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Jumping is a type of move that launches the player into the air, similar to real life. Cannibals can also jump, they jump much further than the player and use it as an attack.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player can move around in the air whilst jumping. This can help the player navigate to where they want to land. Jumping doesn't use any stamina though it may burn calories. Jumping is required for a number of certain actions:

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.72 Fixed player head clipping through ceiling when crouch jumping
v0.71 Fixed a case of player throw animation getting stuck on after jumping
v0.70 Fixed player not performing proper downward jumping attack with a held rock
v0.68 Fixed player sometimes getting stuck if jumping and activating a bench
v0.66 You can now use equipped shell as a sled by jumping and doing a downward attack

Fixed player sometimes able to jump while crouched in vents and other tight areas

v0.62 It is now possible to jump when placing ghost buildings with a gamepad
v0.58 Players can no longer spam jump to get up vertical cliff faces around the world
v0.55 Frost damage will no longer occur while player is jumping or actively climbing a rope

Fixed jumping into water while lighting a cloth wrapped weapon causing lighter interactions to break

v0.46 Hitting the “Jump” button while having a valid crafting recipe on the crafting mat will now fulfill it
v0.45 Fixed shell attack not responding during jump
v0.43 (Multiplayer) Fixed gamepad not having same restrictions as keyboard when using chat, causing issues such as allowing to double jump and possibly breaking all input
v0.42 Fixed jumping axe attacks sometimes not registering hits on enemies
v0.41 Fixed being unable to block while jumping
v0.40 (Audio) Balanced tree wind in distance, tuned waterfall large, tuned snow footsteps and snow jump in wet
v0.39 Reduced rotation speed of enemies when doing jumping attacks, prevents enemies appearing to orbit around player position
v0.37 Increased water jump height slightly to make it easier to get onto raft while in water

Audio – new jump/land on snow sfx (Multiplayer) Fixed picking up logs in holder while jumping causing it to vanish, it now properly drops the log

v0.36 Fixed player being able to double jump while player menu is open in MP game

Removed sinkhole blocking collision, you can now jump down to your death if you like. Or if you have the climbing axe climb down! (or up) New rocks added in sinkhole to (hopefully) prevent players surviving jump in by landing in water Fixed Climbing axe halting player in mid-air if used on wall while falling/jumping

v0.35 Fixed heavy axe behaving like a stick if swung while jumping
v0.29 Fixed issues with player getting thrown upwards when jumping off raft into water
v0.28 Fixed drawn bow being automatically reset after jumping
v0.27 (Balance) Hitting an enemy with flying axe attack now does more damage based on height of the jump

Enemies can now jump over and interact with the rock holder Jumping onto small objects directly in front of player is now smoother/less glitchy (Audio) Mixing on: footstep jump

v0.26 Fixed enemies sometimes clipping through walls when jumping over rocks and other objects
v0.24 (Audio) underwater, swimming sounds, and jumping into water splash made louder

Fixed issues with jumping into water while holding story clues. Also prevented dropping those items

v0.23 (Audio) Fix jumping on ground when raining playing very watery sound

(Audio) Jumping on rocks plays rock sound

v0.22 Fixed player being able to double jump under certain conditions
v0.21 Swimming fixes: Player no longer shoots out of the water when breaking surface. Swimming animation turns off faster when exiting water. Fixed bounciness when walking in shallow water. Fixed animation glitch when jumping into shallow water.

Fixed player sliding while opening book whilst jumping (hopeful fix) for player occasionally flying into air when running and jumping at enemies. Fixed jump input occasionally not registering Fixed player sometimes not jumping when trying to get out of cave water

v0.19 You can now exit room behind metal door, by jumping into pool of water,swimming up, finding rope, jumping into another pool of water, and swimming up and exiting via… geese lake
v0.18 Player can no longer jump climb up steep colliders
v0.17 Improved character controller! No longer can climb up trees by jumping smoother walking over rocks, and a bunch of other small tweaks to make player feel better. Added “air control” to jumping, making it easier to make accurate jumps.

Swimming upwards is now faster than swimming down. Added more drifty movement when swimming to feel more like being in water. Improved swim/dive speeds. Can now jump properly if in water and pressed again an object to get out.

v0.16 Jump animation added to player

New combat move – Flying axe attack. Attack downwards with axe while jumping to perform a powerful ground chop.

v0.13 Player can no longer jump while pushing the sled

Player is no longer able to pick up logs while jumping, swimming, sailing raft or pushing sled

v0.12 (audio)Player jump breath and land sound effects added
v0.06 Moving forward, crouching, jumping or pressing e will make player stand up if sitting on bench
v0.01 Jumping added to the game