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This is a fan-made tutorial created by an unknown user.

First steps[edit | edit source]

The first steps (as the Guidebook says):

- Build the Hunting Shelter, so You can sleep, save and restore energy.
- Build small Basic fire Fire pit is recommended if possible to stay warm and dry on the wet nights and cook smaller animals.
- Kill lizards. The Lizard skin can then be left-clicked in the Inventory to be worn as armor. One Lizard skin fills up just a little more than 2/11ths of the armor bar.

To completely fill the armor bar 10 lizard skins are needed.

However, it is not recommended or advisable to wear the armor at all times as it incites the cannibal tribe members to attack upon sight. Instead wait to wear it until you are preparing for a difficult fight against a group of cannibals.

Protection[edit | edit source]

To protect your camp against cannibals, you can build effigies from various materials including cannibal body parts. Effigies, once built, must be lit with you lighter in order for it to work. To collect body parts, you must hit the corpse of a cannibal with a weapon.