Scorpion's Survival Guide to The Forest

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Note "Work in Progress"[edit | edit source]

This guide focuses on true survival and not the use of glitches, cheating, or hacking; if you contribute to this page please keep that in mind. As further patches are released and the Peninsula becomes bigger and more dangerous this guide will also be updated to further increase our knowledge and chances of survival. The content on this page is a collaboration of tips posted by other people as well as from my own experience.

Update: With the new update out I'm going over the new items and working on the base locations, as well as the 'Getting Your bearings' segment hopefully will be up within the next week or so.

Update 2: So its been about 4 years since I last played The Forest back in Alpha and I was surprised to see this guide I started is still on here. I recently got the game again on PS4 along with some friends and we have been playing it quite a bit so with that said I'm going to try and see if I can continue this guide with their help. At the very least I should be able to add some stuff to existing pages because I really am enjoying this game a lot again.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

"The best tactics are passed on by the Survivors"

In this guide you will find general tips as well as advanced tactics on surviving the unforgiving trails within The Forest. From scavenging food, to combating its inhabitants, to exploring the landscape. We will be going deep into detail on nearly every single aspect of The Forest, including...

  • Food Sources
  • Combat Tactics
  • Exploring
  • Crafting
  • Base Locations and Defense Tactics
  • The Cannibals
  • The Wildlife
  • Items And Their Uses
  • The Caves Beneath The Surface
  • Resource Gathering

Your trail starts now.....

Surviving The Plane Crash[edit | edit source]

Right after the cutscene, when you have control over the survivor, immediately grab all of the supplies within the plane's interior. You don't want to spend a second longer in the area than you have to.

Items within the plane:

Upon exiting the plane, use your plane axe to bash open the suitcases from the wreckage and grab the loot inside. Grab the circuit boards on the side of the plane as well, as they can be used for crafting bombs. There are usually some rabbits and lizards roaming near the crash site, so kill at least one of each and take them for food. If you can, kill some extra lizards and use their skin for Armor. Before leaving, grab 5 rocks and 9 sticks. They are plentiful in the area and only take a few seconds to gather. Now that you have some supplies, food, and a weapon, its time to get moving as the cannibals are on their way to investigate the plane crash.

Items within the suitcases:

Objects found near the plane crash[edit | edit source]

  • Rocks (used for several different recipes found within the handbook)
  • Branches (used for several different recipes found within the handbook)
  • Trees (can be chopped down with an axe to turn into 3+ logs depending on tree size)
  • Lizards (kill and collect meat/skin)
  • Birds (kill and collect feathers)

Getting Your Bearings[edit | edit source]

Head to the nearest body of water, preferably a beach, and use a map to gather yourself as to where you are at.