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Map cave 2
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Cave map 2
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Would highlight area on screen
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Map cave 2 was a collectible item in The Forest. It was added to the game in update v0.13 and removed later in v0.48. It is believe that the removal for the item was that it became redundant with the upgrades to map system.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

It could be found near a dead body in the cave systems. It's a hand drawn map with shiny sticker stars on it. It was stored in the inventory once picked up and It could be equipped in your right hand. While using it in caves, your left hand would point to your position on the map. If you were outside, you will see a red cave mark in the direction of the cave.

The map is believed to have been drawn by Timmy, as many drawings are also found in the plane. It's an assumption that it could be part of the story in the future.

Console Commands[edit | edit source]

Cave map 2 appears to be in the game files and can possibly be added using console commands, though this requires further testing (I tested it with ModAPI Ultimate Cheat Menu and using console commands and had no luck, will require further testing --Farket8238 (talk))

Here are the commands for cave map 2:

  • additem 139
  • spawnitem 139
  • removeitem 139

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.48 Map cave 2 removed from the game

Caves – removed old map pick up

v0.15 When holding map in cave player will point to his current rough location.
v0.13 Map cave 2 added to the game

Cave 2 crayon map drawing with shiny sticker stars on it added as a collectible item. (hint: try and find locations of stars)