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Objects are game items that cannot be interacted with, they cannot be collected, picked up, or broken to access other items. These items can be part of the story or just a decoration.

Sleeping Bags[edit | edit source]

Sleeping Bags can be found all over the peninsula at abandoned camps.
They don't allow for saving and sleeping, unlike modern tents, and simply serve as decorations.

Version Changes
v0.27 Sleeping bag models added to caves

(Art) new sleeping bags (and bloody alternate)

Cobweb[edit | edit source]

Cobwebs are objects that can be found in The Forest that currently serve no use other than as decoration.

Cameras[edit | edit source]

Cameras can be found around some abandoned camps or as part of a certain type of cannibal effigy.
Currently they're only serve as and have no other uses.

The camera appears to be an ARRICAM 35 MM Film Camera. Note this is slightly odd, as digital video cameras seemed to exist during the events of The Forest, and in the real world, the ARRICAM's body is by itself 20 pounds, making it almost impossible to man handle.

Lanterns[edit | edit source]

Lanterns can be in the caves and in abandoned camp. They give off too little light to improve vision notably.

Wooden Planks[edit | edit source]

An example of some of the planks seen in a cave. These planks led to the Stone Door.

Wooden Planks are a structure that spawn in caves that prohibit movement through a passage. They can be broken by a melee weapon, except for spears. They can occasionally can be seen adorned in crosses in certain caves.