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Lookout Posts, also referred to in some patch notes as Fishing Stands, are structures that appear to be created by the cannibals, though they are never seen using the posts. They are long and tall, seemingly made up of the same driftwood as the cannibal camps located near water. They are all located near water of some kind, whether that be a beach, pond, or river.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Cannibals have not been seen using the structures, however it is obvious from their design that the lookout posts are meant to be climbed in order to scout out the surrounding area. The player can use it for this purpose, or you can climb up and away from hungry cannibals below. Lookout posts cannot be destroyed by cannibals or mutants, making them extremely useful for fighting enemies if the player has ranged weaponry such as a bow.

Locations[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png - 2x lookout posts in the water near the Crocodile Village, there are crocodiles surrounding these ones.
IconTheForestMap.png - 2x lookout posts in the Crocodile Village itself, one is a bit further away at a pond.
IconTheForestMap.png - 3x lookout posts at Geese Lake, 2 are in the water, one is on the land.
IconTheForestMap.png - 2x lookout posts not far from the Shipping Containers.
IconTheForestMap.png - 1 or 2 at the Lakeside Village.

Items at the top of them[edit | edit source]

There are number of different types of items that the player can find at the top of these towers. Sometimes they can have none, and sometimes they can have 5 or more on just one tower. Here is a list of the types of items you may find:
IconCircuitboard.png Circuit Board
IconSoda.png Soda
IconCash.png Cash
IconCoins.png Coins
IconMeds.png Meds (Pills)
IconTennisBall.png Tennis Ball