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The Hanging Cutscene occurs when the player dies in almost all circumstances, except for being killed by a shark, crocodile, or drowning.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

When the player dies, they are dragged back to the main cannibal village and placed to hang up inside the cave. The player will wake up in a dark room, and can only see the lighter icon. Once the player lights their lighter, dramatic and intense music will play for a short time. The player looks up, then looks down. The player can then grab the plane axe from the ground and use it to cut themselves free.

The player will have severely low health at this stage though they will have all their items still in their backpack, nothing is lost from this cut scene except possibly pride.

The hanging cutscene does not advance time at all, they will wake up at the same time they were knocked unconscious.

If the player finds themselves in this situation again, it possible the player will die, the cannibals will eat the player instead of carrying them back.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

In multiplayer, there is no hanging cutscene. Instead the player will drop down on all fours, they will be unable to move or speak using the walkie-talkie. The player can send messages via typing to call for aid. If the player does not reach help in time to be revived, the player will die. They will then respawn back at the plane as if they were starting the game again. They will be able to find their items and collect them. However, the players stats will be reset. This means strength and athleticism will be returned to their starting values. If the player wants to prevent this, it is recommended that they restart, whether they are a client or the host.

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.71b Fixed dying with toggle crouch on causing issues in hanging cutscene
v0.69 Fixed dying in the endgame area while not fighting the boss returning player to the hanging scene without properly unloading the endgame and cleaning up relevant data, leaving game in a unable to save state and with broken lighting outside
v0.68 Fixed being unable to cut the rope during hanging cutscene after dying while sitting on a bench
v0.66 Fixed player camera breaking if taking damage during hanging in cave cutscene
v0.65 Explore Hanging cave task is now made available when going through the main entrance instead of after the hanging cutscene
v0.62 Fixed plane axe using wrong icon during hanging scene
v0.41b Fixed blocking while in hanging cut scene breaking animation
v0.38 Hanging scene now only shows the equip light tutorial and no other hud element
v0.34 (Audio) Added sfx to skull rolling away when getting axe in hanging cutscene
v0.31 Stopped player getting leaves when cutting rope in hanging cutscene

Blocked player rotation during stand up part of hanging cut scene

v0.30 Added condition to complete the explore cave 2 task from todo list (the task triggered after hanging scene)
v0.28 Fixed missing “Lighter” action icon during cave hanging scene
v0.26 Fixed bug where hanging scene could break if player had torch equipped instead of lighter
v0.21 (audio) Increased ambient audio zones in upper areas of world, tweaked hanging rope sounds and player dragged away sounds