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There are heaps of different spawning locations which will be chosen randomly when the player starts a new game.

A new game will begin in the back half of the plane, which contains various goods like consumables, and a plane axe. Scattered around the body of the plane are items needed for crafting and building, for example rocks and circuit boards. Generally, it seems that the spawns are near the beach.

Spawn 1: In front of the beach side with the crashed boat.

Spawn 2: Elevated above and near the beach, also by a mutant camp, which is also on the beach. Heading downwards to the left, you can find an island, which is a good place to set up your base.

Spawn 3: In the middle of the forest with a small walk towards the beach side with the crashed boat. Near the first spawn.

Spawn 4: More inland near a pit like area. Nearby are some cliffs which will result in death if you feel like walking down them.