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A Speedrun is a playthrough of The Forest designed to beat the game and complete the story as quickly as possible. This can be accomplished with relatively few items and pretty quickly.

If you would like to compete with others, you can submit your runs here. There are different kind of categories and each one of them have individual rules so make sure to read them first before you start.

How To[edit | edit source]

  1. Start the game and loot all the suitcases near the airplane.
  2. Craft a crafted bow, and kill enough birds so that you have ~30 arrows.
  3. Make your way to the main cannibal village, and loot all the boxes found there.
  4. Make sure you have several molotov cocktails and 5 pain meds.
  5. Head to Cave 5's rope down entrance, either will do. Get the rebreather and complete the cave, popping out next to Goose Lake.
  6. From Goose Lake, head towards the beach and the entrance to Cave 6. Run through Cave 6, going to the room with the Armsy and a few babies. Get the keycard.
  7. Make sure you have those meds, at least 30 arrows (most preferably fire arrows), and your molotov cocktails.
  8. From Cave 6, you can choose to head north to Cave 7, to go down into the Sinkhole the proper way, or you can alternatively choose to head straight to the Sinkhole with your meds and slide down the walls, healing as you go, until you're at the bottom.
  9. Jump up on the rocks in the sinkhole, ignoring the enemies. Hop down into the water, and dive your way to Cave HC. Run through, and don't bother stopping for enemies. You'll reach the vault door.
  10. Congratulations, now you have reached the "end area", and have several cutscenes ahead as you complete the lab.