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Steps to a tree house
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Removed in
Building Type
Replaced by climbing rope
Tree House
Alpine Tree House
Accessing tree houses

Steps, also known as ladders were buildings that were originally added as a way for players to access tree houses and alpine tree houses in The Forest. Steps were added when the tree house was added in update v0.07 though were removed a short time later in update v0.10. They were replaced by climbing ropes. The patch note of their removal states:
Removed steps from tree houses! Replaced with climbable hanging ropes.
It is unknown if steps will return to The Forest. There has been many requests for ladders to be added to the game and steps may be able to perform a similar role. There is no way to add steps in the game with the use of console commands or mods. It appears that they have been removed from the game files or replaced entirely by the climbing rope. It is unknown if the developers will bring this building back in the future.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.10 Steps removed from the game

Removed steps from tree houses! Replaced with climbable hanging ropes.

v0.08d Tree structures (tree houses) are now destroyed when the tree they’re on is cut down
v0.08b Fixed bug where selecting tree houses in book multiple times without actually building them could break building other items
v0.08 Alpine Treehouse added to the game

New buildable item: Chalet Style Treehouse

v0.07 Steps added to the game

Treehouse added to the game

Tree house blueprint added