Latin Paper

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Latin Paper
Latin Paper
Also known as
Missionary's Notes
Sinkhole Sketch
Sinkhole Photo
Added in
Item type
Cave 1
The Forest Map
Obtained through
Stores in Survival Guide
Max. Stack

The Latin Paper is a story item which contains lore of the peninsula.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Latin Paper can be found in Cave 1 near the sinkhole entrance. It is written in Latin and presents a gray picture of the Cenote. It seems to be referencing the mutant babies and Virginia. A rough translation can be found below. It appears, from this document, that the mutants predate Sahara's creation of the research lab, and that perhaps Sahara knew the side effects of the obelisk in advance.

Regardless, the priests attempted to use their crosses on the mutants, as well as traps, to no avail.

It also appears that the Virginia Sketch was created by the same person, though it is impossible to tell for certain. Each was sketched on paper seemingly with graphite, and both seem to belong to the Christian Missionaries, lending credence to the theory.

Translations[edit | edit source]

Due to the text being so difficult to read, there are multiple translations that have been provided

First Translation[edit | edit source]

Woman, Four legs,

you ought to be manifold-- I want to see-- [garbled text]

Movably I [garble] calloused.

[Pallide?] of connection. 3 [garbled]

deep things, a man halfway[?] sunk down.

Some certain infants are dead.

Not UNKLE [characteres?]

[garbled text] infants [garbled garbled] not [garbled text]

they aren't helpful OF A CROSS.

shackles you will toil and I would not ask [garbled] face

In his ways [garbled] OELENIFICUS don't!

Second Translation[edit | edit source]

Woman, four legs

Multiplying serious

Excellently moist skin Pale complexion The deep depressed rim

Some babies died

The uncle characteristics

Meaty infants, dogs

Cross did not help

Traps do not work, and you ask with his own ways out of the mouth

of the OELENIFICUS do not worry

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Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.18 Latin Paper added to the game

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