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Backpack filled with various items.

Item List[edit | edit source]

These items are objects that can be collected and used by the player.

IconAirCanister.png Air Canister
IconAloe.png Aloe Vera
IconArm.png Arm
IconArrow.png Arrow
IconBoneArrow.png Bone Arrow
IconFireArrow.png Fire Arrow
IconRequired.png Modern Arrow
IconPoisonArrow.png Poison Arrow
IconBatteries.png Batteries
IconBlueberry.png Blueberries
IconSnowberries.png Snowberries
IconTwinberry.png Twinberries
IconBluePaint.png Blue Paint
IconBone.png Bone
IconBoneArmor.png Bone Armor
IconBooze.png Booze
IconBomb.png Bomb
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder
IconCash.png Cash
IconCassettePlayer.png Cassette Player
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette Tape
IconChainsaw.png Chainsaw
IconChicory.png Chicory
IconCircuitboard.png Circuit Board
IconClimbingAxe.png Climbing Axe
IconCloth.png Cloth
IconClub.png Club
IconCoins.png Coins
IconCompass.png Compass
IconConeflower.png Coneflower
IconCraftedAxe.png Crafted Axe
IconCraftedBow.png Crafted Bow
IconCraftedClub.png Crafted Club
IconDeerSkin.png Deer Skin
IconDynamite.png Dynamite
IconRequired.png Electrical Tape
IconEnergyMix.png Energy Mix
IconEnergyMixPlus.png Energy Mix +
IconFeather.png Feather
IconFish.png Fish
IconFlashlight.png Flashlight
IconFlare.png Flare
IconFlareGun.png Flare Gun
IconFlareGunAmmo.png Flare Gun Ammo
IconFlintlockPistol.png Flintlock Pistol
IconFuel.png Fuel Can
IconLargeGenericMeat.png Generic Meat
IconHead.png Head
IconHeadBomb.png Head Bomb
IconHealthMix.png Herbal Medicines
IconKatana.png Katana
IconKeycard.png Keycard
IconLeaf.png Leaves
IconLeg.png Leg
IconLighter.png Lighter
IconLizardMeat.png Lizard Meat
IconLizardSkin.png Lizard Skin
IconMachete.png Machete
IconMap.png Map
IconMarigold.png Marigold
IconMedsPlus.png Meds+ (Herbal Medicine+)
IconMeds.png Meds (Pills)
IconMetalTray.png Metal Tin Tray
IconModernAxe.png Modern Axe
IconModernBow.png Modern Bow
IconMolotov.png Molotov
IconAmanitaMushroom.png Amanita Mushroom
IconChanterelleMushroom.png Chanterelle Mushroom
IconDeerMushroom.png Deer Mushroom
IconJackMushroom.png Jack Mushroom
IconPuffMushroom.png Liberty Cap Mushroom
IconLibertyCap.png Puff Mushroom
IconGunAmmo.png Old Gun Ammo
IconOldPot.png Old Pot
IconOrangePaint.png Orange Paint
IconOyster.png Oyster
IconPassengerManifest.png Passenger Manifest
IconPedometer.png Pedometer
IconPlaneAxe.png Plane Axe
IconPouch.png Pouch
IconQuiver.png Quiver
IconRabbitFur.png Rabbit Fur
IconRabbitFurBoots.png Rabbit Fur Boots
IconRabbitMeat.png Rabbit Meat
IconRebreather.png Rebreather
IconRepairTool.png Repair Tool
IconRock.png Rock
IconRockBag.png Rock Bag
IconRope.png Rope
IconRustyAxe.png Rusty Axe
IconRequired.png Second Keycard
IconRequired.png Seeds
IconSkull.png Skull
IconRequired.png Slingshot
IconSmallGenericMeat.png Small Generic Meat
IconStealthArmor.png Stealth Armor
IconSnack.png Snack
IconSnowshoes.png Snowshoes
IconSoda.png Soda
IconStick.png Stick
IconStickBag.png Stick Bag
IconStickyBomb.png Sticky Bomb
IconSurvivalGuide.png Survival Guide
IconTooth.png Teeth
IconTennisRacket.png Tennis Racket
IconSmallRock.pngThrowable Rock
IconRequired.png Timmy Drawings
IconTimmysToy.png Toy
IconSap.png Tree Sap
IconTurtleShell.png Turtle Shell
IconUpgradedRock.png Upgraded Rock
IconUpgradedSpear.png Upgraded Spear
IconUpgradedStick.png Upgraded Stick
IconWalkyTalky.png Walkie-Talkie
IconWaterskin.png Water Skin
IconSpear.png Weak Spear
IconWristwatch.png Wrist Watch

Non-inventory items[edit | edit source]

There are some items that can only be interacted with, and cannot be placed in the inventory knapsack:

Story items[edit | edit source]

These are items that relate to the story. Most are collectable and can be stored in your inventory or in your survival guide, in the back pages:

Non interactive items[edit | edit source]

These are items that can be seen, though cannot be interacted with, picked up etc:

IconRequired.pngCharles: The Survival Man
IconArtifactSketch.png Obelisk Drawing

Items without pages[edit | edit source]

These items have not been added or need confirmation. They also include the item code for reference.

  • The Dark Haired Man Book - 203
  • Yacht Picture - 152
  • Sinkhole Photo - 154
  • Polaroid Teddy Bear - 182
  • Artifact Sketch 1 - 216
  • Artifact Sketch 2 - 217
  • Megan Polaroid - 219
  • Polaroid Keycard - 1
  • Polaroid Keycard - 2
  • Polaroid Keycard - 3
  • Restraining Order - 243
  • Termination Email - 244
  • Morgue Report - 245
  • Bible Page One - 246
  • Bible Page Two - 247
  • Megan Crayons - 248
  • Artifact Photo - 249
  • Artifact Photo - 250
  • Megan Drawing Dad - 251
  • Megan Drawing Unicorn - 252
  • Chainsaw Advertisement - 253
  • Megan Drawing Dinosaur - 254
  • Plane Email - 255
  • Megan Photo Email - 256