Hunting Shelter

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Hunting Shelter
Hunting Shelter
Added in
Building Type
No protection from cold or rain
Other Effects
Has house icon & color is changeable
Buildable on
Land mostly

The hunting shelter is a sturdy shelter that can be slept and saved in indefinitely, it was added in update v0.01 of The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Hunting Shelter is one of several types of shelter in this game. Sleeping in the Hunting Shelter will restore fatigue and save the game.

You can't go inside of this shelter.

Due to the nature of this shelter, it will not protect you from getting cold at night, as well as it will not protect against the rain. To stay warm and dry during the night, you need to build a fire close to this shelter, which will most likely attract unwanted attention of cannibals and mutants.

A Hunting Shelter can be built into walls providing some kind of stairs. This is a good way to climb walls and see what's going on outside of the base without risking going out.

A Hunting Shelter is one of the few player-made structures affected by fire


  • To have a place to sleep (pressing and holding 'Z' button if available)
  • To regain energy and restore fatigue by sleep
  • To save your progress (pressing and holding 'C' button)
  • All shelters come with a house overlay icon which marks its location, it can be seen anywhere in the game world. This is advantageous to the player when adventuring, so they can always find their way home. The player can press R on this icon to change its color, or change it to ‘grey’ to switch the icon off.

Building[edit | edit source]

Stick Rock Log

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.68 (Performance) Overlay icons logic is now batched to reduce the CPU overhead cost (should help on games with lots of shelters, cabins, tree houses, beds, stick marker, sleds with the overlay icon turned on)
v0.62 Switched stick marker and sled flag icons to new system (same has house icon on shelters). On the first time loading an old save it tries to match the former color to the closest available color
v0.57 New “home” icon UI on shelters, cabins and bed. Select a tinted icon to have the icon visible in world or the faded icon to hide the icon
v0.53 (Multiplayer) Fixed burning a shelter causing client to get kicked
v0.43 Moved shelter’s icon a little bit more outside structure
v0.40 Fixed slightly misaligned buttons for building tutorial fire and tutorial hunting shelter
v0.39 Moved shelter’s repair trigger position outside of its logs
v0.33 Fixed Shelter, Log Cabin & Gazebo destruction looking weird with LODs wrongly taking part in the distortion/collapsing sequences of the destruction system
v0.32 Overlay icons (ie. shelter house icon) now check if they are above or below terrain and only show up when appropriate
v0.30 (Performance) LOD added for large log cabin,small hunting shelter and gazebo
v0.25 Shelter now shows remaining time until next sleep instead of action icon while the feature is locked (display is relative to 1 in game day, ie if the bar is 50% filled it means half a day remains before sleeping again)
v0.18 Sleeping at night in a shelter will keep you asleep now until the sun is up (unless woken by enemies)
v0.14 Save script now uses the grabber system (adding items to item holder next to a shelter no longer saves the game unexpectedly)
v0.13b Fix for broken saved games (dark shadows, no time passing, sleeping at shelters broken and lots of other bugs in corrupt save games, along with low performance due to error spam)
v0.10 Improved look of small shelter (better rocks, better log renders etc)
v0.08b Fixed small shelter and gazebo collision not blocking enemy vision
v0.06 You can now save your game at a shelter without sleeping
v0.05 Fixed hunting shelter built scale being different from ghost scale
v0.03 Inventory can now carry 1 additional stick (to make shelter construction easier)
v0.02 Fixed shelter on fire spawning infinite logs
v0.01b Saving at small shelter now works
v0.01 Hunting Shelter added to the game
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