Rabbit Meat

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Rabbit Meat
Rabbit Meat
Added in
Item type
Obtained through
Drying Rack
Max. Stack

Rabbit Meat is a food item that is obtained by picking up a dead rabbit that has been skinned.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The meat cannot be eaten raw and must be cooked on a fire, stewed or dried on a drying rack. In order to be eaten the meat must be cooked on a fire or dried on a drying rack. When eaten, it restores hunger, energy, and health depending on it state.

Spoilt Meat of any kind has a 20% chance of causing food poisoning to the player. If this occurs, use aloe to heal.

Meat mechanics[edit source]

Meat can be dried, cooked, and stewed. They also have different states being fresh, edible, spoiled, and burnt. The meat can be selected from the inventory (except stews) or cycling through on the fire or drying rack, here is what each icon represents for each meat:

Cooking[edit source]

  • All meats can be cooked on basic fires, fire pits, and bonfires
  • Meat on a fire will burn if it is left for 90 seconds or longer
  • Burnt meat has only one state, regardless if it was spoiled or fresh it will have the same value. This can make spoiled meat more viable. However, burned meat will reduce hydration by 10 in normal and hard mode
  • If a fire dies while cooking meat, the meat will be removed from the fire
  • Legs and Arms won't burn, they will turn into bones instead
  • Heads can be placed on a fire though it cannot be consumed and it will turn into a skull

Drying[edit source]

  • All meats can be dried with the exception of small meat
  • It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for meat to dry once placed. If it is removed, it will reset the timer
  • Dried meat can be removed from the rack and placed in the inventory by pressing the E key
  • Dried meat can be eaten from the rack by holding down the E key
  • The meat can sometimes appear 'black' in color on the rack. If this is eaten from the rack, it will have very minimal benefit. This appears to be a bug. To prevent this, place it in your inventory first
  • Dried meat can not be assigned to a quick select slot, this can catch players off guard and they can accidentally eat the meat instead
  • Dried meat will reduce hydration by 5 in normal and hard mode. In hard survival it will reduce it by 20.

Stewing[edit source]

  • All meats can be placed in stews
  • Meats are classed as a meat ingredient, out of the three known ingredients for stews. Oysters aren't classed as meat
  • All meats have their current state properties removed when stewing, this means that spoiled meat is exactly the same as fresh meat
  • Calories of meat are exactly the same in stews as they are normally

Known Bugs and Exploits[edit | edit source]

  • In Multiplayer mode, Rabbit Meat, Fish Meat, Meat, and Lizard Meat that has spoiled can be dropped and picked up by another player to reset its spoil timer, allowing the meat to be cooked or dried once again.
  • In Multiplayer mode, dropping Rabbit Meat causes the rabbit to be reset, allowing it to be skinned again for unlimited fur.