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Movement speed refers to how fast the player can move, aswell as animals, mutants and creepy mutants.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Player movement speed is reduced by 15% on both sand and snow. The player can use snowshoes to walk faster on snow, though it appears to have no effect on sand. All mutants move faster than the player. Cowmen, when charging move much faster than the player and mutants. The player moves faster than virginias and armsies even when they are charging. Deer move faster than the player when running. Sharks swim faster than the player, the longer a shark charges at the player, the faster it becomes. The player has the same movement speed as lizards and rabbits. The player is faster than all other animals not mentioned.

Player movement speed[edit | edit source]

Rated from fastest to slowest (estimation)

  1. Freestanding zipline and Tree zipline
  2. Turtle shell sledding
  3. Small Raft
  4. House Boat
  5. Large Raft
  6. Sprinting
  7. Swimming (Sprint)
  8. Walking
  9. Swimming (No sprint)
  10. Crouching

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.71 Fixed players sometimes swimming at wrong speed after colliding with ROV objects when underwater
v0.70 Fixed opening survival book while holding megan causing player to move at wrong speed
v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed rafts moving at different speeds sometimes
v0.66 Lowered overall movement speed while attacking with chainsaw
v0.57 Fixed running while crouching speed being applied inconsistently
v0.56 Fixed player moving at wrong speed when climbing walls at very low fps
v0.38 (balance) Increased speed and aggressiveness of large pale mutants
v0.37 Increased speed/aggressiveness of cowman mutant
v0.32 Clamped diagonal player movement speed slightly
v0.32 Slightly increased raft movement speed
v0.25 Increased player swim upwards speed
v0.19 Player feet sink slightly now when walking through sand and speed is slightly reduced
v0.18 Player crouch speed is now set correctly

Fixed bug where animals would sometimes dart off at super speed

Increased speed of deer to make chasing it down less viable

v0.17 Swimming upwards is now faster than swimming down. Added more drifty movement when swimming to feel more like being in water. Improved swim/dive speeds. Can now jump properly if in water and pressed again an object to get out.
v0.13 (audio)Fixed bug where bush rustle sound effect would sometimes not play if player was running full speed and at an angle
v0.11 Skinny enemies – increased speed, added in some missing animations. Increased health slightly. Will now travel in groups of up to 3 making them more of a threat.