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Tested on version: v0.43c (being adapted for v0.54)
Work in Progress
English is not my native language (made clearer by community)

This guide is so over power (OP) you will find the game too easy to play that you might not feel any challenge at all.

Since this guide will teach you how to survive almost indefinitely (not tested), you can concentrate on the other aspect of the game, like building and crafting without worrying too much of your survival.

Towards the Sea[edit | edit source]

After you wake up in the plane, grab everything you can, then immediately head to the shoreline (provided you can find it) and look for the Abandoned Sailboat or Yacht.
It is extremely important that you find it because this is the gist of this guide. I have not tested the survival techniques in this guide in other game locations, though other locations might still work, or if the game can already allow sleeping and saving while the player is on a Houseboat or Raft while just floating on shallow waters, then it will still be doable.

The Gist[edit | edit source]

You may be wondering why that Sailboat is so important for this Safe Survival Guide. Not only because the cannibals have not learnt how to swim or float themselves on water, but you can also Save and Sleep inside the Sailboat safely and without worry. Though I have not tested it to an instance of the game where there are sharks around the area since my current gameplay has no sharks around it.

Usually, you will start freezing at night inside the Sailboat since you just got wet from swimming from the shoreline. But the freezing is easily countered by sleeping on the bed inside the Sailboat. After sleeping I recommend you save your game before you venture off again into the forest.

Infinite Food and Water[edit | edit source]

Your most important food and water source are the Sea Turtles. At the shorelines near the Sailboat, I found multiple Turtles spawn points. You can cook their meat and use their Turtle Shell to craft a Water Collector.

Food and Water Optimization[edit | edit source]

I optimised my food and water supply by crafting a Drying Rack just at the shoreline. You only need one. (I will try crafting a Drying Rack at the Sailboat and write here if it works). This is basically your Stove-And-Fridge-In-One! You don't even need to cook the meat, you just hang those raw meats there for a day, and voila! You can eat them on the spot. For now, I haven't experience having spoiled meat on my Drying Rack. You can even dry and eat cannibal's legs and arms, eww.
About the water, well just craft a lot of Water Collector at the shoreline (I will try crafting a Water Collector at the Sailboat and write here if it works). You just need 1 Turtle Shell and 4 Sticks to craft one.

Safe Survival Routine[edit | edit source]

Here's how I survive using this guide:

  1. Morning, after waking up at the Sailboat, Save your game.
  2. On top of the Sailboat, scout and watch out if there are any cannibal scouts in the area. Go to the land if none are around.
  3. Start the day by eating food from your Drying Rack and drinking water from your Water Collector.
  4. After that, you can do anything you like. Just be sure to arrive at the Sailboat before nightfall and then Sleep.
  5. If cannibals found you, you can either kill them, lose them or retreat to the Sailboat. They can't get to you, they will just leave you alone or they're already gone when you wake up the next day.
  6. Rinse and repeat =)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Thank you for reading. I hope this guide works for you.
--Jhepong24 (talk) 16:59, 4 September 2016 (UTC)
The author is an avid fan of survival games.
He has also made a Survival Walkthrough of Don't Starve in its beta stages