Shipwreck Cave

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Cave 11 - Shipwreck Cave
Official Names
Shipwreck Cave
Player Given Names
Cave 11
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The Shipwreck Cave or cave 11 is found in the very southwest corner of the map slightly further from the anchor symbol and west of the yacht. It can be entered by swimming into the wreck of an old ship and swimming down into a cave entrance found in a hole of the ship's hull. The cave itself is very small and has no enemy mutants that spawn naturally. In the center of the wall on the far end of the cave, there is a drawing of what seems to be the ship before it was destroyed.

Items[edit | edit source]

The player can find the crossbow under the drawing of the ship as well as several bolts on the right side of the cave. In the far right corner of the cave the player can find the first schematic which once accessed allows for the construction of the cross, the church, and the coffin. It is recommended to carry a rebreather when exploring the cave.

Gallery[edit | edit source]