Obelisk Photo

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Obelisk Photo
Obelisk Photo
Added in
Item type
The Forest Map
Obtained through
Stores in the Survival Guide
Other Effects
Item code 249
Max. Stack

The Obelisk Photo is a collectable story item found in Cave 6, right before the player descends down to the Armsy and babies that guard the keycard. It, along with the Obelisk Drawings and Obelisk Sketch, serves as a sneak peek to the Resurrection Obelisk before the player actually finds it. Upon discovery, the player will examine it before adding it to the notes section of the survival guide. Unlike the Obelisk in its current state, this photo shows the Obelisk not surrounded by wires, machinery, floors, and walls.

Theory[edit | edit source]

Theory 1) The Obelisk Photo was taken by a Sahara employee before they built the lab up around it. That is why it is found so close to the keycard, which also comes from a Sahara employee.

Theory 2) This photo was taken by an intrepid explorer who found the Obelisk, who then released the information to the Ethical Scientist Magazine. Someone seeking the Obelisk and its power (possibly a Yacht inhabitant) took the obelisk photo and the magazine, the only clues they could find, on their journey to find the Obelisk. They were unsuccessful, ending up in the cavern of bodies with only their magazine and photo left behind (along with a mangled corpse).

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