Fertile Lands

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Fertile lands
Fertile Lands 5.png
Fertile lands
Official Names
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Player Given Names
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East side of the map
The Forest Map
Close to sea level
-1355, 150, 122
On Patrol Route
Nearby Locations
Riverside Village
Main Village

The Fertile Lands are a relatively flat, open range of land with a high density of berry bushes, animal life, herbs, and other resources such as sticks, rocks, and water.

Game play[edit | edit source]

The Fertile Lands make up much of the eastern side of the Peninsula. As the name suggests, the area features lush forest and prairie environments. There is a high density of useful plants and game animals, allowing a player to successfully forage, hunt, and fish easily.

It is an ideal area for a beginner to build a long-term camp not only due to the abundance of resources, but also due to the limited number of enemies, particularly in the southern half of the region. There are a few cannibal villages and a patrol route that runs along side the Riverside Village, although it does not enter the Fertile Lands themselves. There are also a few aggressive animals (i.e., crocodiles and boars), but they tend to stick to the more northern sections of the area.

Close to the river there are a bunch of trees cluttered around some boulders and large rocks and is a pretty decent spot to lay some animal traps as the chances to catch small animals seem quite high. The berry bushes around the small cannibal village also has a very high chance of being blue berry bushes, spending a few minutes in the area hunting rabbits to make a berry pouch can give you a small stockpile of food and hydration very early on. It also provides you with all the food and hunting needs, and to top that off, it is right next to the Mountains so it will give you a lot of sticks.

Flora[edit | edit source]

IconConeflower.png Coneflower
IconChicory.png Chicory
IconAloe.png Aloe Vera
IconMarigold.png Marigold

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Place to build[edit | edit source]

If the player wishes to build here, it may be advantageous to build towards the river that's near the large number of stick trees and trees. This provides a natural fortification as cannibals and mutants cannot cross deep water. Keep in mind that when a player builds large bases, however, they will eventually get attacked. Check the gallery for more information.

Gallery[edit | edit source]