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All known glitches/bugs and their information will be posted here! Please understand that, the game is still in an early alpha version, and the developers are going to spend a lot of their time to fix the glitches/bugs listed below and we should be grateful that the developers have already released this game to the public. (Please edit this page with all and any information about any glitches or bugs!)

The bugs and glitches have been ordered according to tiers, each in alphabetical order; it isn't that hard to read through and figure out which one is the best one to fix immediately. Please remember to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation when writing out these issues. Also before placing a new bug or glitch please read through the list to make sure yours isn't already listed. If your bug is there but you experienced the bug in a different or more explainable way please replace or add the information not there. Do not add any bugs that were experienced in versions other than the current, V1.12 - VR, and please add the version number that you experienced the bug in along with your report.

Rather than making up a creative sounding name for your bug report, it is much easier to organize and recognize the reports if its title a basic description of the problem that is occurring.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of the stated bugs in this page seem to be either a one-time occurrence, and are typically personal reports of what other users experienced.


Game-Breaking Tier[edit | edit source]

All bugs under this section will be considered game breaking in both playability and experience, glitches under this section are rare as they are mostly purely visual issues.

Please tag all your entries with exact game version.

Save won't load[edit | edit source]

V 1.15 PS4: (Happened on single player. Not sure about multiplayer) When a large mutant enemy dies deep in the water, is barely in reach, and you scoot in to obtain its Creepy Armor. When you do, you'll of course fall in the water but the character will be stuck in the "cutscene/animation-mode" and swimming. You will be able to move in place. But unable to do anything else. The only fix is to possibly wait to die or reload.

It seems, possibly if you build too much, your save file has a chance to simply refuse to load. PS4, v1.11. Have sat at loading screen for more than half an hour without success.

Stuck after sliding down cliff[edit | edit source]

V 1.15 PS4: In one area of the map (southeast-east of sinkhole, west of Fertile Lands, you can slide down a cliff and get stuck in between two rocks. Character is permanently stuck.

Fix: Restart game or if in multiplayer have another player kill you.

Note: Happened in multiplayer, may exist in solo.

Keyboard isn't responding[edit | edit source]

That weird bug can happen in alpha v69b and do that your keybindings does not responding making you unable to move, to open your inventory and dying. You need to die to solve the problem. However on rare occasions while waiting around 15 to 30 seconds while your keyboard is irresponsive, the bug may fix itself.

Can't interact with stick trees, don't see sticks and rocks spawning on the ground.[edit | edit source]

-In 0.65(b) 3.9.2017, I am host of multiplayer world, when I chop stick trees nothing happens(also when someone else chops them) for me, when someone else chops them, i don't see them fall, I don't see a stick or rock even when someone tells me there is one under where I am standing, the only way for me to get them is for someone to put them into a storage and for me to pick them up.

Blueprints can be placed in walls[edit | edit source]

- In v0.62, the blueprints can go into other objects making it open the door for a whole universe of glitches.

Update: The collision doesn't exist on them, so it makes sense, and I'd imagine they'd explode into a mess of logs or something.

Tree Bridges Keep Disappearing[edit | edit source]

- In v0.25, several times l disappeared when I start my game up again, completely disconnecting my extensive system of tree platforms. They don't come back after reloading.

- In v0.45 I still experienced this glitch, discovering that new tree platforms and bridges are located in the sinkhole.

Dried Meat Disappearing From Drying Rack[edit | edit source]

- In v0.12: One person had 2 drying racks built. One with 6 animals and 8 animals on the other. After going through 4 day night cycles, which they have ate 6 of the dried animals, then adding 5 more rabbits to their drying racks. After saving the game and loading back in, all the meat has disappeared.

-In v1.10d: Another report claimed to have the entire drying rack disappear from their tree house after leaving for a few minutes to gather berries.

-Note: Cannibals have been known to steal meat from the Drying Rack while attacking or running through camps.

Items on fire continue cooking after fire runs out[edit | edit source]

- In v1.11: Was connected to another player's world over steam and cooked a few pieces of meat on the fire. the fire ran out, but a couple minutes later the food changed to burnt even though the fire wasn't on

Carry Amount Of Sticks And Rocks Increases By 10 And 5 When Loading Up Save[edit | edit source]

- In v0.43: I made a stick and rockbag and for a while it worked pretty well. But a few days ago. I took a look at my sticks and rocks and I could carry 30 sticks and 20 rocks. As if today, I can carry 80 sticks and 45 rocks.

Inability To Pick Up Raw (Or Cooked) Rabbit[edit | edit source]

- In v0.43c: Several rabbits ran through my firepit and came out as raw rabbit corpses. (It is possible they are cooked, I can't really tell) They spin around on the ground ever since, and even through restart of the game or reloading a save, I'm unable to pick them up - They do not have the option to do so, and they do not disappear over time.

Unusable Melee Weapons Glitch[edit | edit source]

- Since v0.12, I've noticed a rather annoying glitch. Sometimes when I use a bow, and I'm not sure if its when you light the arrow or not, but I wouldn't be able to use any melee weapon afterwards. This usually fixes it self after some time or by quitting and returning to the game.

Update: I found out that this happens whenever you aim the bow, but then press R to holster the arrow. It can be fixed by shooting the bow at any time, but this doesn't always work. This can be horrible for combat. Update 2: I saw that if you hold your bow charged and then open your inventory and choose anything other that unequips the bow, your hands will still be in the position of holding the bow with the arrow ready to be fired, thus you have to switch again, fire the arrow and then you can access your weapons again. Sorry if this is unnecessary but I thought the devs could make use of this.

Inventory Game Break[edit | edit source]

- Hitting I can cause the cursor to appear and completely break the users game. It stops responding and will oftentimes freezes the computer.

- I was playing with my friend on a custom server (hamachi) and i was killing a lizard, suddenly the cursor icon appeared and the game forced me into main menu. I connected back and it was like i started a new game, but i didn't. I lost all my items and started at the plane cutscene but all our buildings were there. Is this a bug or is it normal?

- Everytime I (inventory button) is pressed it makes the cursor appear but no inventory shows. The only way to get back out of this is to press B multiple times. Can't access/see the inventory so can't craft any items. Crafting from the book (B) will show the outline of the item and can press E to create (if ingredients have been collected) but item is never placeable in the world. Only way to escape back to control character is to press B multiple times.

Alt Tab Crash[edit | edit source]

- Alt Tabbing within the game has the chance of crashing not only the game, but your computer as a whole. Sometimes a pop up message(IE:sticky keys) from applications or the operating system will freeze the game or the entire computer. Another total operating system freeze has been observed sometimes when exiting the game. The only remedy is to hard reset the system. (Running the game in Windowed Mode seems to alleviate this problem a bit).

Animals Disappearing or Chasing You[edit | edit source]

- Whenever you play a game for a while, or even load the game up, the game will lose all animals, and you will inevitably starve to death, or become a vegetarian

- I attempted to kill a Raccoon. On the first hit, it started chasing me. If I stood still, it chased circles around me, if I walked or sprinted, it would eventually catch up. If I tried hitting it with any melee weapon, it would simply continue running faster. (v0.30b)

-(Had a similar, but slightly different issue in v0.09, where animals would spawn all around me when I loaded a saved game up, but then they'd disperse, and I'd never see them again, except in a few specific spots. Thankfully, the ponds still had fish. Periodically reloading the game also helped refresh the animals, but they'd eventually disperse and disappear again.)

Buildings stuck in blueprint mode[edit | edit source]

Building won't finish so there is no collision on them. This has happened with noose trap, stick holder, and the cabin. It is possible to click "E" but nothing changes and all you hear is the sound of wood being added.

Both cabins I've built have accepted all 82 logs and the E disappears, but there was no "finished" noise, there is a slot left open in the ceiling, and the entire building is still a useless ghost.

This seems to happen to all incomplete buildings every time one loads a game. It allows the player to place more than the required number of components before the indicator telling you how many components are needed vanishes completely.

There is no option to cancel the blueprint, it is forever stuck in ghost-mode.

Cannibals bleeding when coming onto the camera[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes you may see cannibals bleeding and having a stagger animation when not getting hit by anything in particular. Sometimes they won't stagger either. This happens when you turn the camera away and at them.

  • Bleeding Fixed V0.06 (stagger animation not fixed)

Cannibal Model/Collision Model Diffusion[edit | edit source]

- In rare cases the graphical model and collision model for a cannibal may diffuse, for example; a cannibal is floating as if standing on a floor and facing away from you, but you walk forward and bump into thin air where the cannibal actually is. (Placed in game-breaking due to the possibility this may unfairly and unexpectedly end your game.)

Cave Exploration Glitch[edit | edit source]

- When spawning in cave (after being "killed") sometimes the walls do not appear, the floor is barely shown, and it is very difficult to escape, unless you know the way out. This varies, as sometimes no walls appear. Mostly, it seems, the left side of the walls are not visible and thus you must hug the right wall. Ceiling appears to always show up, it's only the cave walls that disappear.

  - EDIT: Sometimes NOTHING will spawn in the caves (Except floor paths.) It may be attributed to the memory leak issue as I had been playing an hour or two before I went into the cave (By choice, not by death.) Here is a photo of the cave as I was "exploring" it. (Above)

Cave No Clip[edit | edit source]

- When you start to leave after spawning in the cave, as you crouch, you might accidentally no-clip through the ground and fall to your death resulting in a game over.

(Confirmed as of v0.04) (Still happens in v0.09b) (has happened a few times in v0.24b)

2014-06-01 00003.jpg

Clipping Thru Climbing Wall (Ledge Cave)[edit | edit source]

Inside the ledge cave my buddy was climbing with the climbing axe up away from the big rooms that lead out to the sinkhole, and found a spot on one of the walls that they could clip into and appear on the opposite side of said climbing wall. There, they were trapped until they died-- and after death, their belongings were too far away to retrieve. I took a screenshot of the wall where it happened, and where they wound up (waaay in the "distance" lol)

Clip thru wall.jpg

Deadly kick[edit | edit source]

- Jumping against the door of the airplane, while being hit by the natives, causes the character to be smashed very far to the border and beyond of the map. In the few times I tried, the character was thrown underneath the map.

Zombie pushes me under the map.png

Deadly Pond[edit | edit source]

- There is a certain small pond that is unfathomably deep; the player will fall and die when entering this pond.

Occurred within 5 minutes of loading game - Not sure if this is related, but the large pond/lake you come across with the small rock island in the middle has an issue. When the character first loads this area and moves around, there is no water, allowing him to explore the lakebed and interact with objects.

-First time it happened I dismembered a cannibal corpse on the lakebed and triggered the skyflight bug. -Second time it happened I was just collecting rocks and flew up a thousand feet.

Deadly Shelters[edit | edit source]

- Trying to crawl under a temporary or hunting shelter may kill you.(You can duck into your hunting shelter, then clip between the logs as you stand. Then they can't hurt you, but you can hit them. DO NOT hit them on the ground while in this state or you will die.)

  • Possibly Fixed V0.06 (Not happened after 6 Tests)

Disappearing Items[edit | edit source]

- Had a full inventory, but very few items show now (and hasn't showed for the last two weeks or so, loading and reloading made no difference). When trying to collect quantities of whatever item (arms, legs, lizard skins), it will show that it reaches the max capacity for said item but maybe only one or none will show in inventory. There are actually very few items that will show up now. Bombs, circuit boards, booze, batteries, flashlight, and limbs do not show. Only a head, the backpack, one lizard skin at a time, and several items will continue to show. Anything crafted or collected beforehand are now rendered useless.

Duping Bug[edit | edit source]

- When you repeatedly drop & pick up on the item it makes a new copy of the item. How? It may look like it dropped down (which it did) but the item you dropped is still in your inventory. This has been tested on axes, heads of tribesman, and flare guns.

-This still works despite what the changelog said, for certain items, such as trees, spears, and axes.

Flare Swimming[edit | edit source]

- Under the right circumstances, activating a flare can send your character into the swimming animation, making you unable to attack. It also blurs your screen similar to jumping into the water. Mutants are still able to hit you.

  • Possibly Fixed V0.06 (Not happened after 3 Tests)

Flying Glitch[edit | edit source]

If you try to grab an item that you're full on, it will drop on the ground. Spamming the pick up button while holding the jump button will allow the player to fly into the air until the item falls out of reach and the player hits the ground, taking fall damage.

Houseboat Launching[edit | edit source]

- Finished building Houseboat but it gets thrown into the air upon completion and lands upside down. - You can also accomplish this by dropping a corpse on the Houseboat.

Inventory crashes the game[edit | edit source]

Opening the inventory can, very rarely, crash the game.

Infinite "Hungry" state[edit | edit source]

-Happened when loading my V0.65 save on V0.66, the character status is frozen to "Hungry" when checking in the survival book even you're full, thirsty, hurt or at low stamina. Sickness or infected conditions does appear below tough.

EDIT : Status change to "currently feeling good" when starving

Hungry state bug.png

  • Fixed since V0.67

Invincible Super Mutant[edit | edit source]

When the super mutant is found in the cave depths, it will be invincible 9/10 of the time.

  • Possibly Fixed V0.06 (Never Happened to me, all Mutants got killed by Bombs and Molotovs)

Invisible items[edit | edit source]

-Sometimes it is possible that any and all booze,cloth,fish,rocks,rags and possibly more either A: Does not get collected and gets deleted when picked up, or B: Is invisible in your inventory and cannot be interacted with. This is possibly a saving/loading issue.

-I found that when I loaded my game that most of my inventory disappeared, during that period I had unlimited sticks. I do not know if it is fixed or not.

Random Body of Water[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes locations that have not loaded correctly may force the player into a swimming animation when he comes in contact with that area. From here, depending on the height, Mutants may still be able to reach and kill the player from below. No water is shown in these locations so it is unclear if water was intended, or if it is a glitch, but it mostly happens in steep cave entrances. You will be swimming on the ceiling until you get stuck there or killed by a mutant or starve to death trying to get out because of blurred vision.

Known Molotov Bugs[edit | edit source]

- Killing a mutant with a Molotov at a distance will sometimes cause the player to become bloody, even though there was no contact with the mutant.

-When throwing a Molotov (Or throwables in general) If you spam the throw button, you throw more than one.

-Consume 2 Molotov per throw. The act of equipping and throwing a Molotov consumes 2 from your inventory. Glitch occurs regardless of holding, tapping, or spamming MB1. Also,while possibly throwing Molotov,you'll catch yourself on fire as well as even holding it. (fixed)

-Sometimes attempting to throw molotovs rapidly will result in one randomly exploding in your hand and catch you on fire while holding it.

-Can't light molotovs on fire prior to throwing them. Have no issues with lighting anything else on fire, just the molotovs

Log Holder Becomes Useless and log counter bug[edit | edit source]

- The maximum number of logs a holder can fit is 7. There have been reports of them holding as little as two, if any at all. There is no definite explanation for the bug. This is an intermittent/inconsistent bug.

  • The previous Log Counter Bug has to do with this issue but is not the only cause.
  • Possibly fixed since V0.05 (Never Happened to me through 9 Games, each 20 Days Playtime)

Log Sled Spaceship[edit | edit source]

-Going down a steep edge while pushing a full log sled and carrying two logs will propel the player far into the sky when the nose of the log sled touches the floor at a sharp angle.

  • Happens every time, not tested while not carrying the two extra logs. (v0.10b?)
  • Temp Fix: Open inventory and repeatedly spam your inventory key when you near the ground to avoid taking lethal fall damage.

No Fall Damage with inventory[edit | edit source]

-Opening and then closing your inventory resets the height at from which the game thinks you are falling; A person can spam their I key to avoid taking fall damage when jumping or falling far heights.

  • Happens every time (v0.10?)

Merry-go-round Mutants (and some other fauna)[edit | edit source]

- Some mutants will be see running around trees in circles endlessly. Most of the time, attacking them will break them out of the loop, but once or twice they will just resume running in circles.

-have also seen a rabbit that just continuously ran in a circle

-mutants run around my character at varying radius's. I'm unable to attack them. If die by fire etc. and I strike them they get back up and continue to run in circles around the character.

-Had almost exactly the same problem in v0.09b as the issue mentioned above, but I was eventually able to kill the circling mutant that wouldn't break out of his circle habit. I had to get him to collide with a burning effigy, then time my strikes to hit him right when he collided and did the stunned/burned pause animation (before he resumed his circle). Eventually he fell over, and I gave him the axe to the face. It was still quite time consuming though, and without the collision-effigy-factor, I would not have been able to strike him normally.

-Can also happen with birds: 6-7 birds circled a very small spot on the ground, started as 2-3 but more added to it over time. The circle they flew in intersected with a wall and a corpse.

-31 May 2020 SEA_RAMPAGE WIP (self made server-steamid Mando3146 : still exists, for multiplayer hosted (peertopeer) and dedicated server, restarting game make it go away only to return after few minutes of gameplay.

Non-respawning/despawnig Enemies[edit | edit source]

-Enemies are not re-spawning or spawning at all in multiplayer in v0.09. The enemies were no longer able to be destroyed,and could not despawn from the game.

One-hit K.O.[edit | edit source]

- Some mutants have been able to kill the player in a single hit (through block). So far in my personal experience, it was an average mutant on both occasions. Was blocking with the rusty axe, mutant just took a swing (was not even a leap) and I was sent back quite a few yards in an instant death.

  • Note that I was also wearing 3 stacks of lizard skin.
  • I have also had this problem from full health and armor to dead

Plane Crashes Inside of Caves[edit | edit source]

- At the start of the game the plane crashes inside of the caves. You can walk outside of the plane and into the caves but will probably fall out of the map and die. Plane inside caves.jpg

Raccoons only dropping lizard skin[edit | edit source]

- If a player kills raccoons in v.013b they will only drop lizard skins & generic meat.

Save Bug 2: The Saving[edit | edit source]

-All Entities on the map despawn upon loading a saved game (All animals, cannibals). Items from inventory disappear, as well as logs from holders and potentially other equipment.

-If the player had a blueprint down during the save and loads back into the game, the material counter in the lower left disappears and remains hidden for the remainder of that play through.

-Trees and items respawn and disappear from inventory.

-In some cases all trees respawn and the stump growth bug happens.

-Some items remain in inventory but are inaccessible, picking up more of these items does not fix this. This can be avoided by never holding more than three cloths in your inventory, or not saving if you accidentally do. The fourth cloth sets off an infinite cloth bug that breaks the inventory after you reload.

  • Partially fixed
  • Some items that disappear, can never be picked up again, though which items these are may differ from time to time, but can include: Medicine, Leaves, Cloth, Rocks, Lizard Skins, Crafted items (bombs and molotovs), boose, soda, candy bars, rope, and body parts.
  • Occasionally items will remain in the inventory, or can be picked up and appear in the inventory again, but cannot be used in crafting(such as bodyparts in an effigy).

-Sometimes saving results in player waking up at night no matter what time the player saved.

-Crafting of certain objects cannot be completed no matter when the blueprint was placed, even if the full number of crafting items has been met and added(i.e. after placing stairs and adding the required 5 logs, the stairs remain without collision and white-colored, while an E for build is still present, but with no requirement for any further materials)

Save Bug 2.1: The Savening remix[edit | edit source]

- If a player hits the start game option in the main menu, then loads a save just after starting the game all of the animals and mutants will not spawn. However the rest of the map stays the same. Birds are unaffected.

- Re-remix: If a player hits the start game option in the main menu, then loads a save just after starting the game all of the animals including birds and fish will not spawn. Cannibals will not spawn, super mutants will be in caves but are not hurt by the player and they are not able to hurt the player. The player does not die of starvation.

Significant Memory Leak[edit | edit source]

- With adequate hardware, users may expect to start the game with optimal play settings, to slowly discover that due to the amount of random other glitches and spawns, their frame rates will suffer immensely. 60 fps to 10 fps over the course of an hour. This will eventually lead to almost all objects like trees becoming intangible, and they often disappear and reappear as the player approaches them. Consequently, the player will have to restart the game or load a previous save for the objects to be respawned and fully functional.

Fix (Temporary): Reload a save or restart the game.

Game breaking:37[edit | edit source]

equipped a rock as a weapon, got stuck in an endless loop attacking with rock. tried replacing rock with other item, stuck on same animation

- if you have access to a hanging rope, climb it and it should be fixed

Spawning in the Cave[edit | edit source]

- When killed in a swimming animation, or projected through the air, you may spawn into the cave in a swimming animation. This will not allow you to reach the floor, or any of the supplies. The only way out of the cave is swimming up, which will make you clip through the cave ceiling, potentially killing the player or locking them in the swimming animation until death or loading a previous save.

Edit*, issue still active. cache is verified 3 times, restarts still issue arises. begins with hearing player "running" during intro scene

Stuck Silhouettes[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes you won't be able to place a silhouette, and it'd stay with you until you spam-click on your survival guide book or walk to a new area.

Super Mutant[edit | edit source]

- Occasionally when any mutant attacks, you may be launched off the island and get instantly killed, knocked unconscious upon landing or fall of the map. This may be a collision issue. This happens more often when you jump into them while they run or leap at you.

Survival Axe Freezes Animations[edit | edit source]

- After playing for a while, the clicking the primary mouse button to swing the axe will freeze all of your character's animations. You are still able to move around but your legs will not move and you will be unable to swing the axe or block with it. Re-equipping the axe allows you to block, but trying to swing it again will freeze you. v0.08d and all previous versions.

- Sometimes this happens when you kill an enemy with the bow. All melee weapons will freeze.

Walls going up into the air[edit | edit source]

When starting with a wall which does not stand straight on the bottom, it will redirect the constructure into the air by using the magnetic linking.


  • Fix: Build standard wall before adding to it. This works as intended. Tall walls can only be set up in blueprint mode.

Unbreakable[edit | edit source]

After a long time or short time, trees or plants become nearly unbreakable. If the player's Energy is not low, it may be due to the memory issue listed above. If Energy is low, the player needs to rest or eat to replenish Energy.

  • Possibly Fixed with V0.06 (Never happened after 46 Tests)

Weapon Upgrades no longer have any effect[edit | edit source]

Upon loading a save there may be a chance that any weapon upgrades that were on a weapon will no longer have any effect, even though the upgrades are still physically attached to the weapon.

EX: If any weapon has one-hundred feathers and the game is saved and reloaded, then those feathers will no longer increase the weapons speed and stamina use, even though all one-hundred feathers are still attached to the weapon

  • Fix: they better fix this soon

Can no longer take animals from traps[edit | edit source]

This glitch began to happen after the version 0.010 was introduced. The option to collect rabbits from the rabbit trap no longer appears and the only option now is to recent the trap,which subsequently is set off by the same rabbit that was caught by the same trap.

  • Fix: Unknown

Log Sled Portal[edit | edit source]

This glitch or to be more accurate this exploit can be achieved by pressing (e) to grip the handle and then shortly afterwards press (e) again to release the sled, you then can place a log or take away from the existing number of logs in that sled, however the maximum number of logs for that sled will remain seven logs. The portal also acts as if you are carrying multiple logs so you can place all seven of the logs without having to run back and forth to the sled. This glitch is more helpful than harmful but still heavily affects game play.

EX: if you have interacted with a log sled in the way described above, you can chop down a tree and place the logs into the sled without having to be near the sled, such as putting logs into the sled from fifty feet (fifteen meters) away, the same can also be done for removing logs for the sled.

Physics Glitches[edit | edit source]

- A lot of these glitches are physics glitches, the mutant FALCON PAWNCH, stuff flying around and flipping is due to physics issues, the flip-flopping between solid and ethereal is what's causing it. Some reproductions: Go to the rocky beach shore, Create a raft or a houseboat on the sand, lying flat. With a running push, push it into some small rocks. The raft or houseboat will clip into the rocks. When it settles and the rocks or the build solidifies it will be launched HIIIIGH into the sky. If nothing happens and things are clipped between each other, try stepping on the build. You'll be launched WAYY up. You can perform this to a smaller degree on any small prop (suitcases, cardboard boxes, bloody tables, trunks, pots, pans, and even the camera [The smaller, the higher!]) by standing on it, crouching, and then standing up. SUPER JUMP! Build the houseboat on a shark for a motorhouseboat! Good luck getting back into it! PlNG CF (talk) 07:35, 10 October 2014 (UTC)

Lossy land smoothing algorithm somewhere in development[edit | edit source]

It appears that the landscape is changing slightly with each update, I fear there is a lossy algorithm somewhere that is "smoothing" the land out. If it keeps running and altering the landscape, you're going to be chasing after a crapton of "odd placement", "floating item", "holes in the world" bugs. PlNG CF (talk) 07:35, 10 October 2014 (UTC)

Unable to use Small Garden after loading a game[edit | edit source]

Pretty much above. I gathered 6+ seeds and I was unable to plant in my gardens.PlNG CF (talk) 18:53, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

Blueprints sink into the ground[edit | edit source]

Sometimes when you try to place a blueprint for a building (in my case a log holder) it will sink into the ground completely and you will not be able to build it. This doesn't affect the game but is annoying because you will still have a required items count in your lower left corner of the screen and there's no way to fix this by a workaround.

Bugged below floor[edit | edit source]

I was walking and found the cave where you spawn. I climbed down and somehow I Bugged below the floor and I can't get out

Unable to sprint. Right now having to walk around entire map. Game in general is running slow. Enemies are at a delay, I can walk right up next to them then about 3 seconds later they actually notice me. I tried dying but still didn’t fix it. I tried deleting the game and redownloading, still nothing. Has been such an amazing game until now, now I can’t even play it. Tried reloading a different save, the game still won’t let me sprint. Someone please help!!

Gameplay-Ruining Tier[edit | edit source]

All bugs under this section will be mostly gameplay bugs that have an in-game work-around.

Walkie Talkie crashing game[edit | edit source]

In V0.38b When I play in multiplayer and I want to talk, I'll press "Q" but it freezes my game and I end up crashing. When I relog and try to join the same server, it still says I'm in the server and I crash again.

Fix: Walkie talkie will just freeze your game for a minute or two. So if you're scared of freezing your game while playing around cannibals, I suggest opening up your walkie talkie for the first time when you just log in or when you're completely safe.

Walkie talkie will still lag you a tiny bit every time you open it, but it won't be as bad as the first time you open it


Axe chopping trees double swing after upgrading[edit | edit source]

I upgraded my starting axe's damage at least 40 times in one go(my axe was invisible when I put it in the crafting zone) afterwards when I would go to chop a tree it would swing once and than do this double short fake swing afterwards. I had to swing wait for it to stop and swing agian to chop the tree. Work around would be to craft a new axe or find the one that's on the boat.

Equip a different weapon and swing, then re-equip the axe to fix.
This fix isn't guaranteed to work. Upgrading the axe with a feather may work instead.

Collisions of items[edit | edit source]

If any objects (that can be picked up) rolls or get kicked by the player, the material will pass through anything in his way (e.g.: trees, rocks, other items, etc.) resulting in losing it, stuck under a Rock or a Tree.

Fix: find more elsewhere (could be partially fixed, needs testing)

Dismembering Suicide[edit | edit source]

- When you dismember a cannibal corpse, there's a medium-high chance that the resulting dismemberment will be an explosion that launches you about 50 meters into the air. There is no known cause for this, and it is random. Fix:

  • Stand at the furthest distance away from the body when hitting it.
  • Possibly Fixed with V0.06 (Not happened to me after 45 killed Mutants)

(Note: In v0.09b, there is a small chance that dismembering a cannibal will somehow cause damage to the player as if he was punched, which might still possibly kill you.)

Dissapearing Molotovs[edit | edit source]

After crafting multiple Molotovs, throwing one, and then switching weapons, the rest of the Molotovs disappear from your inventory.

Flying Bug[edit | edit source]

-Sometimes, but very rarely, when walking into a large rock you can be flung many feet into the air and fall to your death.

Fix: Avoid large rocks

  • I am not sure if this can happen with other things*
  • Possibly Fixed V0.06 (Not happened through 143 Big Rocks)

Glitched Blueprints and Bugged Supply Counter[edit | edit source]

When placing multiple blueprints some silhouettes become unresponsive, making it impossible to build. For example,having more items than needed for the blueprint but still cant finish building

Invisible corpses[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes corpses visually disappear but you can attack the spot they were in to get the body parts.


  • Remember corpse locations/immediately harvest limbs into an effigy.
  • Possibly Fixed V0.06 (not happened at any time Tested)

Jumping through solid trees while climbing (v0.08b)[edit | edit source]

- v0.08b: If you try to climb to the top of a tree you will eventually either jump through it or lose your grib and fall to the ground (which of course causes you to lose health).

Survival Guide Blueprint Bug[edit | edit source]

-Occasionally, when the player attempts to select a silhouette from the survival guide, the click to place button becomes unresponsive.

  • Fix: Close and re-open the survival guide.

Tools disappear when handling logs[edit | edit source]

- Equipped tools disappear or are sometimes dropped when picking up (E) and/or dropping (G) logs.

Throwing/Cloning multiple Tennis Balls[edit | edit source]

- While holding a tennis ball keep clicking your left mouse button as fast as you can to throw up to 6 tennis balls

Under the water[edit | edit source]

Sometimes the player can go under the water, with the water disappearing, and it will look like there is no water. This can be done by mashing the spacebar on the boundary wall, this might make you jump on the water, or make you sink down. Birds will fly at the same level as you, and sharks will be flying above you.

Fix: Just walk back to a shore, and as you get higher, water should reappear and you will go back up.

Immortal Corpses[edit | edit source]

Occasionally (seemingly if you don't butcher corpses before killing another enemy) the player will be unable to butcher a specific corpse. When the player strikes the corpse, the corpse will simply play the death animation again, and drop teeth. An immortal corpse also seem to count as a living enemy, as they still play the spot player noise and can prevent the player from sleeping. Happy birthday traps also have this effect, but instead the corpse appears to be caught in the trap but still turn to look at the player and create more and more cannibal corpses whenever struck.

Can't Pick Up a Polaroid (*Location Spoiler*)[edit | edit source]

I can't pick up one of the 'X marks the spot' Polaroids. The pick up icon is there but it will not interact. I haven't found it previously. Its location is inside a tent which is down a rope descent not far south east of the sinkhole, or north east of the dead cave entrance which is exactly south of the sinkhole.

Immersion-Breaking Tier[edit | edit source]

All bugs (mostly glitches though) under this tier will be considered at most, uncomfortable graphical issues but overall not gamebreaking.

Animals running through rocks[edit | edit source]

All animals will walk through rocks as if it was not there, blocking you from killing/chasing them.

Building in the cave[edit | edit source]

If you place a standing fire while inside a cave, it doesn't seem to do anything. Once you go back outside, however, you will see it appeared in the exterior terrain, right above where you placed it in the cave.

Nice for linking your mental maps of the island and the caves.

Character height size bug[edit | edit source]

Height size normal-Bugged one..jpg

Cause still unkown, but it's most likely caused by sleeping or just saving the game. Once it happens one time it ''stacks'' and then you keep growing in height. It can be a little disturbing since you need to crawl through some doors and places to pass.

Custom Roof Leaks[edit | edit source]

   When building with custom walls, floors, etc, nothing seems to stop the rain and cold from penetrating your home. Even with a fireplace  and pit, one must stand as close to it indoors as is needed when outdoors!

Backwards Bunnies[edit | edit source]

- Rabbits sometimes run backwards. Noticed this only happens when Sky Lighting is ON. Turning Skylighting OFF fixes this, but it'd be nice to have that effect on...

Bird positioning Bug[edit | edit source]

- When near the Boat or water, birds may land on the water without an object to land on.

- When building a Hunting Shelter or other structures, such as the boat, an unreasonable amount of birds will flock to that location and land on or near the structure.

Eating food from the fire uses a leaf[edit | edit source]

- You lose a leaf for each animal in the fire you try to eat. It's seemingly impossible to interact with the food without also interacting with the fire. Leaves are very easy to find and collect, though, so it's not a big problem (v0.08b).

Exploding Logs[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes, when cutting down a tree, it'll fall and collide with something else. A few seconds later, when the logs appear, they'll fly everywhere.

Fish Pond Glitch[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes fishes in ponds are swimming in the air a few metres away from the actual pond - The pond in the rocks on the east part of the island glitched like that

Floor-less Cabin[edit | edit source]

- Cabin has no floor when complete, though it has a floor as far as collision is concerned, just not visually there.

FOV Tilt Glitch[edit | edit source]

When fighting a cow man on a dock I was knocked underneath into the water, though stood as though I was in land before the game realized I was in water. When I swam to shore the field of view skewed like the whole thing is tilted 30 degrees or so. Makes the game nauseating to play. Unknown fix as of yet. Update: Fix: do something that changes the camera angle. Moving the log sled worked for me.

Growing Stumps[edit | edit source]

Over an extended amount of time stumps from small trees will grow into stumps of huge trees. This happens after a save and during long periods of game play.

Hunt-house fire log spawner[edit | edit source]

- If you build a Hunting Shelter, and then throw a Molotov on the top, it will spawn logs until the fire goes out. This has also been tested with the player lighting himself on fire by running through a camp fire and then crouching within the Hunting Shelter. Sometimes the fire does not go out and spawns logs indefinitely.

-It should be noted that these spawned logs cannot be picked up or otherwise used for building.

Intro Audio Bug[edit | edit source]

- At the beginning of the game if one is to pause or alt tab the audio will continue playing as if you are in the game but the game will pause. When you enter the game again it will not have audio, or multiple audio tracks may play at once.

- By holding W,A,S or D on the plane during the intro it sounds as if the player is walking through the forest.

  • Fixed till V0.06

(There are still alt-tab audio issues in addition to the intro issue. Some ambient sounds and the music may disappear after an alt-tab, but regular sound effects will still be around, such as impact noises, cannibal growls, etc. [v0.09b])

Molotov Axe[edit | edit source]

- I don't know how often this may happen, it happened to me once. While trying to switch somehow from a molotov to an axe without dropping the molotov (when you do it normally it drops and explodes, another bug) by opening the survival book, selecting a silhouette, then with the silhouette ready going into my inventory and switching to an axe, then upon resetting the survival guide I was holding the axe kind of like a molotov with my hand shaped like i was holding one, but with the axe, also it was floating a bit above it. (i'd upload a picture but it didn't save for some reason) It was just looking weird, everything i held looked like it (sticks, arms, etc.) I could use the items normally, i only couldn't block.

One-time Alpine Tree House Use[edit | edit source]

- The rope to each Alpine Tree House can only be used/climbed once and then never again.

the Apline Tree house rope can only be climbed while looking down at the ground and you start climbing underground.

Rock Bugs[edit | edit source]

- A graphical/hitbox bug, when you swim in the ocean and you want to go swimming at a new beach, you can pass through bugged rocks that don't have a collision mesh.

- Since a spider spawns every time you pick up a rock, you are able to spawn an infinite amount of spiders by picking up a single rock multiple times.

- The game will stop spawning new rocks after a while. Workaround; Break mutant effigies and steal the rocks or just save/reload. Last seen on version: 0.0.9b

Trees Bending When Harvesting[edit | edit source]

- When a tree is falling (not the tall thin ones but the thick shorter ones) the top half will bend and sometimes turns into logs while bent into the air.

Immersion breaking:19[edit | edit source]

Version v0.06B:

  • Non-nocturnal bird calls and chirps are heard at night, alongside the crickets. Recommend bird calls be limited to in-game daytime blocks.
  • Non-nocturnal birds continue to spawn and fly around your camp at night. Recommend bird spawning be halted by the engine at night.
  • One of the sound effect loops for raindrops clearly has the sound of a water-drop repetitively hitting something metallic, even when out in the woods.
  • Weather transitions are very abrupt, lighting on a clear sunny day followed by a downpour within 10 seconds. Recommend a smoother transition from overcast - drizzle - thunderstorm - drizzle - clear/sunny, similar to real-world. === Maybe in your part of the real world weather changes slowly, but where I live it changes very abruptly. This feels just like a time compressed version of what I'm used to.
  • The sound point used for wind rushing up a cliff face seems a bit too loud and its radius within the engine needs to be tweaked to allow a more gradual rise in decibels as the player moves closer.

Water Glitches/Bugs[edit | edit source]

- There is just a graphical issue making the water look bugged. When swimming, you can look underneath and see the ground completely fine.

  • If mutants are chasing you while you are swimming (while this bug is occurring) the mutants will run along the lake/ocean bottom as if it were dry land. They appear unaffected by the water in this instance

- There is currently no unique sounds for swimming animations. The walking sound will be played while swimming.

- Experienced in lower graphical options, the water might show a grid when you're swimming / close to it, or when you look at it from a certain perspective / position. EDIT FROM OPINIONPIG: This is an Anti-Aliasing problem. I've had it multiple times. Turning Anti-Aliasing off will fix it. (The grid-like graphics on the water. I don't know how to fix the no-water visible bug.)

- Water can sometimes have no animation and just freeze when you're looking at it. This is only from some angles.

- Bushes and shrubs still spawn underneath the water, and will sometimes poke halfway through the water.

EDIT: Sometimes (don't know the cause atm) the water level seems to rise and you swim in mid air near beaches all around the map. Graphics stay the same, buildings at the beach can't be reached anymore, because the player "swims" above them.

2014-06-02 00003.jpg

Here is an example of the water graphical bug

  • Many Bugs Fixed with V0.06 (-->Changelog)

Tree-Climbing Lizards[edit | edit source]

-When a lizard climbs the trunk of a tree, it is still possible in some cases to cut down the tree without killing the lizard. This results in the lizard floating in thin air for several seconds before it returns to the ground with no animation.

Never-ending Storm[edit | edit source]

-Even when sunny or in a cave, the ambient sounds of an active storm with lightning can be heard.

-Still in 0.08. The temporary fix is to save your game, then load it. You don't need to exit to windows / desktop.

Propulsion of Boat House[edit | edit source]

-Moving inside a Boat House can be used as a method of propulsion, no need to push it from the outside.

Flashlight issues[edit | edit source]

I don't remember how, while using the flashlight, fiddling around with the inventory / weapons sometimes causes your flashlight hand to change positions and angles. Once it was pointing straight up, and once the flashlight moved to the far right of my right hand. Also, without knowing what you're doing, it's possible to use all your batteries at once, as in my case: my flashlight suddenly developed a yellow tinge, I thought it was dying so I used some batteries but the tinge remained, so I used the rest to no effect on the tinge.

Positioning Fix: turn the flashlight off, then on again.

Tinge fix: ?

Not a bug. Developers intentionally made a "bloody torch" version with the light being tinted yellowish. Clean the torch the same way as cleaning bloody hands/weapon.

Floating Plants above the Sinkhole[edit | edit source]

There are plants floating in the air above the sinkhole or on the normal ground level (that of the outside of the sinkhole). I've noticed this while trying to climb down the walls of the sinkhole. (game version 0.39).

Standing Fire Glitch[edit | edit source]

When the standing fire burns out and the blueprints appear again for you to rebuild it, sometimes there are two or three of them in the same spot. I.e. One standing fire burns out, it needs sticks and leaves to rebuilt, you come near it and press E to do it. After doing so you hear a sound that building is done, but game still asks you for material for another standing fire in that spot. This does not happen on all standing fires but sometimes it happens twice or thrice on one.

You can avoid this by not building standing fires and instead build skull lamps to light your camp. (game version 0.39).

Disappearing Skulls[edit | edit source]

v1.09. When you place cannibal bodies on bonfires or other types of fires to burn them for bones and you go away the skulls, and sometimes the bones, almost always disappear. To avoid this wait near your bonfire until the body is burnt and then collect skulls before they disappear.

Unknown if Bug[edit | edit source]

If it might not be a bug or a glitch, it will be placed under here. EX: If it was intended to be that way but didn't appear so.

-camera locked to only horizontal motion, can't look up or down.also, the plane axe and character model do not fully render.

Game does not Pause[edit | edit source]

- When accessing the menu to change options the game does not pause. Sound can still be heard and the character can still receive damage. It is unclear if this is an issue for all, or if there is a work around.

(Now able to pause.)

Mathematical Misunderstanding[edit | edit source]

- Buildings such as the cabin require much more or less of the materials listed in the survival book. A cabin, for example, turns out to cost a hefty 82 logs upon placement (Survival Guide states it requires 35). Small Garden is supposed to use 5 logs. However, it only requires 2.

  • These were (kinda) fixed

No Cockpit[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes the cockpit to the plane appears not to spawn. I was able to find the co-pilot clipping partway through the ground with the flare gun, but the cockpit itself was nowhere nearby. I believe it happens only when the plane crashes at the mountain site and not the beach, however, no the co-pilot is no longer propped up against a rock w/ the flare gun next to him. he can be found in one of the caves (the cave nearest the north beach)

Wall Bug[edit | edit source]

- Mutants will vault through player built walls.

- This bug will also happen with the log cabins doorway/windows and sometimes the wall can be attacked through.

- This continues to happen in v0.09b. I've wall-hacked many cannibals to death, and they also seem to eventually just phase through my defensive walls, given enough time.

Walking In Certain Directions Goes Faster[edit | edit source]

-If you walk North + East/West, you move slightly faster.

-If you move South + East/West, you move faster

Dissapearing Flashlight and Lighter Stuck[edit | edit source]

-Glitch where in multiplayer your flashlight can dissapear and you can be stuck holding your lighter, unable to light anything

-Can be fixed by dying

Many Shark Spawns[edit | edit source]

-Many sharks spawning in the same area at once

Sharks Go Through House Boat[edit | edit source]

-Sharks clip through the house boat floor, and swim right through the door and eat you.

-Sharks should not be able to swim through wood. But they do in this game.

Super Deep Ponds[edit | edit source]

-Sometimes ponds that are found can be hundreds of feet deep

FIXED(supposedly)[edit | edit source]

Fixed bugs or bugs said to be fixed but unknown if fully fixed are placed under this section.

The Bird Bug[edit | edit source]

- Apparently, if you die during an attack and a bird animation was starting, you can have the bird with you in the mutant's cave

- Also sometimes the bird animation recycles without ending even after dying(brought to cave, hand not invisible).

- It lands on your hand during battle. This is very frustrating too. It's a cool effect, but one that happens way too often.

- Sometimes is invisible

This bug may only be partially fixed, needs testing.

Despawned Cannibals[edit | edit source]

- A known bug that causes cannibals to no longer respawn after killing a bunch. The amount required for them to no longer respawn is not known (it could vary.)

- All cannibal tribesmen disappeared

- After being killed for the first time and re-spawning in the cave, when you leave the cave, all the cannibals are gone. I've explored the whole map couldn't find a single one.

(Possibly related note: If the cannibals are supposedly "finite," just how many are there? Is there a point where their spawn rates begin to change due to lack of numbers?)

Flare Gun/Axe Duplication[edit | edit source]

- When equipping the Flare Gun, after you shoot you quickly press the "G" key, dropping it. After you pick it back up you can press "E" and it will drop a second Flare Gun. This has been known to work on the Rusty Axe. More: trying to pick up a flare gun while holding a flare gun causes another one to spawn. This can be used to have "infinite" flares in the gun, as one runs out, "re-equip" the gun. This also can be done with ordinary flares.

Example of the Duplication Bug: Flare Gun Duplication

(Unknown if fully or only partially fixed) needs more testing

Floating Cabin[edit | edit source]

- Despite showing the silhouette of the cabin shelter on the ground, logs added to the shelter will appear hovering in the air a few feet away from the build. Upon completion, a fully functional cabin will be in front of you, but remains inaccessible, due to its height from the ground. although it appears that most of the time when fully completed, it is moved over the white ghost, but without a wooden floor.

(Hotfix version 0.01b is reported to have fixed this.)

Light refraction[edit | edit source]

- The cave lighting sometimes makes anything you are holding look weird.

Confirmed fixed

Tree Leaves Staying Glitch[edit | edit source]

- Sometimes when cutting down trees the tree falls, but when you look up the leaves from the top of the tree is left behind floating in the sky. This could be a graphics card issue with some users.

Probably fixed

Two Heads are Better than One[edit | edit source]

When picking up mutant limbs, heads seem to randomly duplicate and drop from the inventory if one is already in the backpack.


Bow Error[edit | edit source]

When you use the bow, the arrows stay in mid air, doing no damage. This make the bow useless.

According to recent tests in version 0.6 this bug is not fixed. Also, arrows shot can not be picked up.

(Found in v0.09b that I was able to pick up spent arrows, but at a pretty small rate, like around 1 in 10 were recoverable, and only if they completely missed. If they hit a tree, a cannibal, or just about anything else, they were gone. Also, it feels like the bow point of aim is a bit inconsistent sometimes. The bow also doesn't seem to do much damage to cannibals, I have yet to kill a single one with the bow alone.)

No Lighting[edit | edit source]

Some people have a glitch where their whole screen doesn't render the floor unless a lighter is used.

No light at all from torch type lights, weapon w/ cloth, stick w/ cloth etc.

Rabbit transforms in Tree Log[edit | edit source]

When taking a rabbit out of a Cage with a Log Sledge nearby, the rabbits may transform into treelogs. You are then able to carry more than 2 logs.-

Multiplayer Bugs[edit | edit source]

Unable to build a number of items when in multiplayer. Including all custom building templates and treehouse bridges

Buildings Disappearing[edit | edit source]

Using the Dedicated Server after several hours of use buildings seem to be invisible or disappear. A restart of the server seems to fix it, but sometimes a previous save needs to be reloaded.

31 May 2020 SEA_RAMPAGE WIP (self made server-steamid Mando3146 : some built items become invisible, eg; water collector (turtle shell can be seen floating-built on raft)

when logged in as admin, save slot command may have caused save corruption (avoiding using this command prevents building disappearing)

hence, only relying on autosave with server.cfg settings is the only way to save the server (unless you would do manual backups)

Savegame Doesn't Load[edit | edit source]

It has happened more than once, but saving a game on a house boat and then having someone move the houseboat the game will not reload and the client is forced to create a new character or reload a previous save.

Host Lighters[edit | edit source]

Only the host of a game can light fires. When any player besides the host creates and then lights any type of fire the fire will stay lit until it goes out, but then on the second time lighting it will stay lit for the length of the lighting (arm twisting) animation and then will go out instantly once the animation has finished.

Log teleporter[edit | edit source]

When one player makes a log sled and moves it to any place on the map, the other player can only see it where it was originally made and can push it around like it's a different sled. However, the same logs are in both. (This can be used to the players advantage - One player can be far away chopping down trees while putting them in the sled, while the other is collecting them from the sled and storing or using them at their base). This bug also happens to other movable objects such as the house boat, raft etc.

Traps for mutants - can't be built properly and stay wait even when fully built

Log Cabin Blueprint on Platform unable to be removed[edit | edit source]

This glitch appeared when I placed a Log Cabin blueprint on top of an already built platform. In the bottom left corner where it says the required amount of materials to complete a building was at 36 logs, but walking up to the Log Cabin blueprint it says it needed 90 logs. Whenever me and my 2 other friends tried to complete the shelter with logs, they disappeared and neither the cabin nor the "materials required" changed.

Dried meat bug[edit | edit source]

V1.15 PS4: Upon being revived or respawning and retrieving your backpack, dried meat will revert back to raw meat.

No rope on the tree house[edit | edit source]

A tree house can appear without the rope, making it impossible to access.

Multiplayer item duplication[edit | edit source]

When you have 2 players with both a full inventory on "x" item, and the same item is on the floor, you can both spam "E" button to pick it up. Doing this will duplicate the item. Easy examples are stones, sticks and turtle shells. Logs for example are a bit harder because they are too lump (but they do duplicate as well!)

Multiplayer Plane Axe Bug[edit | edit source]

When you die in multiplayer, you spawn in the plane, and you have to take the Plane Axe automatically when you leave the plane. When you get back to your corpse, then game will say: "Can't carry any more Plane Axe", and gives you no items back. Hoping for quick fix. V0.26DJust eat bars, mushrooms and berries!

Multiplayer revive fall through the map[edit | edit source]

When downed in a multiplayer game, if someone revives you there is a chance you will fall through the map. Ps4 17/06/2020