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The album cover.

The Original Game Soundtrack of The Forest is composed by Gabe Castro. (Official website)

Currently, most music tracks have been removed or not added to the game. The developers stated, words to effect of It was too repeatitive and took away their intended vibe they wanted from the game. We hope to add more tracks, though we need to make sure they fit into the game and that they don't take away immersion. The soundtrack is currently unreleased ; an official digital version will be available when the game will get its final version (confirmed by the composer). All the music can be viewed and seen on YouTube via the links below.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

The soundtrack can be listened on the composer's YouTube channel.

01 - Main Menu Theme
02 - Timmy
03 - Geese Lake
04 - Combat
05 - Megan
06 - Epilogue
07 - Credits
08 - Combat (Old)
09 - Cave/Final Boss
10 - Village
11 - Cannibal Village Redux
12 - Theme (Old)
13 - Cassette Tape 1
Fatal Request - "Stronghold"
14 - Cassette Tape 2
The Slaps - "No Conscience"
15 - Cassette Tape 3
Frankie Millionaire - "Do It"
16 - Cassette Tape 4
Wolf on Fire - "The Haunting"
17 - Cassette Tape 5
"Strength, Ability and Wisdom"
18 - Cassette Tape 6 (not in game)
Name Unknown
19 - Cassette Tape 7 (not in game)
Name Unknown
20 - Cassette Tape 8 (not in game)
Name Unknown
21 - PS4 Trailer Soundtrack
22 - Goodbye
23 - The End

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Switched walkman to right hand to make it possible to use fire key (LMB default) to turn it on and off instead of having it stuck on forever
v0.51b Fixed case of music not playing in epilogue
v0.33 Fixed wake up music playing at wrong time at start of game
v0.27 Held walkman playing music will alert nearby enemies now
v0.24 Fixed listening to walkman music not regenerating energy (works once per in game day) + the return of the flashing outline !
v0.18 Music added to player dragged away scene

Music (removed horror sting when player is sighted)

v0.13 (audio) Music sting added when player is woken up by enemies

(audio) New music sting added when an important item or location is discovered

v0.11 Audio – Lowered chance to cave combat music playing
v0.10 Delay added to combat music so it won’t continuously trigger when entering in/out of combat
v0.08b Fixed music in plane sequence off by a few seconds

Tweaked how and when combat/stress music plays

v0.08b Music volume now has it’s own slider in options menu
v0.07 Energy bar now flashes when playing music to make clear that your stamina is getting a boost
v0.06 musical sting added to player waking up on plane