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Flies as seen in an abandoned camp.
Near corpses left alone for a while

Flies are decorative animals that spawn around most dead entities on the peninsula. They generally spawn after a short amount of time has passed around carcasses of wildlife or the corpses of cannibals and mutants that the player has left long enough to rot. Flies can also be found around previously existing corpses, typically blackened, across the peninsula, for instance in cannibal villages or at abandoned camps. They can often be heard before the player notices the body, especially in the caves.

They cannot be interacted with and they currently serve no use other than to provide immersion.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Version History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.38 (particles) Improved look of flies (made darker, especially in caves)
v0.31 Flies are now attracted to dead cannibal bodies, once flies are there chopping off limbs may cause infection
v0.28 Flies added to burnt dead bodies

(Audio) added flies sound for Flies

v0.01 Flies added to the game

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