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Pale Mutant
Pale Mutant
Also known as
Large Pale
Grey Cannibal
Pale Cannibal
Added in
Caves mostly
Rarely Above ground
Weapon(s) used
Very rarely carries weapons:
Single, Double, Triple Strike
Leap Attack
High damage weapons / or fast weapons
Spawns on Day
Day 6
Normal: 24
Hard/HS: 36
Normal: 70
Hard/HS: 122
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
65% more on hard modes
Building Damage
100% more on hard modes
Health Diff
75% more on hard modes
Spawn Chance
50% more on hard modes
Attack Chance
150% more likely to on hard modes
Follow Up Attack Chance
150% more likely on hard modes
Fire Damage Resistance
50% LESS damage on hard modes
Heavy Attack Knock Down Chance
75% LESS likely to be knocked down

Pale Mutants, are large mutants with dark blue/grey skin, with completely white eyes, no body hair of any kind, no clothing or adornments. They were added in update v0.01 to The Forest

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Pale mutants will often be found traveling together with skinny pale mutants or found in caves together. Pale mutants stand tall, and move in a very human like manner. They, along side skinny pale mutants, are the only kind of mutants found in the caves. Pale mutants have the same complexion as skinny pale mutants and are slightly larger than them.

They often travel with a single mutant or in groups of up to 5 members. The pale mutants are slightly larger than regular mutants, with a more human appearance and stature, and sometimes patrol villages. They all appear as male, their screams and pain laments less than human.

The only inhabitants of caves, it's unknown whether they are those who hanged the passengers to the caves' ceilings, and created light sources and furniture in caves, due to their animalistic nature. They often sleep attached the caves' ceilings, almost like bats, and carry weapons, sticks or clubs are the only current weapon they use.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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