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This section outlines everything regarding stats. For more information about for a corresponding stat, open it's link.

Stats[edit | edit source]

This table outlines all the stats and where they can be viewed. Some cannot be seen even with mods. (Mods refers to ModAPI and the ultimate cheat menu). It may be possible that there are mods or console commands that allow the player to see some of these stats.

Stat HUD Stat
Mods Description
Health Yes Yes Yes Indicates health, when it reaches zero, you die
Energy Yes Yes Yes Indicates energy, long term energy source
Stamina Yes Yes Yes Indicates stamina, drains and refuels quickly
Armor Some Yes Yes Indicated in different colors, depending on the armor, prevents damage
Cold Armor No Yes Yes Helps prevent cold damage
Stealth No Yes Yes Helps the player remain undetected and with stealth attacks
Hunger Yes Yes Yes Indicates how hungry the player is
Thirst Yes Yes Yes Indicates how thirsty the player is
Starvation Yes Yes Yes Hunger meter will flash, if left too long, it damages the player
Sanity No Yes Yes When sanity becomes low, player will hear auditory hallucinations
Weight No Yes Yes Nominal & starting weight is 205, weight has effects on strength & athleticism only. MIN: 155 & MAX is 305
Strength No Yes Yes Increases weapon damage by (Strength / 140)%, i.e.: 70 Strength => (70 / 140)% => +50% bonus damage
Athleticism No Yes No Increases sprint duration by lowering stamina usage per second and increases underwater duration (without rebreather).
Infection No Yes Yes Lowers Strength by 10%. Formula: 25% Chance when hitting a dead body or 25% Chance when hit physically while bloody
Food Poisoning No Yes Yes Lowers Fullness, Thirst, Health and Energy gain from food by 10%
Cold Yes Yes Yes Cold increases energy consumption and can cause damage is standing still for too long
Bloodied Yes Yes No Covered in blood, places player at risk of blood infection
Temperature No No Yes Hidden stat, if it becomes to low, the player becomes cold
Energized Yes No No Effect from restoring energy by sitting on furniture or listening to the Cassette Player.
Poisoned No No No Effect occurs when a player is hit by a Poison Arrow. It damages the player over time for about 30 seconds.
Death Yes No No Death occurs when you die...
Days Survived No Yes No Lists the days survived for the player, affects difficulty of the game.
Breath Yes No No Indicates how much breath a player has under water, increase with athleticism
Adrenaline Rush No No No Occurs when the player has very low health, will cause the player to gain 50 stamina instantly. Has a cool down of 2 minute.

Assorted Stats & their meaning[edit | edit source]

Header text Header text
HUD Backing This is just the back ground for the HUD, this section relays no information.
Feeling Good Indicates the player has no major issues (may be bugged).
Energy Flashing Indicates the player is cold and is losing energy at a faster rate. Get warm to stop this from occurring.
Stamina Flashing Indicates stamina is below 30.
Hunger Flashing Indicates player is hungry, under 50. This is when the player starts accumulating undereatingpoints.
Low Health Indicates the players health is below 50.
Hungry Indicates the players hunger is below 50.
Low Energy This message is displayed when your energy is below 30.
Thirsty Indicates the players thirst is below 50.
Thirst Flashing Indicates the player is thirsty, there has been no mention of a penalty regarding this. There is one with hunger being below 50. This is up to the player what they

HUD display messages and their meaning[edit | edit source]

Effect Message Meaning
Low Health LowHealthMSG.jpg Indicates the players health is below 50.
Hungry HungryMSG.jpg Indicates the players hunger is below 50.
Low Energy LowEnergyMSG.jpg This message is displayed when your energy is below 30.
Thirsty ThirstyMSG.jpg Indicates the players thirst is below 50.
Cold ColdMSG.jpg Indicates the player is cold.
Blooded CoverInBloodMSG.jpg Indicates the player is covered in blood.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor highlighted on the HUD

Armor protects the player, whether from damage or temperature, and diminishes as damage is taken. The meter on the left of the health bar indicates the amount of armor you are wearing and will fill up with different colors, depending on the what the player has equipped. Armor is increased by using lizard skin, stealth armor or bone armor and deer skin. Deer skin armor will grant protection from cold. Stealth armor will grant bonuses to stealth. Bone armor has twice the protection of the other armor types. Falling damage and poison damage will bypass armor and directly harm the player. Crocodiles, sharks and cowmen attacks also bypass armor.

Calories[edit | edit source]

See Calories page for more information

Cold Armor[edit | edit source]

Cold Armor is a type of armor that can help in preventing cold damage to a player as well as reducing the energy drain associated with being cold. The warmer the player is, the longer it will take for cold damage to take a effect. If the player has maxed warm armor, it is possible they won't take any cold damage even when shivering and standing still for a long period of time.

There are currently two items that offer cold armor:

Update History

Version Changes
v0.20 Equipped cold armor (Deer Skin) parts are now visible in armor bar of hud
v0.37 Current armor display in hud is now based on max amount of both armor and cold armor
v0.57 Wearing cold armor now also increases the delay in between frost damage hits up to 4 times at full armor

Player can no longer take damage while at max cold armor and will even defrost if equipping full cold armor while already frozen

v0.66 New HUD elements added. Replaced stomach drawing, and cleaned up and created new HUD backing, and added new gradients for bars (Change cold armor from red to orange)
v0.67c Fixed an issue with cold armor having the possible side effect of leaving the frost effect active fullscreen

Energy[edit | edit source]

Energy highlighted on the HUD

Your Energy is depleted by staying cold and wet for enlongated periods of time, not sleeping every night, being hungry, and performing physical activities. You gain energy from eating, drinking, resting on a bench, listening to music, and sleeping. Your Fatigue can't regenerate past the point which your energy bar is at.

Losing all your energy will prevent you from performing important actions, such as sprinting, attacking effectively, and chopping down trees, but it cannot directly affect your health.

Stamina[edit | edit source]

Stamina highlighted on the HUD

Fatigue (or stamina) is the player's state of exhaustion and it is represented by the thicker, lighter blue bar in the bottom right of the HUD. It is consumed by performing certain actions such as running, chopping down trees, climbing ropes, and fighting cannibals. It will only refill to the highest point of the corresponding energy bar. Fatigue will replenish by walking or sitting. Soda will instantly replenish part of your fatigue (as well as energy), making it a good choice in desperate battles where the player cannot get away to let fatigue replenish on its own.

With the addition of athleticism in v0.29, it is possible to more efficiently use fatigue and energy. Athletic activities having to do with movement become faster and more efficient with higher levels of athleticism, allowing the player to make more use out their fatigue, and ultimately their overall energy level. This also affects strength which was also added in v0.29. It will allow you to do more damage which would reduce stamina cost.

Health[edit | edit source]

Health Highlighted on the HUD

Health is the amount of damage that the player is capable of withstanding before dying or becoming unconscious. The player's current health can be seen as the red bar on the HUD. Taking damage will decrease the player's health. Once it's depleted, there are multiple things that may happen. If the player was killed by a shark, or killed once before for another reason, the game will be over and a saved game must be loaded to continue. If it is the player's first time dying, and they were not killed by a shark, they would awake in the caves with low health, hunger, and energy and have the opportunity to try and escape. Health can be restored by consuming medicine (both pill and herbal), aloe, or coneflower, or in smaller quantities by eating food. If the player's health is below 10%, their vision will only be in grayscale.

Things that can currently harm you:

  1. Fire, from fire pits and molotovs from the player, or the torch-bearing cannibal
  2. Cannibals and Mutants
  3. Falling
  4. Sharks
  5. Crocodiles
  6. Boars
  7. Polluted water
  8. Cold
  9. Poison from certain mushrooms and berries

Wearing armor can dramatically change the amount of damage that can be taken. It is suggested that the player equips with full bone armor at the soonest possible time to allow for maximum health protection.

Hunger[edit | edit source]

Hunger highlighted on the HUD

Hunger is indicated by the stomach in the lower right corner of the screen and it will slowly decrease over time. To refill your hunger you can eat any food item, such as snacks, food trays or cooked meat from any of these animals: fish, rabbit , lizard or generic meat from turtles or deer to replenish it. If the player characters hunger icon stays empty for too long, they will eventually start to lose health, which may result in death by starvation.

Thirst[edit | edit source]

Thirst highlighted on the HUD

Thirst is a survival feature added in v0.14.

In the game, thirst is shown next to hunger in the HUD. To combat thirst, the player has to drink regularly or death by dehydration will occur.

Drinks come in two forms: polluted and clean.

  • Clean drinks include soda, booze, rain water, and water boiled over a fire.
  • Polluted drinks come straight from a river or pond and will damage the player slightly in normal mode and a small amount in hard mode. Drinking polluted water has the chance to cause sickness.

Ocean water can neither be drunk directly nor purified in any way.

To quench thirst, the player can drink from a variety of sources:

  • soda (boosts energy and benefits weight gain),
  • booze (lowers energy),
  • rain water from a water collector or pot,
  • clean water from a water skin,
  • water that has been boiled in a pot;
  • some food items, notably blueberries, also slake thirst;
  • as a last resort, unclean water could be used, either directly from its natural sources (such as rivers or ponds), or from a storing container (a water skin or a pot).

Infection[edit | edit source]

Player covered in blood

Blood Infection, or more commonly known as just infection, is a player status effect was added in the v0.29 update. The player has a 25% chance to acquire it when being physically attacked while bloodied, which comes from skinning animals and fighting cannibals in hand-to-hand combat. In order to cure the blood infection, the player must use aloe vera or sleep ("getting some rest"). The infection will not go away on its own, forcing the player to either sleep or find aloe vera to cure the infection (tested with up to 5 days of having the infection). Having the blood infection status effect lowers the player's base strength.

The impacts on strength are temporary, but requires longer times to chop trees, and reduces the overall effectiveness of weapons and tools. Having an infection also halts the progression of the strength stat, potential elongating the already slow advancement of the stat.

Known Bugs

  • Occasionally the infection will cure on its own. It is unclear whether this is a glitch, or whether the infection failing to go away on its own is.
  • Sometimes the player will receive the infection instantly upon becoming covered in blood, this could be the result of the 25% chance being triggered instantly, or an unintentional effect.
Blood on the flashlight

Update History

Version Changes
v0.01 Infection warning given but no mechanics exist.
v0.29 Blood infection mechanics have been implemented.

Starvation[edit | edit source]

Starvation occurs when the player's hunger bar is empty. The player will continue to take damage until they eat something. If starvation is left untreated, it will kill the player.

Temperature[edit | edit source]

Cold Temperature

Temperature use to be indicated by the thermometer in the lower right corner though it was removed from game in patch v0.14. Temperature is still in the game and it plays a role in the game's survival mechanic.

Players can become cold when exposed to the rain with no source of fire. When the player becomes cold, the player acquires the Cold state, and ice will appear around the edges of the screen. The character will begin to shake (opening the Survival Guide in this condition will cause it to shake vigorously). Being cold is the only known temperature effect in the current build. More will probably be added in the future. Currently, being cold will not kill the player, but will affect their fatigue levels.

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Stealth is a feature which can be utilized within The Forest. If the player cannot fight, or chooses not to fight, they can begin to hide by crouching. Stealth aspects have always existed to some degree, but were greatly expanded in the v0.08 update.

To decrease the chance of being spotted by the cannibals, it may be a good start to crouch in foliage, such as a bush or a fern. In addition, there are mud piles which the player can collect to cover his skin, causing a dramatic increase in camouflage. However, mud will wash off in the rain, if you enter a body of water, or if enough time passes. Similar to what mud will do, as of v0.12 Stealth Armor will help disguise the player.

Be warned, even if the player uses both mud and a flora hiding spot, it is still possible to get spotted if the mutants are too close. It is considerably easier to hide if the player crouches behind an unmovable object, such as a boulder or tree.

In v0.08 Stealth was greatly expanded upon; decreasing both vision range and cones of view of the cannibals. Bushes will now also hide the player from enemy vision when crouched and the player is now less visible at night, unless his lighter is out, making him more visible. But enemies will now bash bushes looking for the player when hidden from them. Version 0.8 also added in stealth kills, allowing for a quiet kill if the player is close enough and behind the enemy. Currently works with the rock and axe type weapons.

It is currently unknown how well the cannibals react to different acoustic and visual signals such as chopping down a tree or shooting a flare gun.

Sanity[edit | edit source]

Sanity is a stat in The Forest that was added in update v0.29. Its effects are unknown. The possible only known effect is that the player will start hearing auditory hallucinations, though this has not been confirmed.

Sanity can be viewed by accessing the stats page of the Survival Guide.

Sanity works as a formula. You start with 100% which is the max value, and 0% being the lowest value. Certain actions will raise or lower it.

There is only one patch note that mentions sanity. It was from its release and its information is quite limited:

  • New “Sanity” system. Sanity goes down when killing an enemy, chopping limbs, a lot when eating an enemy and slowly while in caves. Sanity goes up when sleeping, listening to music, eating fresh non limb meat and slowly while restoring energy on bench. Viewable in stats page of book.

The following table outlines what has positive or negative effects of sanity:

Action Effect Positive/Negative Other
Killing cannibals -0.5 Negative Unknown if this affects mutants [citation needed]
Cutting off cannibal limbs -1 Negative Includes arms, legs, & heads
Eating Limbs -3 Negative Includes arms & legs
Each second spent in caves -0.001 Negative Spending time in caves
Each second spent listening to music +0.01 Positive Listening to the cassette player
Each second spent sitting +0.15 Positive Includes bench, chair, bone chair, couch
Each game hour of sleep +0.75 Positive Depending how long the player sleeps
Each piece of fresh food consumed +1 Positive Includes Rabbit Meat, Lizard Meat, Large Generic Meat, & Small Generic Meat

Update History

Version Changes
v0.29 Sanity added to the game

Weight[edit | edit source]

Weight is a player stat that was added in v0.29 update along with strength, athleticism, and sanity. Currently (v0.40), the starting weight is 205 pounds.

Weight seems to have no beneficial effects to your character, but it does have negating and limiting effects on other stats. For example, being overweight will impede and in some cases completely halt the progression of other stats like strength, and will greatly affect athleticism. Unlike with strength and athleticism, weight has no obvious influences over the physical playing of the game. Excessive weight can lower the strength stat and higher weight greatly impacts the rate of athleticism gain, and can completely halt its rise.

Tested up to v0.40, weight will continue to rise regardless of the player's physical activity if the diet is not managed. It is possible to engage in near constant activity and still gain weight if the diet isn't carefully balanced. This can be a very difficult stat to manage, as it fluctuates very gradually, and thus is hard to keep a large amount of control over. The most effective method of lowering, and maintaining lower weight is; eat only when the food meter is moderately down into the 'X' level, eat only fresh/edible meats along with blueberries, and avoiding filling up the food meter all the way if possible. This can be difficult as most foods that can be put on the drying rack replenish a substantial amount of food, however this isn't a huge issue.

You can easily lose weight by simply letting your hunger bar go completely empty, your energy will start dropping fast but you can regenerate it by playing the Cassette Player or sitting on a Bench.

For example, eating a small generic meat from a fire and going up to 80% food followed by another small generic meat to reach 100% is considered over-eating, and thus can lead to weight gain. In this situation it would be best to eat a single piece and then eat again later after the 'X' appears again.

Unhealthy foods contribute greatly to the rise in weight. Drinking sodas and booze, eating snacks, spoiled meats or human flesh all contribute to weight gain regardless of activity level. This makes long-term cave exploration a difficult endeavor in managing weight levels, as snacks and sodas are some of the most convenient sources of food underground. Eating these in moderation will not always lead to weight gain if carefully managed, which adds another level of challenge to going cave exploring while attempting to manage the other stats.

Update History

Version Changes
v0.29 Weight added to the game.

Cold[edit | edit source]

Player shivering, arms folded, with skin appearing blue.

Cold is a player status effect that slowly saps the player's stamina, and with it, their energy. It is visualized by frost on the screen and a blue tinge to the player's skin.

The cold status effect occurs whenever the player does something to make himself vulnerable to cold temperatures. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being in the tundra for too long
  • Swimming at night
  • Being in the rain at night
  • Going into water in the deeper parts of the caves

The player begins shivering as seen when looking down, and when reading the survival guide, it is unsteady. Ice crystals start forming, first thinly and then thickly, around the corners of the screen. Once the visual frost effect has stopped increasing, damage will occur if the player stands still for 8 consecutive seconds (including if they are rappelling down a rope). The screen will frost entirely for the duration of the pain flash.

To warm up, light a Fire Torch or stand near a fire (or in the case of the tundra, simply leave the snow areas) and further energy loss and frostbite attacks will be halted. Consume a soda, or some snacks, or an animal if you are also hungry to regain your lost energy.

Additionally, using booze will temporarily reset all cold effects.

Cold status may affect the mutants. If it rains long enough you may find mutants dead on the ground.[confirmation needed]

Avoiding the cold can be difficult. Staying near a fire will keep you warm until you leave it. Due to the instantaneous nature of storms, avoiding them is difficult. Staying away from water at night and in caves also avoids the cold status. Plan on building fires at entrances and exits of underwater caves.

Bloodied[edit | edit source]

Bloodied is a player status effect. Certain actions in the game can cause you to get blood all over your arms and the weapon you are wielding. When the player becomes bloodied, you are alerted in two ways:

  • The HUD displays a message telling you to wash your hands to avoid infection. The message stays until the blood is gone.
  • Your character will automatically raise his hand and look at the blood.

You can make your character raise his hand any time you want by pressing the '<' key, unless otherwise bound by the player (see controls).

If hit while bloodied, the player runs the risk of contracting an infection.

The following situations can trigger the bloodied status effect:

  • Killing an enemy in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Excessive handling of skinned animals.
  • Picking up skinned animals when your inventory is full.

How to get rid of the blood:

  • Go into a pond or the ocean deep enough that you're swimming, or crouch in water so that you are mostly submerged. Some ponds are too shallow for this.

The process of removing the blood is currently instant. You will not see the player washing off the blood.

When you have successfully removed the blood, the player will raise his hands to show that they are clean, and the HUD will stop showing the warning. You can still force the player to raise his hands if you want to check for yourself that the blood is gone. Stepping into the water also cleans the weapon you are wielding.

Update History

Version Changes
v0.01 Added "Covered in blood" status with notification but doesn't do anything
v0.29 Added effects of being in the "Covered in blood" status

Sick[edit | edit source]

Sick is also known as food poisoning.

Energized[edit | edit source]

"Energized" is a player status effect that is a stamina status buff.

The energized status effect occurs when the player plays a tape from the Cassette Player or sits down on a seat of some kind. The player's stamina bar will then strobe between blue and white and rise to maximum. Their available energy behavior remains unchanged, but will rise to the new maximum at rest and depletes as normal.

The status effect stops as soon as the Cassette player is stopped, but the player stamina stays at the new level.

Poisoned[edit | edit source]

Poisoned is a player status effect that occurs when the player is hit by a poison arrow or hit by a poison upgraded weapon. The player will take damage over time, for about 30 seconds. It is unknown if the damage differs between normal and hard.

The effect is not listed on the HUD, though may be listed in the stats page.

Undereating Points[edit | edit source]

Undereating points are related to the strength and weight stat. They are best avoided as much as possible. You obtain undereating points from the following:

  • Consuming snacks and soda =
  • Allowing hunger to stay below 50 will cause under eating points as well. It is currently unknown, at what rate they accumulate.

Exertion[edit | edit source]

Exertion is a stat that is linked to strength, it is what leads to the player losing strength.

Exertion occurs when the players tree count is over 10 and the players GoodNutritionPoints are below UndereatingPoints. This will cause the players strength to drop. To avoid this from occurring the player has two options:

  • Allow tree count to fall under 10 - This can be difficult as there is no way to tell what your tree count is.
  • Eat more meat - Eat meat when your hunger is at the recommended threshold. Around 51 to 60.

Adrenaline Rush[edit | edit source]

Adrenaline Rush is a hidden stat and perk that was added in v0.27. It has not experience any changes since its release.

Adrenaline rush is activated when a player's health reaches the 'grey zone' because of an enemy hit. When adrenaline rush is activated, the player will receive half their missing stamina back over 1 second. It does however have a 2-minute delay after being triggered. The purpose of this is to provide the player with a 'second chance' to fight or flight.

During v0.27, another perk was added though it was not provided a name, it occurs when the players health is above the 'grey zone' instead. If an enemy hit that should cause death while the players health is above grey zone, instead will bring the players to 1 HP. This also provides the player with a 'second chance' to fight or flight. As these perks are similar, this could be also be consider a perk of adrenaline rush.

Update History

Version Changes
v0.27 (Balance) Adrenaline rush ! When player’s health reaches grey zone because of an enemy hit he gets half his missing stamina back over 1 second. Has a 2 minutes delay.

(Balance) enemy hit that should cause death while player health is above grey zone instead brings player to 1 HP

Strength[edit | edit source]

See Strength for more information

Athleticism[edit | edit source]

See Athleticism for more information

Stat information from Developers[edit | edit source]

Posted by a moderator to the steam community forums, player stats work as follows (edited formatting for easier reading):

Originally posted by SurvivalistGaming [C.M.]:

Here is the full explanation of how the Weight/Strength/Athleticism mechanics work:



  • Overweight lowers Athleticism, up to 60% reduction at max weight


  • Based on a "undereating", "overeating", "goodnutrition" and "bad nutrition" points system
  • Eating meat more or less in schedule (about 2.2 times per day iirc) gives 1 GoodNutrition point, -0.5 OvereatingPoint and -1 UndereatingPoint
  • Eating meat while above fullness threshold (0.5 to 0.75 fullness) gives 1 OvereatingPoint and -0.5 UndereatingPoints
  • Eating chocolate bars and soda gives 1 OvereatingPoint and -0.5 UndereatingPoints regardless of current fullness
  • GoodNutritionPoints go back down to 0 continuously at a slow rate
  • OvereatingPoints go back down to 0 continuously at a slow rate
  • UndereatingPoints go up while fullness is below 50%
  • BadNutritionPoints equals (OvereatingPoints + UndereatingPoints)
  • When GoodNutritionPoints are bellow BadNutritionPoints, weight changes continuously at a slow rate
  • Weight goes up if OvereatingPoints> UndereatingPoints * 2
  • Weight goes down if UndereatingPoints > OvereatingPoints * 2
  • When GoodNutritionPoints are above BadNutritionPoints, weight goes towards base value at a very slow rate (player no longer stays at a bad weight when being healthy and instead goes back to normal)



  • Increases weapon damage by (Strength / 140)%, i.e.: 70 Strength => (70 / 140)% => +50% bonus damage
  • Increases fullness threshold used in meat eating formula, causing stronger players to be able to eat slightly more before gaining OvereatingPoints


  • Updated once per survived in game day (starts happening 24h after starting game regardless what time that was)
  • Must have at least 5 cut down trees counted at time of update or strength doesn't change
  • Cut down tree count goes down by -0.0035 per second so it cancels the benefit of roughly 9 trees cut down per in game day
  • Increases if GoodNutritionPoints are above UndereatingPoints (== well fed and exercising)
  • Decreases if GoodNutritionPoints are below UndereatingPoints and tree cut down count is above 10 (== starving and over exert)



  • Increases sprint duration by lowering stamina usage per second, max is twice base value at 10 athleticism
  • Increases underwater duration (without rebreather) max is twice base value at 10 athleticism


  • Each cumulated 1.6 hour spent sprinting gives one additional athleticism level
  • Each cumulated 25 minutes spent diving without rebreather gives one additional athleticism level
  • Intended to yield additional bonus up to 30-50h games

Blood infection:


  • Lowers Strength by 10%


  • 25% Chance when hitting a dead body
  • 25% Chance when hit physically while bloody

Food poisoning:


  • Lowers Fullness, Thirst, Health and Energy gain from food by 10%


  • 20% Chance when eating spoilt food
  • 100% Chance when receiving poison arrow

Simplified Explanation[edit | edit source]

Let's say you want to increase your strength.

First off, you need to eat two meats per day. It can be any type of meat, cooked or dried. If you are going to sleep and are hungry, make sure to eat before sleeping. Keep your thirst up at all times, above the X.

You can use berries to increase your energy or thirst throughout the day, but do not rely on it. If you have no access to meat, do not chop trees down with an axe until you can get back on schedule.

Strength will decrease if you have been undereating for a while and are chopping trees down, 5 or more.

Strength will increase while you are on a good meat eating schedule with little to no undereating, and have chopped around 7-8 trees each day.

Tree chopping is mechanically similar to hunger or thirst, in that it's a sort of timer that counts down constantly.

If you chop 5-8 trees at once, it will fill your 'tree meter' enough so that your strength will have the potential to increase.

If you chop 9 or more trees, your strength will have the potential to decrease.

Over time, the tree meter will reduce to zero, as with hunger or thirst, at around 6-7 trees per day (needs confirmation). You can over-exert yourself by chopping too many trees, which can stack up/accumulate. This means that if you chop 30 trees, you'll need to wait around 4 days before you have the potential to increase your strength again.

If you do over exert, just keep your meat eating schedule stabilized and it should eventually return to normal.

A good way to keep track of how many trees you need to chop is by looking at your stats. If your strength is not changing, then chop trees until it starts to increase (up arrow), then chop 3 more trees. Regularly check your stats, as with time you'll need to fill your tree meter up again.

Modern axe is the best tool for chopping trees down. Axes count towards your tree meter when chopping. Chainsaws and explosives do NOT effect your tree meter. Use these when you want to avoid over-exerting.

Source: steam community app/242760/discussions/0/350533172694910536/

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