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Disambig.png This article is about the animal found near the sea, for the animal found further inland, see Tortoise

Sea Turtle
Caretta caretta
Added in
Near the beaches
1 Turtle Shell
2 Meat
1 Tortoise Head
Takes less damaged when hit on the shell.

Sea Turtles are passive animals that spawn along beaches, and can be seen emerging from the ocean or dragging themselves along close to shore.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Being aquatic turtles, they move slowly across land and are easy prey. As of v0.25, they have no animations other than crawling, and seem to have no real goal after coming ashore. They drop one turtle shell, which can be used to craft the water collector, or as a sled as of v0.67, and two meats, which can be cooked or dried and eaten.

Unlike the tortoise, they are very easy to kill and almost always die after a single strike.

Turtle Meat Turtle

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They appear to be based on Chelonia mydas, the green sea turtle.
  • Turtles have no collision whilst swimming

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.65 Animals now appear bloody when struck

(Dedicated Servers) Fixed animal pool not getting cleaned up properly when leaving the game to title screen, leaving further runs with no visible animals when playing as client

v0.64 Audio – Flintlock bullets now have impact sfx for plants, mutants, animals and other world objects.
v0.63 (Dedicated Servers) Fixed turtles behaviour on dedicated servers.

(multiplayer) Improved performance issue when hitting animals with arrows

(multiplayer) Fixed Arrows stuck in animals not being synced correctly between players

v0.62 Fixed animals not reacting to being struck by thrown rocks or low damage weapons

All animals now explode into chunks when hit by explosives (Multiplayer) Arrows in birds and animals should now be visible and retrievable by both players

v0.50 Tortoises now have same drop as turtles
v0.40 (Multiplayer) Fixed red sphere showing under turtles for clients
v0.38 Limited the amount of turtles that can spawn over time
v0.34 Fixed turtles intersecting each other all the time
v0.33 Position of axe tip is now dynamically adjusted when hitting crocodiles/turtles and other objects
v0.30 More turtles added to beaches and islands around the world

(Balance) Halved amount of meat turtles provide

v0.19 (multiplayer) Fixed bug where killed turtles would give infinite shells and no meat for client players
v0.14 Turtle shell added to game and drop

Turtles now provide 2 delicious pieces of generic meat

v0.08b Less bunching up on turtles
v0.06b Turtles can now be killed by repeatedly hitting shell (although hitting them in head is much quicker)
v0.06 Fixed missing turtles on main beach
v0.05 Fixed missing turtles on main beach
v0.02 Lowered health on turtle
v0.01 Turtles added to the game

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