Flintlock Pistol

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Flintlock Pistol
Flintlock Pistol
Also known as
Old Gun
Added in
Item Type
Ranged Weapon
8 parts are required
Obtained through
Weapon Rack
Wall Weapon Rack
Ground Weapon Holder
Other Effects
Can perform headshots
Very Long (ranged)
Max. Stack
Old Gun Ammo
Max. Capacity

The Flintlock Pistol or Old Gun is a weapon that was added in v0.49. It can be assembled by finding and crafting all 8 parts of the pistol. These parts can be found all over the Peninsula in caches that are underneath a rock which can be blown up with explosives. It uses old gun ammo, which can also be found on those locations or in other places on the peninsula including the cave system. The Flintlock Pistol is a one shot gun and must be reloaded after each shot. The reloading time takes about 3 to 4 seconds.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

As of v0.53c, after all caches are found and the gun is crafted, the parts still spawn in their respective location after loading a save. This allows you to craft an extra gun that you can place on a weapons rack for give to another player. You can only hold one flintlock pistol at a time.

Strength has no effect on the Flintlock Pistols damage. It will do the same damage whether your strength is 10 or 99.

Combat[edit | edit source]

As of v0.63 the pistol has an aim-down-sights system so it is easier to aim however before it could only be fired from the hip. Due to needing to reload from shot to shot, the pistol can be rather slow against packs of cannibals, particularly painteds. It is best for fighting 1-3 cannibals or 1 mutant at a time.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Flashlight Electrical
Chainsaw Modern

Gun parts[edit | edit source]

The gun parts are located under light grey colored rock mounds. These need to be opened up with explosives. The type of explosives you can use are bombs, sticky bombs, head bombs, and dynamite. Molotovs will not work. When you blow these rock mounds up. There is a chance you will find old gun ammo as well as, a rope, a watch, or a skull. Gun Parts

  • Gun part 1 is the barrel or stock
  • Gun part 2 is the sideplate, the base or the barrel.
  • Gun part 3 is the rod,, ramrod or the Barre, barre is the french name for it.
  • Gun part 4 is the cock
  • Gun part 5 is the trigger or the Frizzen
  • Gun part 6 is the spring or trigger
  • Gun part 7 is possibly called a nipple, that goes somewhere on the jaw. It could also be the flint
  • Gun part 8 is the jaw or hammer

Gun Part 1[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 1 - A short distance south of the main cannibal village near the edge of the cliffs over looking the ocean.

Gun Part 2[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 2 - At the end of the large peninsula, behind the Sacred Tree, near the edge of the cliff over looking the ocean.

Gun Part 3[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 3 - Inside one of the huts of the Lakeside Village.

Gun Part 4[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 4 - Near the Beach Hut Village, also close to a dead shark, near where the river comes out to the ocean.

Gun Part 5[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 5 - Behind Geese Lake, a short distance from the edge of the cliff that goes down to Geese Lake.

Gun Part 6[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 6 - On the southernmost of the two islands near the shipping containers, be cautious swimming as there is a shark in those waters.

Gun Part 7[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 7 - Near Snow Lake and the Mountain Area Grave in the snow area.

Gun Part 8[edit | edit source]

IconTheForestMap.png Part 8 - At the top left end of the map. Near the beach hut cannibal village but above it, near the cliff edges

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Carvings of crosses can be seen on the wooden sections of the gun, suggesting that the Christian Missionaries were in fact the original owners of it.
  • The Flinklock Pistol was invented in the 16th century though became popular in the 17th century.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.71 It is now possible to tape plastic torches onto the bows, the flintlock and the chainsaw
v0.66 Flintlock can now perform headshots

Arrows, spears and flintlock pistol can now deal increased headshot damage to enemies

v0.65 Fixed flintlock not properly returning to aim mode if aim button was held down after firing and Fixed bird landing on hand misaligned while holding the flintlock or flaregun
v0.64 Audio – Flintlock bullets now have impact sfx for plants, mutants, animals and other world objects and Fixed attack input sometimes locked after firing flintlock and then switching to another weapon
v0.63 Added look down sights mode for flintlock
v0.62 Fixed item inventory tooltip issues with flintlock and Gun parts (Plus other items) + Fix weapon rack positions for Flintlocks (Plus other weapons)+ Catapult now filters out all weapons i.e. flintlock
v0.53 Fixed flintlock sometimes not registering hits on targets

Improved aiming on flintlock so it’s easier to hit targets above or below

Fixed ball floating slightly near fingers when reloading flintlock

Left hand items are now correctly hidden and restored when reloading flintlock

Fixed flintlock gun smoke appearing overly bright in shadows or in caves

v0.51 Fixed flintlock part 8 not showing inventory tooltip

Flintlock shots now destroy breakable wood object (such as tables and crates) and stalagmites

v0.50 Added inventory gamepad navigation to new find cache photos and flintlock parts
v0.49 Flintlock pistol and parts added to game

For this patch we’ve added a new weapon type. It’s in parts and constructable by finding the pieces in hidden caches around the world. We’ve also added new photo pickups to help you find these locations. You can find the photo’s hidden in caves and other areas around the forest.

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