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Fuel Can

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Also known as
Chainsaw Fuel
Added in
Item type
Caves & the peninsula
Obtained through
Effect on Hydration
Other Effects
Refuels chainsaw
Max. Stack
Used to make
Refueling Chainsaw

Fuel is a material item that is used to power the chainsaw, it was added along side it in update v0.60 to The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Fuel cans do not respawn in single player, use your fuel wisely. Some fuel cans respawn in multiplayer games on reloading. The Chainsaw does not use fuel when idling. Fuel currently has no other uses.

(Tentative edit, Please confirm: As of build Alpha 0.73, it may be possible for a single fuel can to respawn upon re loading the save file in cave 1 in the area that you find the Katana and a large stash of watches in single player. But only 1 of the 2 cans found there respawn and the location is a bit out of the way. It may be possible for this to have been changed in versions beyond Alpha 0.73. Please feel free to confirm this.)

It does respawn. Spotted fuel respawning in the center village.

It also respawns in the big stash near the cave 2 enterance/exit.

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are 22 cans of fuel in the game and most locations contain two cans of fuel. Here is a list of 'The Forest Map' locations:
IconTheForestMap.png - Cave 5
IconTheForestMap.png - Cave 6
IconTheForestMap.png - Cave 8
IconTheForestMap.png - Cave 7 Near Pedometer
IconTheForestMap.png - Cave 3 Near Chainsaw
IconTheForestMap.png - Cave 3 NOT near Chainsaw
IconTheForestMap.png - Cave 1 Near Katana
IconTheForestMap.png - Center Village
IconTheForestMap.png - Near Main Village
IconTheForestMap.png - Main Village
IconTheForestMap.png - Main Village
IconTheForestMap.png - Waterfall Village
IconTheForestMap.png - Beach Hut Village
IconTheForestMap.png - Snow Camp

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed chainsaw still animating when out of fuel
v0.68 Fuel canisters now have dynamics so enemies/players won’t get stuck on them

(Audio) Changed use fuel sfx to twinkle instead of whoosh

v0.62 Fixed loading a save with chainsaw fuel fully depleted not updating the fuel UI properly
v0.61 (Multiplayer) Fixed chainsaw engine SFX playing on remote players when out of fuel

Chainsaw fuel pickups no longer respawn (we actually missed one inside a tent that does respawn, the rest should not however)

v0.60 Fuel added to the game

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