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Log Sled
Log Sled
Added in
Item Type
Stores and moves various items
Has many bugs, see below
Not operable in Caves
Doesn't work in water
Doesn't travel onto cranes
Can't store corpses in Multiplayer
Other Effects
Buildable on
Land only
Invulnerable to enemies

The Log Sled is a moveable storage structure that was added to the game in v0.07.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Log Sled can be used to store and transport logs , rocks , sticks and bodies. The Log Sled is immune to almost everything in the game, it is immune to cannibals, mutants, physical attacks, explosives and possibly more. If you wish to remove a log sled, you can use the Hole Cutter.

The log sled can carry the following items and their amount:

To place sticks or rocks onto the sled, press 'R' on the icon until you find the desired item, then press 'C'. To pick something up, press 'E'. The log sled can be pushed by pressing and holding 'E' for a second. To place logs or a corpse, have the item picked up, then press 'C' on the log sled. To pick something up, press 'E'. The sled can be pushed by pressing and holding 'E' for a second.

Building[edit | edit source]


Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • When positioned awkwardly, and equipped/pushed, the log sled will glitch, and show the player's hand still holding whatever tool was previously equipped. If an attempt is made to let go of the sled, you will promptly fall through the map.
  • Sometimes it will not show you can let go, making it almost impossible to get rid of it. When you come back from saving and exiting, the log sled will be gone.
  • When opening a saved game, it is possible that the sled will spawn in the air some ways from its original location, and fall.
  • Occasionally entering or exiting caves may cause some sleds to disappear.
  • The sled doesn't fit through doors, but if the player tries to equip it from the other side of the door then he and the sled might be catapulted into the air allowing him to "hop the fence" with the sled and thus free it in case the sled has been walled in without the need to destroy a wall (experienced in version 0.19).
  • Placing a body in the sled causes it to flip upside down and shake vigorously, when you grab the sled it will shoot you up in the air and continue to, until you let go and fall to your death or aim for a water source.
  • If constructed in multiplayer, it will created a sled for each player that can be maneuvered for log teleportation/infinite logs.
  • Sometimes you can not pick up logs from the Log Sled in multiplayer.
  • If you transferred a SP/MP save to MP/SP, most sleds will not work. (you cannot control them anyways)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.07 Log sled added to the game.
v0.09b (multiplayer) Fixed bug where rock holder/log holder/log sled use/construction could cause clients to be kicked from game
v0.10 Log sled is now "grabbed" and can be pushed and pulled more fluently.
v0.13 Improved log sled pushing – less jitter and glitches when pushing sled close to other objects
v0.14 (multiplayer) Fixed Log sled position and contents not syncing correctly
v0.15 Fixed bugs that would sometimes cause log sled to fall through world. log sled should now collide with boulders and cliffs. Fixed log sled audio playing drop noise when in its trigger or being pushed. Log sled now casts a shadow
v0.18 Fixed numerous issues with log sleds!

(multiplayer) Fixed all issues with log sled

v0.19 (multiplayer) Fixed issues with log sled after loading a saved multiplayer game
v0.20 (multiplayer) Fixed log sled grab icon staying up when targeting the trigger while another player grabs it

Enemies can now jump the log sled!

v0.21 Fixed bugs with log sled when grabbing/letting go while on a foundation
v0.21c (multiplayer)Fixed issue where players could be teleported to log sled across map in some cases
v0.22 It is no longer possible to pick things up while pushing the log sled
v0.24 Log sleds can now hold 15 rocks.
v0.25 Fixed bug where bodies could not be placed in Log Sled when carrying rocks.
v0.27 Log sled now costs 21 sticks to make (previously 15).

(Performance) optimized cpu usage on log sled

v0.30 Fixed bug where player being hit by swinging rock trap whilst holding log sled could break game
v0.31 Log sled now holds 11 logs (previously 7).

Log sled now has a colored flag. Smoother player rotation while pushing the log sled New image for Log Sled in Survival Book to make it clearer

v0.31b (Multiplayer) Fixed bug with sled where additional logs past 8 would appear to hover in the air until log sled was released
v0.33d (multiplayer)Fixed log sled not working correctly for host player
v0.35 Fixed log sled movement glitches when driven over a happy birthday trap
v0.40 Fixed log sleds not colliding with other log sleds

Fixed log sled getting stuck to player if hit while entering log sled

v0.42 Log sled can now transport up to 58 sticks
v0.53 Fixed player not grabbing log sled correctly if a bird is landing on his finger at the same time
v0.55 Fixed log sled glitching through terrain if grabbed and holding logs at the same time
v0.57 Fixed dropped logs not colliding with log sleds
v0.58 Fixed player movement getting locked sometimes when grabbling log sled while eating meat
v0.58 Improved collision on log sled when full of logs
v0.64 Fixed log sled freaking out when placing dead bodies into it
v0.67b Fixed issue with players being unable to let go of log sled unless hit or taking damage.
v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed client players sometimes getting launched into sky when letting go of log sleds

Optimized animator cpu usage when bodies are placed in log sleds

v0.69 Taking items from the sled while already at max capacity for that item will now drop it to the ground
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