp Camouflage[edit | edit source]

The player should be able to camouflage their camp in some sort of way, like maybe make a camo netting to cover the camp with or have camo netting that can hang from tree to tree over your base. Thus allowing your camp to remain undetected until the mutant(s) get close or see light/movement.

-Contributed by Deluxe 42

Detection[edit | edit source]

The player should be able to do like a backstab sort of attack (AKA taking the mutant(s) by surprise and dealing more damage). It's also unrealistic that no matter how stealthily you approach a mutant, they will be able to detect you, even if you come from behind. Please fix this; even if the mutants are intelligent and have improved senses (sight, hearing, smell), the player should have the ability to sneak up on them. Or at least, there could be other features implemented (like scent cover, and I know that more camouflage inducing items/clothing will be available in the future).

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Smoke bombs[edit | edit source]

Slightly poisonous smoke which conceals movement and causes enemies to run or choke up effectively lowering their defense. Cloth + Tar + Plastic from the baggage of the passengers.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Stealth Tarps[edit | edit source]

Several cloths, leaves, and tree sap is combined to create a camouflaging tarp that, when used, forces the player to get on their stomach and blanket their body in the tarp. The player remains undetected until a Cannibal steps on them. The tarp could also be activated by holding a key instead.

-Contributed by Kortizhian

Survivors[edit | edit source]

Could add some sort of survivor that the player can interact with. E.g. the survivor could help the player in fighting. Possibly add a function that lets the player change the survivor's job. Maybe stay and defend the base while the player explores or to follow the player helping in fighting in circumstances of meeting mutants.

The Survivor could be located within one of the currently abandoned camps with tents. And the player will have to explore to find these camps in order to have the survivor as some sort of companion.

  • It would be fantastic if when you find other survivors if you could influence them to join you, eventually getting multiple people with you to fight/defend you. Semi like the book "Lord of the Flies", how they have a little group against the rest of the savage kids.
  • even being able to make a small fortress to survive like they have in the TV show "The 100", they are in a jungle surrounded by Savage people which have experience fighting in this landscape, also having the ability to use trees and make huts in the ground.
  • If looking at it like that I would love to be able to influence other survivors to join me build a small fortress and just survive.

-Contributed by EthanJY (Ethan Young)

Or maybe not making the classical "one-man-army" just like other surviving game types by making a real army follow the player but maybe include a sort of event that occurs uncommonly and randomly: a new air plane crash that can bring a new survivor to the island, they settle on it without the help of the player if there is no encounter. The said survivor will be able to be recruited for helping the player through multiple tasks (a "friendly meter"?) but this survivor must not be overpowered but just with player-like stats; or even less, to be fair toward the game-play. So it's up to the player to choose the equipment given to this NPC (if the NPC wants it (he's not a slave of the player) or has a lesser equipment.)

-Contributed by ClowRid

Hostages and Demonstrations[edit | edit source]

I think it would be interesting to see mutant camps with live humans being kept prisoner. They could be used in several circumstances, like a sacrificial ritual or as hostages to keep the player from attacking the camp, or if the player builds too many effigies or kills too many mutants some prisoners will be brought to you to be slaughtered in front of you.

It would also be cool if the player could capture and imprison mutants, either as hostages or as a way to trade for the human captives. The mutants could attempt stealth operations to reclaim their friend(s) which don't involve killing the player. Certain traps could be used by the mutants to capture the player alive, who would be stripped of his equipment and forced to attempt a challenging escape or wait to see what the mutants would do with him.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (Please cite)

Tools[edit | edit source]

Listed suggestions for a variety of crafting and construction equipment.

Portable[edit | edit source]

All items in this section are able to be carried by the player in their inventory.

Hunting Knife[edit | edit source]

Either start with this in inventory or find in suitcase.

Allows for additional resources to be gathered from harvesting, examples skinning with hunting knife would provide 2 skins instead of 1 or gather more leaves and berries.

Speed of gather is slightly faster by 10%.

Can gather new resources like fiber (allows for better bow and crossbow).

Can be used as weapon.

Crafting Knife[edit | edit source]

Either start with this in inventory or find in suitcase.

Allows the ability to craft better bows and arrows, crossbow, swords, axes, maces, all of which deal additional damage compared to the earlier crude versions.

Also allows for wood armor to be created, shoulder, knee, elbow pads etc. which can be reinforced with lizard skin to produce additional damage resistance and/or with deer hide for warmth.

Can be used to craft additional furniture, less crude, more designs, possible buff when used. Example: crafted bed will provide slight buff of 2-5% boost in energy from good nights sleep.

-Contributed by XI2SCOOPSIX

Handsaws[edit | edit source]


  • 1 Saw Blade ((x) Flat Coins and Stick)
  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Cloth

-Makes (x) Wooden Planks from 1 Log

-Makes (x) Small Wooden Planks from 1 Wooden Plank

-Makes (x) Shell Plates from 1 Turtle Shell

Why not use the wreck of the plane? You could put the steel and aluminum to good use. Just fold some aluminum 3 to 4 times and beat one side with a stone until it's sharp. If you would have to build such thing in real life you would have to make the saw-teeth by making dents in the blade and flatten them out again ... also you could make use of the cables in the plane: pull out a few meters, weave them together, put a wooden handle on each side, and you have a rope-saw that is much easier to craft.

Edit by UNKNOWN (please cite)

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Shovels[edit | edit source]


It's always fun to build homes and things, but what about being underground, like in the cannibal caves (Edit: I believe this is intentional, Endnight has clarified that they do not want the players to be able to build in caves). As well, it would be cool to dig trenches to hide from them.

  • 1 Stick
  • (x) Raw Fiber (Use Knife on Stick)
  • 1 Stone Shovel Head (Use Grindstone on Rock)


  • Can dig (x) feet/meters into the ground
  • Potentially uncover ores or other rare materials
  • Create areas for planting

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Buckets[edit | edit source]

I mentioned in the Interactions section that I would like to be able to use buckets, which can be found in a certain area of the underground cave (the room with dead babies). One purpose of buckets could be to carry materials that ordinarily can't be carried, like sand, mud, and water.

  • Sand: Beach sand may very well be useless, but maybe it can be used to make fires flash to ward off cannibals, or thrown in their face to get them away from you.
  • Mud: It would be cool to carry mud with you instead of having to locate mud puddles every time you want to camouflage. Obviously, you would need to refill the bucket, but it would be nice to have handy camouflage.
  • Water: For me personally, campfires attract cannibals. It would be nice to be able to carry water to extinguish fires.
  • Storage: Small stones, tennis balls, flowers, berries, etc.

-Contributed by cornwallismorgan87

Empty Pack[edit | edit source]

Empty Pack:

  • 4 Empty Cans (Player drinks can of soda or booze)
  • 4 Flat Coins (Use Grindstone on Coin)
  • (x) Raw Fiber (Use Knife on Stick)


  • Can be filled with Water, converting into a Water Pack to use for restoring fatigue and dehydration. Also useful for adding to build recipes.
  • Can be filled with Blood, converting into a Blood Pack to use for distraction or painting. Also useful for adding to effigy recipes.

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Pouches[edit | edit source]

Portable Pouch:

  • (x) Lizard Leather (Tan Lizard Skin on rack)
  • 1 Cloth


  • Can be filled with Pine Resin to use for creating traps. Also useful for a variety of build recipes.
  • Can be filled with Smooth Stones to use for fast access to Sling ammo.
  • Variety of other uses (Other users should feel free to add more characteristics here)

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Rope[edit | edit source]

Hand-made Rope:

  • (x) Raw Fiber (Use Knife on Stick)
  • Resin Pouch (Portable Pouch filled with Pine Resin)


  • Used for a variety of traps.
  • Can be placed in the open, allowing the Player to climb.
  • Used for build recipes

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Raw Fiber from beating Nettles and Brambles, with a rock equipped, against a boulder or wooden workbench.

- SixBirch702

Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

A pickaxe would be a great find within the caves, perhaps randomly placed and guarded by lots of mutants. The game already has the props: hardhats with lamps and miner-like people crushed within the caves. The player could swing the pickaxe at boulders or cave walls and make rocks.

- PlNG CF (talk) 04:12, 10 October 2014 (UTC)

Compass[edit | edit source]

Have a compass that can be acquired from plane, cave, passengers, or be able to craft your own.

Stationary[edit | edit source]

The tools listed below cannot be carried by the player or moved to another location.

Work Benches[edit | edit source]

  • Saw Bench
  • As part of making our fortresses, give us Harpoon Launchers or similar...
  • By Collecting Rare Alien Parts, Player Can Put Together a Light Saber (Block Lighter use, since we have both hands on the handle + Small but Decent LED GLOW from the LS at Night etc., enough not to run right into cannibals..)

-Contributed by CouchCommando and UNKNOWN (please cite)

Grindstones[edit | edit source]

Stone Grindstone:

  • 1 Smooth Rock
  • (x) Rocks
  • (x) Sticks
  • (x) Raw Fiber (Use Knife on Stick)
  • (x) Wooden Planks


  • Can convert Small Rock into Smooth Stone
  • Can convert Rock into Smooth Rock
  • Can convert Coin into Flat Coin
  • Can convert Flat Coin into Arrowhead
  • Variety of other uses (Other users should feel free to add more characteristics here)

Ovens[edit | edit source]

Stone Oven:

  • Baking Oven ((x) Smooth Stones, (x) Resin Pouches, (x) Water Packs)
  • Baking Furnace ((x) Rocks, (x) Smooth Stones, (x) Logs, (x) Sticks)
  • (x) Logs


  • Converts Mound of Clay into 1 Large Clay Brick
  • Converts Mound of Clay into (x) Small Clay Bricks
  • Acts as a permanent fire-pit, able to cook food

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Smelters[edit | edit source]

Smelter (here's where it all comes together)

  • Smelting Oven ((x) Large Clay Bricks, (x) Small Clay Bricks, (x) Resin Pouches, (x) Water Packs)
  • Smelting Furnace ((x) Large Clay Bricks, (x) Small Clay Bricks, (x) Logs, (x) Wooden Planks)
  • (x) Wooden Planks (Use Hand Saw on Log)


  • Could melt Scrap Metal into Scrap Ingots
  • Could melt (x) Coins into Gold/Bronze Ingots
  • Able to extract useful metals from Ores
  • Variety of other uses (Other users should feel free to add more characteristics here)

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

Sun dial[edit | edit source]

Could be something simple like a stick with 4 rocks marking out the time of day, or a bit more advanced using more stones.

Good to know how long you will have before it gets dark (before deciding to go out and forage)

Ores, Mining & Advanced Crafting[edit | edit source]

The ability to craft a pickaxe from stone and sticks that is able to collect ores such as iron, sulfur, copper, silver, gold, etc.

In order to craft advanced weapons & tools such as simple iron swords, pickaxes and later on, advanced iron swords, simple steel swords, advanced steel swords, steel pickaxes, armor parts etc.

Furthermore, I believe the criteria to determine the quality and level of weapons, tools and etc., should be a level up system with a character progression tree allowing you to unlock the knowledge of making them.

Also being able to make other stuff like nails to act as parts to bigger crafting items. Creation of knives, gold to fool the enemy, etc. I leave the rest to developers in hope this adds to the game. I would love it taking survival to another level, oh and enemies will have weapons of this kind too like stone swords and other weapons.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

-Please note that this is a REALISTIC SURVIVAL game - you need to incorporate the fact that you have just crashed on a remote island, with nothing more than booze and an axe - If I dropped you on an island, could you forge advanced mining equipment, and smith the ores into various tools? It just seems a little unrealistic to me.

I suggest placing iron ore deep within the mountain (when that area opens.) It would be dangerous to get to, but would give players incentive and allow crafting more advanced tools and weapons.


  • iron tipped arrows. These could be retrievable (if you can find them)
  • iron spear tips that make your spear far more deadly. Also the ability to throw the spears.
  • Iron knife. Skinning animals to make leather, drilling holes in trees for syrup, basic weapon that is light-weight and increases attack speed.
  • Deadlier traps/defenses. Add iron to existing traps that utilize wooden spikes increasing the damage. New traps like spike pits, swinging traps, etc. New walls that utilize metal spikes on the top.
  • Iron Armour. (simple breast plate but would slow you down)
  • Create higher strength steel by adding carbon.
  • Nails (build advanced buildings, crossbow, chairs, boats, etc.)

If iron ore is too complex to put in the game then the mountain could be the only source of obsidian for arrows and spears. Utilizing many of the same things listed for iron. Obsidian was used by Native Americans to great affect and in truth it's sharper than steel.

-Contributed by Toksai

rage mode[edit | edit source]

Rarely, after an amount of days (10 days?) your person can get angry an kill all mutants in the area and he is out of your control, on the edge of your screen is red and maybe some veins too. You would of course take less damage and use less energy because your beloved character is going mad without your control.

-contributed by customman987

EDIT - Historically, character modes that are labeled as frenzies, enrages, or berserks, lower the defense of the character that uses it. This is because during a bloodlust period you lose sight of your humanity and neglect to defend yourself, as you feel invincible. Just a thought...

-Contributed by Broken

EDIT - This sounds like an edgy 10 year old's attempt at development. This would not work at all.

Rabbit Skin and Berry Storage[edit | edit source]

Be able to use the rabbit skin as some sort of leather to make bags to extend inventory space or be able to store berries for later consumption. Maybe even be able to pick poisonous berries and coat your weapons in them.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Uh, the extended inventory has yet to be added, but there is an item you can make using either deer or rabbit skin (can't remember which) to allow you to pick both poisonous and non-poisonous berries to make paint, and for later consumption if you so choose to.

Utility[edit | edit source]

In the forest wilderness, you will need tools that are meant for more than mutant slaying, below are listed some suggestions for tools and devices that would serve the survivor well in their journey.

Camera[edit | edit source]

(You added a pedometer, so why not this?)

A Camera would be used for multiple reasons.

  • One, by right clicking you could put the camera up to your face, and left click to take a screen-shot, or perhaps key-bind it to make it less of a hassle. While in this "Camera Mode" you can scroll the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out, but the zoom would only go so far, as to not make it overpowered.
  • By left clicking while out of camera mode, you emit a flash of light that can scare away/temporarily stun mutants. This would be logical, as they've never had experiences with this type of light flashing in their face before. However this would only work in the night, as in the daytime, the small flash would merely intrigue them, or even provoke them into attacking you. Note that the camera flash would start to agitate the mutants after being flashed a couple of times.
  • The camera would also have a somewhat long battery life, about 75% full battery of a regular Canon camera. This camera could also have night vision, which would be extremely effective. However, this night vision would drain battery life 2 times as much.
  • The camera would be found in the back of the plane, and when its battery life goes out, new cameras can be found. They would be as rare/slightly rarer than flashlights, and could be found in caves/suitcases. However, the ones found outside of the plane would have less battery life.
  • This isn't by the same guy but it is a suggestion to this, a good idea since this is pretty OP is that only players who have made it about 5-10 day will be able to get it

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Booze and Soda Bottles[edit | edit source]

It would be practical if I could still use the bottles from my Booze and Soda after drinking them, for things like collecting water or throwing. For example, a thrown glass bottle(from booze) would have the same (but more painful) effect as a tennis ball and then break, depending on where it falls, while a plastic one (from soda) would still be usable. But most of all, I would like to see a thirst meter and the ability to store water in bottles.

A Bag of Empty Plastic Bottles isn't heavy but make the player stand out when running around with an excessive amount...

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Map drawing[edit | edit source]

Maybe on the back/end of the survival guide and as the player explore he can stop from time to time to update his map.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Mirror[edit | edit source]

You should be able to find a mirror in the suit case. The mirror could be used for many things. Used to make better lights, used to make fires and used to look around corners which could be handy if you want to look around the corner of a wall to see if Cannibals are there and if so how many Cannibals are there etc.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Limited Fuel[edit | edit source]

Riddle me this.. do you non-smokers carry around lighters?

No? so if this guy is a smoker how can we be sure his lighter will last forever? there needs to be alternate means for late game experiences

Corn Growing -> Ethanol Production... = Starts Making E100 Fuel, next Step = Wooden Engineering Degree...

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Parrots[edit | edit source]

Why not add a parrot that can speak a little bit like "Help" or "Not my child" to add to the horror factor? It could additionally get the attention of cannibals luring them in the general direction of the parrot (luring them away or to the player depending on the location) it could also drop feathers to build effigies that lure the cannibals in the effigy direction by making them curious. The feathers could also be used in decorative items. (The Original author of this Suggestions titled it as Diversity but it's about Parrots so I changed the title.)

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Assistant bird[edit | edit source]

I've always loved the little bird that you can call since it's a cute and heartwarming thing on a ruthless island, i was wondering if it was possible for the bird to assist the player in a certain way for example: I'm chopping a tree and i hear some leaves rustling i look around and i see nothing so i call my little birdie who instantly starts fleeing north.... this would be a clue that there is a cannibal hiding south, not really OP since it doesn't give you a direct location but the bird is then more than just decoration, also maybe add an option to "choose your bird" from different species, and for how long the bird will hang around after you call it. Some more bird interactions to give the player SOME guidance and/or something to play with would be nice,

(Solar powered) phone[edit | edit source]

Would be cool if the player started off with a solar powered phone or at least with a normal one, which he could use for light and looking around corners (video camera) and maybe to lure mutants (sound).

You could add a little wind turbine to create a power source and rechargeable batteries which you can recharge from the energy that's stored. You could use them for torches which loses power and when you have power you can move on to more advanced items such as electrical lights and TVs just for decoration, cannibals could cut down the power and etc. There might be black outs across your base if you have no additional light source such as fires, you're left in the dark at night with cannibals running around and you have to go out there to reboot the power.

In Gilligan's Island they Got POWER using POTATOES and ALSO SETUP A PUSHBIKE GENERATOR... An Homage to that would be nice...

Tiny Capuchin Monkey Pal that could get Eaten in one of the Sad Multiple Endings...

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Uncategorized Suggestions[edit | edit source]

The suggestions in this section have not been assigned to any specific category.

Air Marshal[edit | edit source]

Most airlines include an armed air marshal on flights, so why should this game be different? An incentive to exploring the mutant infested caves is to find the one pistol in the game with very limited (about nine) shots that deals a lot of damage and scares the enemy into running away. However, such an oddity would be very deep in the mutants caves.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

One thing to note is that air marshals do not use live rounds.

They most typically use rubber bullets, mace, and stun guns. All of which would have a variety of uses in The Forest. The point is that Endnight (developers) have already made it clear that no matter how "scarce" it could be, they do not want to include firearms.

An air marshal with a rubber bullet gun, or a Taser (omg yes) would be more realistic and practical given the area you will be exploring.

Edit by CouchCommandoIV

  • "high velocity bullet were to hit the side of the plane"... Alien Resurrection. That is film. Check Mythbusters that did it for a live/reality test.

- 02:27, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Caves[edit | edit source]

There should be a lot more incentive to explore the caves. Initial explorations are either from the first respawn, or out of curiosity but most supplies can be found outside or done without meaning there isn't too much incentive to face fears by venturing into a pitch black cave full of mutants and the super mutants.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Endgame?[edit | edit source]

A possible endgame perhaps that might involve an extended duration of gameplay and gathering of particular materials or sequence of events required to be rescued? Even more fun if this path of gameplay does NOT guarantee a rescue, for e.g. crafting a life raft and such castaway style might require a lot of preparation resource gathering, and such but does not necessarily guarantee a rescue unless there is some sort of extraneous human contact (passing ship, plane, etc.), requiring the player to try again, adding to the longevity of the game.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

  • Bah. A better end game is having to build something to leave the island, then finding out the child in the intro is required, so now you have to find the child's last token and leave with the child. 15:04, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Several Ideas:

  • It would be cool to have multiple possible "endings" like A) player killed too many cannibals, finds Timmy is dead in retaliation, player needs to escape by themselves B) Player used mostly stealth and running from cannibals, Timmy is alive and together can build a raft needing a large amount of supplies from caves to escape C) find equipment to construct a distress beacon, but no way to signal about the cannibals, and the rescue team gets wiped out by cannibals D) player goes crazy and joins the cannibals E) Some of the other passengers are alive and if you can save enough of them they will help out with your village and you all start a new life on the island.
  • It would be cool if there were small islands you could raft to, and there were special cave systems/villages on those islands needing equipment from other areas of the island (rebreather, climbing axe) to reach endgame items.
  • Please make a dive mask so we can see clearly underwater. Could make extensive underwater caves with endgame items.

-Contributed by Tachyon34

Craftable axe or a knife[edit | edit source]

Can use pieces of metal left from the airplane. They could be used to cut flesh into smaller pieces to cook them faster.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Mountain Lions[edit | edit source]

If peaceful mode gets implemented, there should still be a little more to the game than just endless food and sunshine under the trees. The mountain lion is more powerful than the mutants, but is less aggressive towards the player and prefers to keep its distance. Unlike the mutants, who deliberately attack you, the big cat attacks only when you get too close or enter its territory, and it might even just throw in a few hits to warn you instead of killing you. But if you think that mountain lions don't fit, then I guess wolves should be better than nothing (I still prefer lions).

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Natural Disasters & Weather[edit | edit source]

Some of my ideas are listed down here:

  • At night, you can sometimes see some meteors flying above you.
  • There should be hard rainfall that makes it harder for you to walk, see and to interact with things like fire would be automatically put down.
  • Not sure if this is already in the game, but lightings should strike open-areas and large trees putting them on fire, mutants would come and check the area.
  • There also should be a rare weather condition that makes the weather go so cold that it simply starts a snowfall, this would be mixed with water and it would make the

player die in coldness if any source of fire/warm clothing is not found. Also the mutants would become extremely aggressive in this weather event because of the coldness.

  • If the player manages to survive several days in the forest, the month should also change and for example trees would lose leaves making it hard to find a source for

fire since leaves is needed to put a fire on. You could for example find dry towels found in the vacation bags and use these as needed to make a fireplace.

  • Hard winds and storms that could destroy your camps forcing you to make new ones, bigger camps = more protection. Lighters would not work and flares and torches would be put down,

also it would be hard to walk/see and hear anything.

  • Add a rare occurrence of a hurricane or tropical storm that blows down houses/camps and trees. Also causes the player and mutants to hide in caves to escape the storms.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Pets, allies[edit | edit source]

I think it would be cool if there would be animals like wolves or dogs around and we could tame them with meat or something. They would help you in fights and the game wouldn't be just a solo against mutants.

About the allies, there could be mutants that have been thrown out of their tribe and would try to join the player and/or maybe some mutants would be neutral with the player and wouldn't attack him, unless being attacked. It would be enjoyable if we could "tame" a captured mutant. Need to have more capacity for food to be able to do this.

Adding an option to duel clan leader for control may help too but you should first have proven your worth by killing several animals and mutants already.

Tiny Capuchin Monkey Pal that could get Eaten in one of the Sad Multiple Endings...

  • Runs Fast / Chills on Player's Shoulder...
  • Sits & Eats at campfires with player...
  • Teaching Monkey how to assist Player...

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

I Would like to be able to trap the lizards and other types of the larger animals, and be able to train them to do things. Like with the lizards, they could be domesticated and trained to Run into the forest and fetch small building materials, like rocks and sticks. Or to be able to find eggs and hatch and raise your own little lizard. This would be very fun in my opinion lol, who doesn't love pets?

-Contributed by A Forest Player

I think the idea of mutants being thrown out of their own tribe would be quite interesting. Something like "Exiled" mutants that would wander the island (they would have a distinctive model, something involving paint/markings/burns/injuries/something that makes them as not-welcome within mutant tribes); if the player should encounter one of these, it would "stalk" (watch/follow from a distance) for a day, maybe 2, and eventually approach the player, and kneel down, showing that he believes the player a good chieftain. This would essentially allow the player to "build his own tribe" to rival the already-hostile mutants.

As stated above, dueling a leader of a tribe would be VERY cool. But i wouldn't make it a whole tribe, I would suggest the hunting/tracking parties the player encounters at night (2-7 mutants day/night) with a leader (the one adorned with discs, and skull-pikes.) Should this leader fall to the player in combat, those following him would then follow the player until the player retreats from a fight (showing that he is weak, and not a worthy leader) or a stronger, higher-numbered party comes along, and they "betray" the player to join their brethren.

Just a thought! I would cry with joy should any of these be added though. Looking forward to it!

Base Materials[edit | edit source]

Adding some rather basic but logical materials that can be found in game (not necessarily crafted) would add many elements to the game for both crafting and immersion. Below I have listed some examples, please review and provide feedback on why or why not you would wish them to be added to the game.

  • Small Rock: Can be found at random, with greater frequency than regular Rock. Can also be obtained when a bomb shatters a regular Rock into smaller pieces. Can also act as a rudimentary crafting ingredient for a variety of structures and tools.
  • Smooth Stone: Can be found in ponds or riverbeds with relative abundance. Could also be obtained if a grindstone tool was added (future release). Useful for constructing tools and can be used as superior ammo for a sling weapon (mentioned in another area).
  • Smooth Rock: Large version of Smooth Stone, found less often than Smooth Stones and only in the ocean or riverbeds. Could be a centerpiece for a primitive grindstone.
  • Turtle Shell: Obtained from killing turtles, and can be found in villages containing meat or other foods. Could fashion a buckler (cited in Shields section) or be sawed into pieces to construct shell plate armor.
  • Feather: Obtained randomly near bird locations, also found in villages or on bird corpses. Could be cropped with a knife to place on arrows or a javelin. these were added in the 0.05 update
  • Mound of Clay: Can sometimes be found near shorelines or inside caves, does not respawn often. Able to cook into clay bricks (whole host of uses related to building).
  • Knife: Not some awesome combat knife, but more like a Miracle Blade kitchen knife. Very rare, set amount that can be found. Able to strip sticks to fiber material or sharpen a stick into a spear.
  • Flint Stick?
  • Compass?
  • Aerosol Can: Pretty standard actually, there is no way for them to be on the plane (TSA regulations), but to find them in boats or caves would be sensible. Can combine with lighter temporarily to generate a flame thrower, or combine with a bomb to add a more incendiary effect.
  • Spider: I know they exist, but to actually be able to capture them in small cages like the rabbits. Assembling a number of them could allow for the creation of some poisons. I would like to add a silk functionality, but because most spiders produce low strength cobwebs that may not be accurate.
    • Throw/place Captured Spider(s) on Sleeping Enemies...

-Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

More Gameplay Options[edit | edit source]

Maybe a goal, or an achievement. Maybe make it so you can find your son. (Which I was hoping would have been available in the first place.) But really, just add more things to do.

-Contributed by zackattac11

Hunting[edit | edit source]

Learning animal calls, e.g. hear a deer grunt and try to copy it, you practice a bit and master it. It could loose quality over time and bad calls attract the interest of cannibal scouts. Good calls attract deers. You can collect trophies to disguise yourself as the animal you are hunting, lowering the distance you can get to them before they get scared. It also gives the opportunity to add bears that may become hostile. Killing them could yield a bear trophy hat that has unique properties, though it would not make hostile animals stalkable.

If you cook and eat arms and legs or stay covered in blood too long you could become a mutant and play from the other side, but find out a cure is available if you go on the journey to find it. Maybe mutant crafting options could be immersive interactive cut-scenes of you own arms and legs becoming less human as you complete the required cannibal crafting recipe you gain disgusting mutations and skills. You could also find a cure for other cannibals in this manner after live capture. NPC contact reveals the mysterious events surrounding the island. And it turns out to be a conspiracy or something, then you make friends with a monkey and the game ends.

-Contributed by SamGriffiths

Diseases[edit | edit source]

You won't always have a Kleenex with you when you're stranded in the North American wilderness, so disease and infections are inevitable. Here is a list of disease that I would like to see added.

  • Common Cold - Randomly contracted, slightly higher chance of contracting while being out in the rain. Takes more stamina to perform tasks, and it drains quicker. Slightly slower run, walk, and swing speeds. Less damage, and takes more swings to cut down trees. Effects can be lessened and cure time is quicker if medication is taken, but taking meds does not equal an insta-cure.
  • Influenza - Slightly lower chance of being contracted than the cold, higher chance of contracting while covered in mud or blood. Significantly lowers stamina and speed. Health slowly drains, and physical tasks are slower, as well as draining health slightly faster. Medication stops health drain and lessens impairments, slightly speeds up recovery process. Chance of vomiting while performing physical tasks. Vomiting takes out a chunk of your fullness.

NOTICE - The Disease(s) below can be outright infuriating if contracted, and physics may have to be tweaked to avoid cheap deaths.

  • TB - Contracted if player continues doing extraneous physical activity and does not take medication with a disease, although there is a chance the disease may not be contracted at all. This disease almost completely nullifies your ability to perform physical work. Walk speed is slowed to a near crawl, and player may stop and look down at his knees while running and vomit. Higher chance of vomiting. Health now drains quicker than influenza, and medication now slows down the drain, but doesn't stop it completely. Lasts 5–10 days.
  • Alien Abduction Illness / PTSD

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Hard Difficulty - Playing as Timmy[edit | edit source]

You could choose to play as either the unnamed default man, or the kid. Playing as the kid would be harder than the guy, as he would have next to no experience with using axes and weapons, would be terrified of the mutants, and would take very few hits from mutants to become a fresh new pile of bodily remains. On the plus side, making armor and clothing would require less resources for a smaller body, but, of course, Timmy hasn't quite gotten the hang of smithing yet...

The raincoat would be yellow instead of black, allowing mutants to spot you from a distance.

Also, possibly implement a crying mechanic which would blur the screen and reduce mobility. This would be triggered either by looking at mutants for too long or being injured.

- Suggested and extended by MinecraftPhotos4U (talk)

Different sized/livable caves[edit | edit source]

I would like to see different sized caves, much smaller with a couple of entrances that you can wall off and make it your home base. Maybe some of these caves could be occupied by hostile bears, which you have to slay before taking it over.

- Ailvar.

The Cannibal Deity, Dark Magic Creatures and Voodoo Boons[edit | edit source]

Reading about the different effigies and hearing peoples' theories on the Cannibals and their effigies made me think that maybe the Cannibals worship the Wendigo or some other evil being that the Cannibals strive to be like. This deity should materialize and wander the forest at night, staying a great distance away from the players' structures, giving the option to hunt for it if the player desires. However, a powerful luxury resource (A special axe, a special consumable, etc.) is obtainable only through harvesting it directly from or near the Deity (Using some sort of voodoo tool found deep in the caves) thus serving as an incentive to wander The Forest at night in search of him. This being is also the source of the voodoo (I'm not about to suggest mana and spells XD) that the Cannibals and even the player occasionally use to their advantage. In the cave, rooms filled with special Cannibal Guardians house special voodoo tools that enhance the players stats or abilities for a price (An axe that can hit enemies from afar but drains the players' HP each hit, a skull that provides a huge burst of speed at the cost of max energy chunks). This voodoo is also used by Cannibals to give "life" to abominations (The player doesn't witness the ritual) that they create from Human and Animal parts, such as a Cannibal with a bear's head or a shark with Human appendages that can walk. This would explain those eerie Octopus and Spider mutants. I would love to see any of these suggestions implemented, so I wouldn't be offended if you nit-picked the features I mentioned.

-Contributed by Kortizhian

Metalworking[edit | edit source]

Metals would be versatile resources used for multiple purposes.

Ores: These would be found like rocks. There would be a few types of them:

  • Malachite: bright green. Uncommon. Gives copper.
  • Native Gold: looks like a normal rock, but has yellow veins running through it. Very rare. Gives gold.
  • Hematite: rust brown. Common. Gives iron.
  • Old Can: these would be found scattered about mutant areas. Gives aluminium.
  • Plane Piece: ripped off from the plane. Gives aluminium.

To extract the pure metal from the ores, the player must create a crucible (possibly from a few rocks). This could be suspended over a fire with sticks. The normal pot could also be used for melting aluminium. When clicked on with a piece of metal ore, it would take a while and the metal would eventually melt if the fire is lit. The metal could then be poured out into rectangular casts to get plates of the given metal.

Metal plates could be used to make armour, or create buildings with.

Suggested by MinecraftPhotos4U (talk)

Implemented Suggestions[edit | edit source]

The following suggestions have been implemented by Endnight in a release, if you find that there is a suggestion here that has not been correctly implemented, please comment within the section.

Modification to the log sled[edit | edit source]

Very difficult and cumbersome to move the log sled around the map, add to the sled "build" some rope and create a harness to pull the sled. Allow you to carry 8 logs max, but you cannot carry any logs on-hand, just push the sled. Press a hot-key and the sled will automatically be in your rear as you pull and tug the rope to move the sled behind you. Make this be a stamina drain, walking with the sled full will drain stamina as if you were running, running with the sled will be a HUGE stamina drain and deplete you quickly.

  • Definitely needs some control + way to avoid stump fields making it a major bother to get through...

Bow And Arrows[edit | edit source]

A craft-able weapon and ammunition should be the bow and arrow, the recipe would simply be sticks crafted to make the main bow, then for the arrows it would be sticks into arrow shafts, regular stones into arrowheads, and then finally feathers to add to the end of the arrow. These should have realistic trajectory and would be used to pick off cannibals and would complement the stealth aspect of the game. Shooting a mutant in the limbs should therefore cripple that limb resulting in limping or less powerful swings that would take less of the player's health away.

Harpoon Launcher upgrade for the House Boat + Hunter Challenge bonuses... White Whale ? Being Able to BBQ Some Shark on the top floor of your House-Boat, that you've just caught Fresh using your Deluxe HouseBoat Harpoon GUN (base on-land)...

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Bows as we know them are difficult-to-impossible to craft given the resources in the game. Based on some research into ancient and early bows, it is possible using a wide range of potential materials to create a rudimentary short-bow.

Wooden Bow:

  • Gripped Bow Shaft
    • Small Wooden Planks bound in Raw Fiber
    • Covered with Lizard Leather near grip
  • Bowstring
    • Raw Fiber (flax or hemp)
  • Tightly bound and then coated in resin to increase resilience

- Contributed by CouchCommandoIV

As of version 0.05 update, Endnight has confirmed that they have added a player-crafted bow and arrow. The recipe for both are found below


  • Stick
  • Cloth
  • Rope


  • Stick
  • 5 Feathers

-Edit information gathered on official Endnight website

Destroy & Recycle[edit | edit source]

Maybe the player can destroy unused structures and recycle some of their materials.

  • (according to release notes in patch .04, players can now destroy Walls with their axe to regain some materials)

-Contributed by SamsonDor

Ghost Structure Removal[edit | edit source]

A way to take back a misplaced ghost structure, as well as not allowing mutants to pass through uncompleted structures.

  • since Alpha V0.04b it is possible to remove ghost structures by pressing "C".

-Contributed by SamsonDor

Increased Axe damage[edit | edit source]

It is unfortunate, currently, that 1-2 hits will kill the player, while 10-100 hits will kill an enemy.

  • (according to release notes in patch .04, axes will now deal more damage)

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

BUG: True sight Cannibals[edit | edit source]

One thing that... "bugs" me is that they can spot you through walls. (I've built a camp surrounded by defensive walls, but they can still spot me and soon I have about 10 of them surrounding my camp and sometimes clipping through the walls.) So the Idea would be: Stop them from seeing through walls, make them understand that there is something in front of them (which could make them curious) and then inspect it for a while, sometimes resulting in making them find the entrance or a window to climb through.

EDIT: According to version 0.05 changelog, the enemy vision issue has been corrected, I will retest on my machine and verify the results - CouchCommandoIV

BUG: Invincible Octopus[edit | edit source]

Mutant Octopuses should not be invincible as said in some YouTube videos I have watched.

  • EDIT: According to version 0.05 changelog, special mutants can be killed with the axe (though they still take an unhealthy amount of damage from my recent experience)

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Destroying the cannibal population[edit | edit source]

Make more cannibals but make them not re-spawn so it would be possible to destroy them completely to ensure that you don't get scared by a mutant that's right behind you.


-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

New Edit: This is actually one of the features that Endnight has supposedly already delivered. Below is a paraphrased excerpt taken from the Mutants page of this wiki (not officially endorsed by Endnight)

"There is a limited amount of mutants on the island, and it is possible (but difficult) to kill every single one of the mutants, leaving the player to be left alone for the duration of the game." - CouchCommandoIV

Rival clans[edit | edit source]

I would like to sometimes stumble upon different clans of mutants fighting each other. They obviously wouldn't be violent and carrying weapons all the time if they were always after the player. It could also be used as a way to gain some reputation with a tribe by "choosing a side" in the fight and helping the other win or get some body parts by simply bombing the battle field.

  • EDIT: According to version 0.06 changelog, there are now rival mutant factions that war with each other. - CouchCommandoIV

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Cut-scene skip[edit | edit source]

Being able to skip the beginning scene of the plane crash, immediately "waking" you up.

  • Edit: Implemented. Press space to skip plane crash cut-scene.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

Pause Button[edit | edit source]

Either causing the ESC key to pause when opening the window, or adding a button to pause from within that menu.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

  • There actually was a fix for the Pause feature of the game in the .04 update, I have verified that this is working correctly

Longer day and less rain[edit | edit source]

In-game days are too short. Nights start too quickly and it's very annoying. Also rain... too much rain! Sometimes 3-4 times per day. Somebody should change this stuff.

Torch[edit | edit source]

A simple torch would be much appreciated as the lighter is just no good for a wide range illumination and the flashlight uses up batteries which you have to search for. Stick + Cloth + Tar (for example, let's get the tar from some trees or in the swamps) or maybe replace the Tar for Booze.

-Contributed by UNKNOWN (please cite)

  • According to version 0.05 change-log, this item has been added to the game's craftable section, see below for details.

Fire Torch:

  • Cloth
  • Stick

Survivors, Quests, Weapons, and Multi-player[edit | edit source]

The first idea i had is for survivors. The story of this idea is in the caves there are tiny pockets of survivors which can be saved and recruited into a tribe of people led by you. One of the people is a marshal which can give you his partner's (air marshals usually have partners) gun, and another person who can make you bullets.

The second idea is weapons (quests was explained in survivors). The first weapon idea is the marshal's gun. A basic 9mm handgun, which can only be obtained by doing a request for an air marshal. Its ammo is hard to find but can be made by either using gunpowder and plane metal or have survivors make it. The second weapon is a switch blade. These can be found at camp sites or in suitcases.

And multi-player is self-explanatory.

- Whitetiger789

OFFLINE LAN MULTIPLAYER Would be Great, we wanna be able to have some mates (LAN-buds) visiting and enjoying a solid experience...

Misc. Items[edit | edit source]

Impatiently sitting in the 'taken for granted' safety of my well-lit and warm cabin has often had the walls and fireplace stared at, as I tap my foot waiting to press Z on the bed, cycling to the next morning. My suggestion is misc. items that could be included to pass the in-game time, preoccupying the player(s). Ideas include:

Books, Magazines & other reading material[edit | edit source]

Collectible from crash sites, bags, etc. Similar to Skyrim where you can read anything by the fireplace after a long day of looting or base building. Perhaps even building a bookcase.

Chess[edit | edit source]

Pieces/board could be scattered throughout the island or whittled from dry beach wood and played with other players (or alone if one goes insane).

Guitar, Tribal Drum, Rain-stick Shaker[edit | edit source]

Much like an electronic keyboard has tunes programmed in, with the ability to actively play. Perhaps slow somber/reflective guitar tunes, while drums/rain-shaker more active and/or aggressive.

-Contribution by Steam user Logitech

Co-op safety in numbers (Horror genre conflict)[edit | edit source]

When you feel 100% safe with a large group of 8 people, you ruin the brilliance of the underlying tension this game manifests. The single player is by far the scariest and most suspenseful experience.

  • Less is more

A server capping off at a maximum of 4 people will not ruin the experience as it remains 'Co-op'. The benefit of less players also creates greater comradery while surviving amongst the various horror genre conflicts.

This also in turn, can still leave the group outnumbered by cannibals as it should, by the mere fact that players should never fully feel in control of a situation, they are the story's victims after all.

-Contribution by Steam user Logitech

A sign will show up saying are you sure about doing more than four and if you do more than for you make a harder game mode start and being in more than four could start conflict might separate the groups and then they can easily get out numbered