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Salt-water bivalve molluscs
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Ocean floor
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Oysters are meat food items that were added in update v0.23 of The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

They are technically an animal though they have no properties of an animal in the game. They can be picked up from certain locations in the ocean and stored in the inventory. Once picked up, oysters appear in the player's inventory. From here they can be directly eaten without further cooking or preparation. They can be used in stews as extras, though they do not count as an ingredient.

As with other meats, oysters spoil in a matter of days. They can be difficult to find due to their size and the blurring effect of the ocean water, though up close they do stand out. They can be placed in stews or eaten on the go similar to snacks.

Despite oysters making a water slurping noise when consumed, they do not affect thirst, only hunger.

When oysters become spoiled, they do not provide any hunger benefits when consumed. They will also damage the player, though the damage is dependent on the difficulty. It is best to discard spoiled oysters by right clicking on them.

Location[edit | edit source]

Especially in the early game, oysters can be tricky to find. They tend to spawn in deep waters, making the rebreather a good tool for aiding in the search.

Possible locations for finding oysters include the ocean floor near the yacht. This makes the ship itself an excellent "base" for collecting oysters, especially as the player can board it in between dives, sleep, and save.

Another quite accessible location is around the anchor stuck in the shallow waters right across the hill where the big tree stands, starting from the yacht's bay. While there are fewer oysters to be found, the location might be more useful for players not fond of diving for extended periods, as the floor can be seen without going underwater.

Keep in mind, the oysters are in waters which go over your head, so always be on the lookout for sharks.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.71b Fixed blue berries, soda, fish, generic meat and oysters yielding wrong calories amount or having wrong displayed amount
v0.56 (Multiplayer) Fixed dropping spoilt oysters
v0.55 Fixed spoilt oysters not drop-able from the inventory
v0.50 Fixed eating spoilt oysters not having the spoilt meat poison effect
v0.47 Fixed eating oysters not working
v0.35 Fixed oysters starting with the “none” decay state
v0.23b Fixed bug where most oyster spawners were placed too far below sea level and set to wrong terrain texture – making them extremely rare. Also fixed issue where they wouldn’t be visible, only the pickup icon in rare case they were found
v0.23 Oysters added to the game

Oysters can be found in ocean, can be stored in backpack and eaten but has limited shelf life

We’ve also added oysters to the game, but so far no one on the team has been able to find them.

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