Regular Mutant

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Regular Mutants
A group of regular mutants
Also known as
Normal Mutants, Cannibals
Added in
Above ground only
Weapon(s) used
Club - Males Only
Single, Double, Triple Strike
Leap Attack
Semi Passive Aggressive
Spawns on Day
Day 1
Normal - Male: 20 / Female: 17 / Leader: 20
Hard/HS - Male: 40 / Female: 34 / Leader : 40
Normal - Male: 52 / Female: 71 / Leader: 104
Hard/HS - Male: 91 / Female: 115 / Leader : 130
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
100% more on hard modes
Building Damage
100% more on hard modes
Health Diff
75% more on hard modes
Spawn Chance
Same on all modes
Attack Chance
150% more likely to on hard modes
Follow Up Attack Chance
150% more likely on hard modes
Fire Damage Resistance
50% LESS damage on hard modes
Heavy Attack Knock Down Chance
75% LESS likely to be knocked down

Regular mutants, or normal mutants, or regular cannibals, are the most common type of mutants, they were added in update v0.01 to The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Most patrols of mutants consist of 2-4 regular mutants and 1 Mutant Leader. They are the most human looking and common variety of all the mutants. They are the main "group" of mutants, from which the skinny mutants seem to have split off. The males may be decorated with human skulls, masks, bones, feathers, etc., sometimes wearing necklaces made out of CDs or makeshift lamps over their heads attached to poles on their backs, and can wield crafted clubs and other primitive weapons. It seems that males wear more adornments as they rank higher. The females wear only skirts or are naked, and mostly do not carry weapons. They seem to know the peninsula very well, obtaining animals like frogs and snakes for their effigies and weapons. Regular mutants begin the game initially neutral to the player, but player actions can increase hostility to the point of immediate attack upon encounter by the mutants. It is also possible to "tame" the mutants (Have them not attack you/be more docile). This is done by taking something with decent block and blocking their attacks, until they eventually show signs of neutrality towards the player. There is more on this Here.

The female varieties come both with hair and bald, as seen on the side. The skin of the female varieties tends to be than of their male counterparts.

Regular mutants, like the rest, can easily jump over stone walls 1 or 2 layers high.

Regular Mutants are the most human looking and common variety of all the mutants. They travel in the most organized patrols, walking on two feet, watching over camps and searching for the player. They are also the only mutants to display religious reverence by praying often.

Male Regular Mutants[edit | edit source]

All males appear to be bald, wearing white warpaint (perhaps obtained combining sap with snowberries?) And various ornaments, depending on the rank. All seem to be left-handed, even if they also use to hit their foes with their free right hands too.

Female Regular Mutants[edit | edit source]

Females do not seem to be allowed to carry any weapon or warpaint, but they are still allowed to participate in fights, very often charging the player first. It appears there are three variants, hair with clothing, bald with clothing, bald and naked.

Leader Regular Mutants[edit | edit source]

The Normal Mutant Leader has a different appearance than normal mutants. They are often decorated with human skulls and often wear a necklace made out of CDs or a makeshift flashlight attached to his head. There is also a chance to see leaders wearing some cut off arms on the back/neck. They nearly always can be found leading a scouting party with two or more other mutants and they seem to be important to their tribe. The extra limbs they carry as decoration cannot be burned for bones. They often drop a Club when killed. Mutant Leaders are stronger than regular mutants, requiring more hits to kill.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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